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  1. Yeags777

    Weird Side Effect

    I get this same effect when I smoke Pharaohs Peach. It gives me ultra buzz.
  2. wife + palm springs = great mini-vacation

  3. Id have to say the Melon from King Moassel is the worst flavor i've ever had.
  4. Yeags777

    Best Starbuzz Flavor?

    Blue Mist and pomberry!
  5. Yeags777

    My 4 Month Old Nephew Loves Hookah Already

    my best friends daughter is 20 months and we always give her a second hose to play with. She LOVES it when her aba smokes. She likes to blow into the house instead of inhale.
  6. that was comedy bro. After the first scoop with the spoon, where you flicked in there, i was crackin up.
  7. definitely the Temsah wheat
  8. John is very gracious regardless. How many times have you gotten an extra box of CH coals, or the AF pocket Knife, or the playing cards, or samples?? I've never asked for any of that, but he goes the extra mile every time. I've asked him for one thing in my life and that was a sample of SB Pomberry.... he didn't hesitate to throw a little in a baggie for me and it was delicious.
  9. Yeags777

    Mizo Mint Or Mizo Gum

    I'd like to think that the Mizo Gum (which I like) tastes more like Wrigley's Double Mint gum and the Mizo Mint will be closer to the AF Mint.
  10. haha funny shit.... I'm married.... and to the right woman at that. I got her into hookah, now she's packing some fabulous bowls.
  11. Love for the wife > hookah always
  12. yea brother.... i haven't been since November (went for my Bday), so I'm definitely due. Chicken shwarma for the win!!

  13. Yeags777

    How To Ask For My Money Back

    I would never buy a hookah from some 'shop'. You need to hit up John for good quality products.