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  1. a friend of mine just returned from ass-crack-istian he had a hookah over there... got a pic of it. i think hes infantry, hes got the hi speed equipment for it and a tacticool gun.
  2. in the military, you do your job, when you get off for the day, you can do what ever you want just as long as its not illegal or it affects your duty(*snort* i said duty...) when i was down in texas at fort sam houston training me and a group of friends hit up the Sultan hookah and grill every saturday. it was pretty sweet. i paid for the ride there, another firend paid for the hookah, and everyone else chipped in for the ride back. only problem was that we had to be back by 10pm and on some nights 9pm... DAMN YOU BED CHECK!!!! WHHHHHHYYYYYY!!!!! also, new here whats up
  3. Joshuah

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    sup, new to hookahforum, lived in illinois all my life... Winthrop harbor here, 15 min from gurnee, hour from chicago, 1 min from lake, 2 seconds form hell. jk jk also first post