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  1. Does anyone get dehydrated from smoking? Like from 2 hours plus, going from one session directly to the next. If I don't drink after a few I get so dehydrated I feel sick. I have learned to keep a gallon of iced tea around (for the vase and to drink!). Just wondering
  2. Tucker Lee

    Help Me Pick A Tobacco!

    Whats the full name of AF? Not sure my local stores carry
  3. Tucker Lee

    Help Me Pick A Tobacco!

    I went with 3 50g's of Deja Vu. I got Peach, Coffee and Lemonade. Peach was a little flavorless, Coffee was... really.. strong, Lemonade was pretty good. Had a nice tangy flavor, but not to much lemon taste.
  4. Tucker Lee

    Help Me Pick A Tobacco!

    To be honest I am a fairly new smoker (about a month, but my own hooka only a week) so I am still reading up on all this.
  5. Tucker Lee

    Hookah Hangover?

    I hear from lots of people that they get similar pains. Like headaches, light headed and what not. I smoke for 7 hours once, and I had no issues at all. Granted I did stop once to eat a few slices of pizza for 15 minutes or so.
  6. I was planning on buying a bunch of shots, just so I could try a bunch of new flavors. What are some suggestions? I have tried mint cream, lemon, coffee, pomegranate, raspberry, cherry and orange.
  7. slower for sure. Mixing KavaKava in helps that feeling a lot from my experience.
  8. For me it depends on the flavor and how long ago I cleaned the hookah.
  9. Tucker Lee

    Arizona Smokers Az

    Flagstaff, for school.