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  1. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1291360855' post='490169'] [quote name='Caila' timestamp='1291229210' post='489962'] I agree completely Rani!! A car is not the place for a hookah! There are enough distractions on the road without having one more thing to worry about. [/quote] Lol, don't you have a pic of you on here with a hookah in a car? Oh wait, maybe the car wasn't moving... I don't know. [/quote] Haha it wasn't moving. We were on a road trip and pulled over to smoke =) We were driving back a day early so we weren't in a hurry to get anywhere
  2. I agree completely Rani!! A car is not the place for a hookah! There are enough distractions on the road without having one more thing to worry about.
  3. Caila

    Tobacco Sale Ban

    Wow this is sad! I will be happy to sign the petition. Are you still allowed to receive tobacco from websites? I know in WA people can only receive Herbal when they order online unless it's shipping to a business address.
  4. [quote name='IainUM' timestamp='1290096044' post='488671'] [quote name='Travis' timestamp='1290085191' post='488654'] Call me crazy but it looks like you've already found it........ [/quote] that's exactly what i was thinking when i first saw this [/quote] Haha that's what I thought too until I saw it was sold out.
  5. [quote name='71903DC5' timestamp='1289336018' post='487782'] no one likes a quiter lol [/quote] Haha It wont be forever just haven't really felt like it recently for some reason and I smoked at least a hookah a day for 4 years. Has that ever happened to you?
  6. I have noticed a decrease in hookah in the last year, but that is probably because the really cool lounge near us shut down and the other is really overpriced. I personally have decided to quit for a while. It has been a few months now since I've smoked and I'm not sure why. I just haven't felt like it. Maybe I'm burnt out for now from smoking hookah everyday for years but it used to be one of my favorite things.
  7. I agree. I smoke inside all the time and I have never noticed a smell, and if my apartment smelled like smoke my grandma would be sure to tell me when she visits haha
  8. I am usually smoking alone, but now that my sister moved down here she has been smoking with me too. Sometimes my roommate will smoke with me, but not unless she is drinking.
  9. When I have a sore throat or runny nose and I smoke mint it goes away. Not entirely but for a few hours!
  10. This drink sounds really interesting I would have never put Red Wine and Coke together, but now I have to try it!
  11. [quote name='adefig19' date='30 July 2010 - 03:39 PM' timestamp='1280522370' post='477089'] Hi I recently bought a two hose SheeCool hookah and Ive been having problems with it lately. One side of it gives a lot of smoke and works properly but I have problems with the other side. When I use it the smoke that comes out is very thin and isn't that much smoke. Im just wondering what could have happened to it and how I could fix it. Thanks! [/quote] When you use one hose are you covering the other with your finger or a hose cap?
  12. [quote name='nickkk' date='30 July 2010 - 02:56 PM' timestamp='1280519760' post='477084'] looking down the stem i cannot see through it. (ball bearing and hose are good). thanks, nick. [/quote] When you look down your stem you should be able to see through it. I would take a coat hanger or something thin like that maybe if you have a stem cleaning brush and try to get whatever is blocking the way out.
  13. Caila

    Best Session Ever

    Welcome Home! That has to feel great to finally be back and be able to relax and smoke in your own house!!
  14. [quote name='kyleSD' date='26 July 2010 - 02:28 PM' timestamp='1280172490' post='476419'] oh and most places only charge gratuity for parties of 7 or 8 and more, which would be noted on the bill... [/quote] I agree with this. Usually only parties are charged gratuity. I have worked in several restaurants and we never charged gratuity unless it was 8 or more people.
  15. [quote name='kyleSD' date='26 July 2010 - 02:32 PM' timestamp='1280172721' post='476421'] if I was craving a hamburger, and all there was in the house was dog shit between a hamburger bun, I wouldn't eat it... [/quote] Haha true, but I really don't think its the same thing. Even if its not a good mix it's still shisha you paid for so mine as well smoke it. =)