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  1. chozino

    My order from thehookahcentral.com

    thats a nice looking order man!
  2. chozino

    My Bar!

  3. [font="Century Gothic"] i buy evolution straight up from hookahhookah.com. Thats the brand its from. I have lemonade, Peach, Mango, Strawberry....and some other ones. Check it out! Its pretty tasty, and no tobacco. I like it better than the hookahhookah tobacco for some reason. Its just more tasty and gives you a different kind of buzz! [/font]
  4. chozino

    Some of my hookahs!

    I have 12 hookahs, those are 3 of them. From left to right: Tsunami with Nar Stem, Filigree with Sahara Stem, and my favorite ... The Arabic with a Nar Stem.
  5. [font="Century Gothic"]The most important thing is the stem. If its not heavy and not made out of brass then it will rust and have built in crap that you dont want to smoke. Most of the egyptian stuff is not that great of a quality thats why they are cheap. if i was you i will try a Sahara Smoke Stem, its heavy and made out of brass. Try it you will love it. Check this out: [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/uploads/1269488702/med_gallery_22546_2_90951.jpg[/img] [/font]
  6. You gotta try that Tea Shisha. Hydro is made of sugar cane and smoking that shit is not good for you. Dont believe me? research!
  7. [font="Century Gothic"] you mean they are the shit! yes. Hearing is one thing, but trying is another. People talk a lot. Try it then say your opinion! it holds more tobacco and smokes longer than any bowl out there. [/font]
  8. [font="Century Gothic"]Forget Salaam. Try Evolution Tea Shisha, you will love it. And it is tobacco free! [/font]
  9. chozino

    Wobbly Hookah....!

    [font="Century Gothic"]i saw get a better vase with a wider base. this way the wobble would never be an issue! [/font]
  10. Phunnel has nothing on the vortex bowl. Try it out! It's off the chain. Keeps the juices in the bowl and lasts for a long time.
  11. Try smoking Evolution using a vortex bowl, it will smoke like a champ. I tried their lemonade and it was so tasty. Lasted for quiet some time. It just took a little longer to start thats all about it.
  12. [font="Century Gothic"]Evolution Tea Shisha is the best out there. I tried 4 flavors so far and I'm loving it. Lemonade, Strawberry, Peach and Mango. Soex is horrible, ive tried it and it was poor quality. Evolution is made out of tea and its very tasty. Plus even in you smoke it for 30 minutes, you dont get a nasty taste and start coughing. After all, its tea! Try it out! [/font]
  13. [font="Century Gothic"]1: Coal - Instant lite is usually the fastest way to go, but if you have a stove, natural charcoal is the way to go. 2: Bowl - Vortex Bowl beats the funnel bowl. Check it out online. 3: Stem - Heavier stems made out of brass are usually the best. Don't bother with more than 1 hose, complications will take effect. 4: Vase - The bigger the better so you dont end up smoking water by mistake lol 5: Hose - There is a nice hose that i got. Its a velvet rope hose with metal handle. Looks really good and smokes like a champ Let me know if you got any other questions! and good luck with your first hookah purchase. [/font]
  14. Hello to all the members at HookahForum.com