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  1. Basil Garlic BBQ Bacon Will be trying to make these myself.
  2. So I have a cappuccino flavored shisha and a thought just popped into my head..."Why not use black coffee in the base instead of water?" To me it seems like a good idea, but what do I know, havent been smoking for as long as many of you here. So I thought I would ask you this question. What are your thoughts about putting coffee in the base instead of water? I feel like it would taste really good if I am smoking cappuccino along with it, but not sure what effects it might have on my hookah, hose, whatever. Thoughts?
  3. Pack it with gunpowder and light that sob......remember to video tape it
  4. [quote name='Hookah-burgar' date='07 April 2010 - 09:20 AM' timestamp='1270650016' post='462377'] I forgot to say that I would also recommend to smoke in a well ventilated room, that is with windows or doors fully open, or, if possible, outside. [/quote] I always smoke outside since I cant smoke in my dorm or house. One of my friends decided to pull on the hose once when we were using someone elses hookah in my house and the coal fell on the floor and rolled all over the carpet melting it. Due to that my parents wont allow hookah to be smoked inside.
  5. [quote name='TheyCallMeDave' date='06 April 2010 - 10:06 PM' timestamp='1270609585' post='462300'] I had the same problem way back when I started. After getting some ooutside opinions, I tried a few things. Obviously make sure your coals are fully lit, You seem to be doing that. Secondly, I'd try to cut yoru hits down by a third. If your the kind of hookah smoker who takes monster hits when you get the hose, and then smoking alone will constantly/repeatadly take hits, your probably overwhelming yourself. Especially if you've just started hookah smoking. Another possiblity is trying natural coals. I found that of the few times I smoked with natural coals, my side effects decreased dramatically. Keep your smoking as far as your coals are concerned clean, and free of possible chemical interference. And other than that, I'd say try to back off on long/constant hits. [/quote] The hits I am taking are prob too large now that you mention that, didn't really think of that. Will take smaller hits next time I smoke. [quote name='agunn1231' date='06 April 2010 - 10:18 PM' timestamp='1270610322' post='462302'] I had this same issue when i started smoking, and unfortunately i had no idea this forum existed then so i had to figure everything out myself. Everyone has had great info for you. i would suggest also trying natural coals, i only use wood or coconut coals. And try other brands of shisha. DRINK WATER. don't over smoke. If you start to feel light headed take a break. also with the AF check the expiration date if its a tub ofshisha. I bought a tub of AF vanilla recently and the expiration date was from a few months back....it still tasted ok but got me feeling pretty sick [/quote] Just got the AF in the mail a few days ago and they are 50g boxes, they should be fine expiration wise.
  6. I made sure the coals were white all around before putting them on. I will try to drink more and take less hits per min though next time. It may have a lot to do with lack of water since I usually don't drink much water during the day, mostly at night.
  7. So about 4-5 days ago I got my hookah and smoked it with 3 other people. Mya QT, CH Instant Light Coals, and AF Strawberry the first time. I got a headache later after smoking but it wasn't too bad. The next day I smoked with 3 other people as well, we smoked Romman Mango and I got a little headache after, but later in the night it escalated to a really bad headache where it was almost unbearable. I guessed it was the nicotine since I havent smoked hookah in a long time. So today I went with 1 other person, packed a bowl of AF Vanilla and went to smoke, session lasted about an hour and my head was spinning. I stood up and started walking back to my dorm and after about walking 20 feet threw up twice (I had eaten about 30 min before, I can say the beef and egg noodles didnt taste as good coming back up). Now my head is still bothering me a little, but I took some Motrin to help. Is there something I can do to keep this from happening? I don't want to have to stop smoking hookah, but I dont want to get a headache after each time I smoke. Whenever I smoked before I never got a headache or vomited (though the nicotine might have been a lot lower since I usually used whatever cheep stuff we got at the corner store). I have some Hydro Herbal shisha (pineapple) so I might try that to see how I react. I am assuming since it doesn't have tobacco or nicotine then I wont get headaches after. On a related note, from the flavors I have tried I like the AF Strawberry the best, then the AF Vanilla, and Romman Mango last.
  8. I got 2 lollipops. 1 was Rootbeer the other strawberry shortcake. The strawberry shortcake was good, didnt get to have the rootbeer since my dad fed that one to my dog -.- lol, I was pissed since I love rootbeer DumDums
  9. Can I offset the deepness of the bowl by putting less shisha in rather then packing to the top of the bowl?
  10. [quote name='rhineholt' date='03 April 2010 - 01:36 PM' timestamp='1270319791' post='461697'] Are you using CH nats or QL? Get a new bowl. The standard mya bowls arent that great and I've always had the same problem with it. With the windcover, if you do put one on, only leave say one coal one. Don't leave both. [/quote] CH Quicklights. I have a phunnel bowl, but I havent used it yet. As for the windcover, I usually only had 1 coal on when the cover was on. Only time both were on was when they were really small.
  11. So I christened my QT the other night. I lightly packed the mya bowl with my AF Strawberry and put foil on. I lit 1 CH coal and put it on the edge of the bowl while I lit the 2nd one. I smoked with 3 other people so I would move 1st coal around the bowl each time it reached me, and periodically put the 2nd one on and off. It was good except that I seemed to have shisha at the bottom after that was unused, and a few times it hit a little harsh. We were smoking outside and I didnt have a wind cover, so I made one yesterday for my second smoke (Romman Mango) and we went to the beach. Packed it the same way and used the windcover. There was still leftover shisha at the bottom and if I had the windcover on too long the smoke would get really harsh so I would have to take it off and let it cool for a bit. Any suggestions on how I can get a better smoke? I also got headaches after each time I smoked, which I am assuming is attributed to the nicotine. Will that go away over time as I get used to it? Overall the experience was good, the strawberry tasted better then the mango, and the nammor hose was effortless.
  12. Really? I ordered my hookah from them and I should be getting it tomorrow. Hope I get lollipops
  13. Well I assume to poke holes lol. Should I do it random or in a pattern?
  14. [quote name='thatonethere' date='29 March 2010 - 01:38 AM' timestamp='1269844736' post='460399'] Here's a good method for smoking that AF on your Mya QT. Use the standard mya bowl to do this: 1. Light 1 CH coal ***Always make sure your coal is white all around before you use it. 2. Lightly pack the af in the bowl to the top. I use a small fork to pack mine, but if you don't have a really small fork, use your index and thumb to pick up pinches of shisha and place it gently in the bowl. Do that until the bowl is full. 3. Place foil on the top of your bowl and gently press down the shisha so it's flush with the edges of the bowl. 4. Place hot coal on the edge of your bowl. let it sit for a little while. 5. Heat up another coal 6. Inhale a couple of times to get the clouds going 7. Get the second coal and place it across from your previous coal 8. Inhale a couple of times to get BIG fluffy clouds 9. Take one coal off, and add the other one periodically. Keep doing that every so often, and your smoke will be good to the last exhale Btw, great choices on the coals, and AF. The AF flavours just happen to be my favorite from that brand. Enjoy!. [/quote] Thanks.