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  1. Hey Josh.  Do you know if "Hookaset" in brooklyn still exists in Brooklyn?  I was searching for shop in NYC that carries Tangiers and stumbled upon your post.  Thank you =)

  2. Have they changed mixture? My batch Is a 2 yr old batch.....nak clouds is a standard
  3. Yea still have DM ...Pan Rasna and Roofhaza....I add veg glycerin when I smoked it 2 yrs ago....might revisit soon
  4. Josh Hamilton

    Party Tonight

    Nice....Chris....are they all brass Syrians?
  5. What Addison Roberts said....
  6. another ho hum video of hookah hazards (in my local area)...weve seen it all before...sigh [url="http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/health/Hookah_Dangers_Washington_DC-130170343.html"]link[/url]
  7. oh no...11pm news has hookah hazards...will dvr...popcorn nao

  8. when I first started hookah I smoked in the bathroom with the vent on....also good if you wanna bath
  9. Josh Hamilton


  10. Like Travis said this is a new business...my friend described their shop when I had him pick up some stuff in Brooklyn...its located in a predominantly Jewish community and the store front looks like some kind of grocery...least to say you wouldnt suspect it as some high volume internet sales business (guessing) ...but I will say they might be a little under staffed...all I know is there might be only three people working the trenches (Mark-Danny and the camera man)...I see the vendor sales thread is gone but Ill definitely order from them...too bad
  11. Josh Hamilton

    Here It Is!

    Congrats!!!...nice....woman...do you share? jk Good luck but you dont need it
  12. I didnt read through...sorry...but AlFak her...has a rep for bad batches....if its a good one it will smoke easily...although Ive never had a bad batch to speak of...I dont buy Alfakher much ...I just imagine a guy in a Turban telling me the name of the shisha and I start giggling like a lilttle girl me> would you do Lindsay's mom? Turban guy > al fak her