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  1. ApoC


    Been quite some time since I last ordered, but I always go to hookahcompany first. Tangiers FTW
  2. ApoC

    Hookahcompany.com Reviews

    I've dealt with hookahcompany on several occasions and the service and prices were top notch! Top recommendation for all hookah/shisha related stuff. Outstanding service, great to deal with every time!
  3. ApoC

    This Forum Should Have...

    this thread needs some awesomeness.
  4. heres a cool video of me and my old lady puffin some cool smoke stuff: [url="http://www.acp-products.com/vids/smoke.wmv"]http://www.acp-products.com/vids/smoke.wmv[/url]
  5. ApoC


    more pics i found on my server: [img]http://www.acp-products.com/scetch/scaramouche_inlay.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.acp-products.com/scetch/scaramouche_bowl.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.acp-products.com/scetch/scaramouche_smoke.jpg[/img] and a big hi-res one: [url="http://www.acp-products.com/scetch/scaramouche_king.jpg"]http://www.acp-products.com/scetch/scaramo...mouche_king.jpg[/url]
  6. ApoC


    skimo, i got it from george at hookahcompany for a very special deal, the mya mushroom bohemians were a special and limited edition, and i dont think anyone would part with one for less than 500 bucks.
  7. ApoC


    AHA! ABIDE HAS SUMMONED MY RETURN AT LAST! THE TIME HAS COME TO BRING WASTE AND CRAP etc sorry for the capslock and stuff kids... heres a more recent picture of that incredible mya hookah alongside my stargate: [img]http://www.acp-products.com/images/hookahs.jpg[/img] and the updated pic of the finished stargate: [img]http://www.acp-products.com/images/stargate_apocalypse.jpg[/img] havent taken recent pics of either, but nothings been changed so thats ok. the stargate serves regularily at my appartment and camping trips, the rare mya masterpiece is displayed here at my office for the time being.
  8. Alqoshnia, heres a picture of that hookah:[url="http://www.acp-products.com/scetch/scaramouche_king.jpg"]http://www.acp-products.com/scetch/scaramo...mouche_king.jpg[/url]It's a limited edition "mushroom" nizbor crystal Mya model, of course with that beautiful HH double pyrex bowl.djnick, I wish i got some better footage of that, its a spiral ported barrel which works incredibly cool for making awesome smoke effects (especially in time to music )for everyone asking the track is UNKLE - Be There (Underdog Mix)
  9. we started filming towards the end of the bowl so its a bit thinner, but yes the video makes a difference.
  10. takes lots of practice to get it down pat, try a search on google for some specifics on different techniques. hookahs are the best way to master rings cause you have such bountiful smoke at your disposal and you can fill up your lungs and ring away
  11. Decided to whip out my camera last night while me and my girlfriend were smoking to catch some cool smoke shots, sorry the cool spiral bloomy smoke crap at the start isnt in time to the music (it was in beat to the original music). perhaps I'll catch a clip of that by itself some time with some funky beats [url="http://www.acp-products.com/vids/smoke.wmv"]http://www.acp-products.com/vids/smoke.wmv[/url]
  12. Rock on, good people make a good forum, good smoking, GOOD TIMES 
  13. ApoC

    japanesse silver coals

    Abu Hitam is my fav 
  14. ApoC

    buying a replacement shaft

    I read the topic and first thing I thought, "ouch."
  15. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING beats mya hoses and mya hose heads, they are the best quality of all, washable and clean smoking and flexible and good looking.