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  1. Yeah I have no desire to smoke ciggs. Tried them, didn't like them. So I don't think I would ever start, but I'm just worried I might if I have too much hookah. How many hookah sessions a week do you think is reasonable?
  2. Right, so I've only just got back into hookahs. I rinsed out my pipe with water and all these black pieces and dirt came out, I couldn't really tell what the pieces were, could be metal or something. My question is, can these pipes rust inside or tear apart? Its a generic pipe like on this hookah: http://mcave.co.uk/ecommerce/images/trp11%20copy.jpg
  3. I was just curious, how many of you are cigarette smokers as well as hookah smokers? I'm scared I'll get hooked on nicotine and turn to cigarettes if I smoke too much hookah, your ideas?
  4. hookah bars are too far and place with coals is closed (9:30pm)
  5. AAAH I'm getting annoyed here, I really want hookah! Thinking of everything.
  6. Ok, guess I'm not having hookah tonight, DAMNIT! . Out of curiosity, why can't you use bbq coals? If they are poisonous, surely some of the toxins get into the food we're bbqing?
  7. Quick question. What can I use for hookah instead of quick light coals? I don't have any at the moment and I can't get any today. I really want hookah though, what else can I use?