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  1. Loki Shinigami

    Alice In Wonderland Hookah?

    [quote name='weezy_baby' date='05 August 2010 - 01:54 PM' timestamp='1281034490' post='477830'] Hey im moving in to a new apt. in a few weeks before school starts, and im turning part of it into a hookah room/lounge. I've been looking for a really cool or classy looking hookah to put on the table. Then I was watching Alice and decided THAT was the hookah i wanted. Does anyone one know where i can get a hookah like the one the caterpillar smokes? or even just an interesting looking hookah? [/quote] it looks Egyptian to me, or at least the one from the newer version. If I ran a Hookah lounge, I would a mini-throne, complete with a huge hookah in the middle, like Jabba the Hutt's
  2. I have a triple-hose and I've had no problems with it so far (auto-seal) [url="http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=164775&l=1aa2324cc0&id=100000760884958"]My hookah[/url]
  3. waiting on the weekend

  4. Loki Shinigami

    Smoke Tricks Around The World

    Not really a trick, just something cool to watch; [u][b]Fog Effect:[/b][/u] Using the straw, Take a slushie or Icee and blow smoke over the Ice. its fun to watch it billow over the edge of the cup.
  5. Loki Shinigami

    Little Late But Im Here

    Im a little late on introductions seeing how ive posted at least 4 times already, but might as well introduce myself to be polite. Loki isnt my real name but all my friends call me that. I've been smoking hookah for almost 2 years now, going to a local lounge to get my fix. I'm still pretty new to the culture and terminology that surrounds this wonderful device, and I want to learn as much as possible. I've got my first hookah on order and Im expecting it soon so I can relax at my own pace with my wife and a few friends Ive helped introduce to the social goodtime that is smoking.
  6. Loki Shinigami

    The Oasis Hookah Lounge

    Located in Pineville, LA (just outside of Alexandria for those not from the Bayou State). The Oasis Lounge offers a Great Social Atmosphere, During the week you can get some coffee and relax or wait till the weekend and experience one of the many Parties that make this place great. Everything from live bands, DJs, Belly Dancers, and holiday celebrations. I've been visiting this place for almost 2 years now and I cant go without at least visiting once a month, if not more. this is the only websites I Know that they have: http://www.myspace.com/oasishookah or http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000138454009
  7. Loki Shinigami

    Louisiana Smokers

    Ok so I've been smoking for almost 2 years now, going to a hookah lounge near my hometown. Ive got my own on order and while browsing around discovered this site. I've been Lurking around and recently decided to join the forums, but I can't help but notice that I am one of the few if in fact only Smoker From Louisiana. Is that Strange?[attachment=4748:l_7d732cf80c864bcabc49ef46dbb8488b.jpg]
  8. Loki Shinigami

    Top Gear & Initial D

    I own the Intial D live action and the first 2 stages of the anime. Pretty beast series, though i couldnt help but notice that iggy's voice actor also did Mikey from TMNT (original cartoon)
  9. Loki Shinigami

    Hookah Bar Issues

    I go to a Lounge about once a month, more so if Stressed out. Ive never had problems with the people who fixed mine, although there was one time our bowl and another person's got mixed up with the wrong flavors, but the lounge was packed that night too