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  1. Jomohookah

    New To The Forum, Here Are My Hookahs!

    They are all sweet! You can repair the weld leaks on the Basha with some JB Weld for sure. Use a toothpick be careful not to use too much. Wet paper towel always works for tightening up a vase grommet. I would find the right bowl to fit your grommet or vise-verse. Personally I don't like the idea of using anything that may produce toxic fumes when combusted, even partially, like electrical tape. Nice collection indeed.
  2. Jomohookah

    HookahJoe's World

  3. Trying a new head I have not tried before. Made from what looks to be a tarracotta type clay. I was told by my friend at the hookah shop its the best head to use. I will post comments after trying it.

  4. Jomohookah

    Carbon Monoxide Readings

    I smoke hookah on average 4 to 8 times per week. Smoking hookah is a very relaxing social activity steeped in rich tradition, especially among Arab cultures. Like anything moderation seams to be the key. Information appears scarce for the ill effects of smoking shisha. The information I have found is very slanted and lacks merit in the respect that insufficient data is associated with the claims such as lab data from experiments or long term in depth research. I would be very interested in reviewing the results from your experiments and research. I am currently studying to be a nurse, your results may prove intriguing and might be beneficial to a health professional. Best of luck with your endeavors.
  5. Jomohookah

    Smoking Shisha Inside.

    Smoking hookah does leave a bit of a smell but not very noticeable and it doesn't linger or smell stale cigarettes.
  6. Jomohookah

    Hookahshop Closing Sale.

    [quote name='gentz' date='14 June 2010 - 01:24 AM' timestamp='1276493055' post='471624'] here are pics ____ [img]http://i938.photobucket.com/albums/ad230/gentzleon/DSC00098.jpg[/img] [img]http://i938.photobucket.com/albums/ad230/gentzleon/DSC00097.jpg[/img] [img]http://i938.photobucket.com/albums/ad230/gentzleon/DSC00092.jpg[/img] [img]http://i938.photobucket.com/albums/ad230/gentzleon/DSC00091.jpg[/img] [img]http://i938.photobucket.com/albums/ad230/gentzleon/DSC00100.jpg[/img] [img]http://i938.photobucket.com/albums/ad230/gentzleon/DSC00099.jpg[/img] [quote name='gentz' date='13 June 2010 - 10:05 PM' timestamp='1276491903' post='471622'] Ok here is an updated and actual list, i ran over and took some pics 1 250g earl gray nakhla 2 250g margarita nakhla 1 250g naghloul nakhla 1 250g mango nakhla 1 250g mizo apple nakhla all these are 50g 2 mint lemon alwaha 2 50g jazmine alwaha 3 cocktail flavour al-fakher 4 cherry al-fakher 6 rose alwaha 9 pipe flavour al-fakher 2 cardamom- nakhla 6 chai hookah hookah 2 bags of male mouth tips 100cnt each 12 packs of aluminum sheets, i beleive each has over 100 sheets. 22 various bowls new 11 bowl screens ( used instead of foil) 4 sahara 360 rotators 6 used km hookahs aprox 29-32" all in good condition cleaned after each use. no bowl or hose 2 used mya odessey acrylic hookah's in perfect cndition 2 new chiquita hookahs 2 new gooza hookah's 5 boxes of CH quick light coconut coals 1 kilo boxes aprox 12 hoses, some used some new. mya, washables etc... all in a package 500 + shipping [/quote] [/quote]
  7. Jomohookah

    Summer Time!

    Here it is my favorite time of year; smoking hookah outside, friends, family, barbecues and fresh produce. My only wish is that it was a little longer. I love the season all four but summer has always been my favorite. The years here increase and the summers grow shorter. As a child summer seamed endless, as a young adult action packed, now as mature father seams it just gets started and its time to think school, and winter coats.......snow shovels, and holidays and before you know it the cycle repeats. Is time moving faster? Or am I just racing through time?
  8. Jomohookah

    Smokey Joe

    Me enjoying some Al Fakher Cherry
  9. Jomohookah

    Worst Shisha?

    [quote name='K1024' date='05 May 2010 - 01:11 PM' timestamp='1273079493' post='466802'] anything made by rosetta. [/quote] Absolute truth, Rosetta tobacco is downright nasty! Smoking wet tree leaves would probably be much more appealing.
  10. Jomohookah

    Smoking In The House

    Hookah doesn't leave the same type of odor in the air that true tobacco combustion leaves. I smoke in my house all winter long and the lingering aroma is unobtrusive at best. Usually a candle or some spray air freshener does the trick.
  11. Whats up my hookah smokin peeps. What you smokin?
  12. Jomohookah

    360 Black Snow (Formerly Skyzzz)

    [b]Brand - 360 Two Apples [/b] [b]Hookah:[/b] KM 34" [b]Bowl:[/b] Standard Ceramic [b]Screen/Foil: [/b]Double Foil [b]Hose: KM[/b] [b]Coals: Arabica Cedar[/b] [b]Base Liquid: Apple Juice[/b] [b]Appearance: Medium/fine cut, no big stems. Very wet but packed nice.[/b] [b]Nicotine: .05% listed on the package. Nice little buzz if you chain it up.[/b] [b]Base: Honey and glycerin[/b] [b]Smoke: Nice thick white clouds [/b] [b]Buzz: Little buzz if you really go after it.[/b] [b]Duration: 1.5 hrs[/b] [b]Purchased From: Al Amir - Dearborn Michigan[/b] [b]Overall:[/b] This is a decent tobacco and scores a 7 out of 10. Good apple flavor with some anise overtones which gives this baccy a little complexity but not my cup of tea for a regular smoke. Everybody seemed to like this one a bit more than me, so I guess I might keep some around as a crowd pleaser. Sorry, AF double apple blows this away in my opinion and saves the anise flavor. Just not an ouzo or black licorice kind of guy.
  13. Jomohookah

    Mya Saray Qt

    These are phenomenal hookahs for mini's. Great little smokes, perfect for solo sessions. Nothing fancy on mine just an ice blue vase and a standard leather hose with a standard bowl. Nice design, easy to set up and clean and airtight. This was my first hookah and still my favorite next to my Egyptian. I would recommend this hookah to anyone just starting out or if your looking for a worthy smoker that's easy to carry. 8 out of 10 stars for this one.
  14. I like the Blueberry Grape....very yummy. Nice clouds and excellent taste!
  15. Jomohookah

    Hose Tips

    [quote name='ih303' date='26 March 2010 - 01:35 PM' timestamp='1269624902' post='459876'] Bare with me, I need to vent for a second. Last Saturday I was making bowls at the lounge and starting hookahs at the same time. At one point, one of my partners came up to me and told me I really should be using a hose-condom to start hookahs as, "people are watching." This really irritated me. In fact, those stupid shits irritate me in general. I understand if you're sick and you don't want to spread whatever you've got. Ask for a tip. Please. But if you're just afraid to catch cooties, grow up! Look, I'm not trying to step on any toes here, but we spend a lot of money getting quality hookahs, hoses, and bowls, and put a lot of effort ensuring the hookahs we serve smoke great with the easiest pull possible. And our customers pay more money to get a better pull (prices based on bowl/hose/hookah). When they put one of those effing things on, they might as well be smoking a pumpkin hookah through a straw! Now, I understand there's a chance I'm completely off on this one. If I'm in the wrong, I will admit it and mend my ways. But that couldn't have come from the Middle East. The whole thing stinks of the typical American "strain at the gnat, swallow the camel" mentality. It's like asking a hooker to brush her teeth first. Anyway, </rant> Answer me these questions three. [list=1][*]Do you use hose tips? Why or why not?[*]When you go smoke at a lounge, does the person starting your hookah use a tip? If not, would you like them to?[*]In your opinion, should we hand out tips automatically or upon request only?[/list] Thanks guys. I'm crossing my fingers here that I'm right. Being wrong makes... me... ANGRY! HULK SMASH! [/quote] When I am using my own hookah no, even if I'm sharing with my friends. If I'm sick, I usually don't smoke! No need to spread about my illness. Sanitation is always in fashion for me at the hookah lounge, I expect my hookah to have a fresh sanitized hose when it arrives at my table. Tips are always optional, but generally a good idea in my opinion.