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  1. Put little vibrating beads in the handles for added...ummmmm....smoke smoothing effects. Would it be possible to add a "vaginabowl" to the mix?
  2. Lorena F. Palin

    No/Low Bake Clay To Make A Bowl From? Or Maby Dental Plaster?

    well, I go to an art school but I lack friends in ceramics....and crayola clay is a little more stupid than super sculpy. I might be interested in taking you up on that. OK, one last "can I make a bowl out of this" material: Soapstone/alabaster/some other softer stone/crystal. basically something I can carve with hand tools and my dremel.
  3. OK, so I have had it with bowls breaking and am sick of paying for them. I know I could sculpt something funtional in 10 minutes, and something prettier than the standard $6 bowls that they sell at the local middle-eastern grocery store if I threw the tiniest amount of effort in. Does anyone know a decent clay that either dosn't require baking or can be baked in a regular kitchen oven that would work? AKA not release nasty fumes, not crumble to bits like alot of crappy no-bake clay does? Also are there any glaze/enamle type products that would give a slick glossy finish/protect the bowl that can be baked on in a kitchen oven? I was also thinking dental plaster might work, and that way I could just have my bowl mold, and just always have a spare for when my bowl inevitably breaks. Also, ideas for and asthetically pleasing way of protecting the bowl from breakage? I was thinking maby do some trim pieces that stuck out a little and provided a "cage" of sorts out of soft metal, wood, or something epoxy resin based. Not really a cage, but just over the ceramic protruding in parts enough so that if it falls the ceramic won't actually hit anything, the slightly less brittle material will.
  4. Basically, the idea would be to have a company that rents out really nice hookahs for parties, and can show up and set up a hookah bar at weddings and such, and send tenders and set up tables. Maby pack it into a hookah truck. You could also rent out hookahs on the fly. Also thinking do ice-sculpture hookahs (freeze hoses into VERY thick walled ice jar, have the stem be a separated piece with the metal insulated from the ice with glass) for extra. Cast beforehand for the event, load into an icecream truck, ship out. Any thoughts on this?
  5. Lorena F. Palin

    Steampunk Hookah

    Personally I don't think everyone should just start making steampunk hookahs. Way too manny other directions to go in. Also I think the novelty will ware off. People making hookahs need to inovate and invent...Or just make things that plain out are hilarious.
  6. Lorena F. Palin

    Hope And Change... Again?

    uhgg...I hate the feds...this is just crap. I think we need a pres who has the balls to throw a constitutional amendment in for a right to privacy so we can get rid of all this bs.
  7. Lorena F. Palin

    Your Political Definitions

    I never really understood how all these values got lumped together. I don't think either the democrats or the republicans are all that philosophical in how they set there values. Dems want more government telling you what type of car to drive, telling you you can have a gun, telling you you can't smoke, etc... Republicans want more government telling you how/who you can have sex with, what you can say about your country, watching you without your permission, telling you what you can't do with your body, etc...Libertarians are a little bit more philosophical, but it's silly to think that large corporations in a free market won't also screw you over just like the government (because they aren't really checked by anything). Personally, I fall into the somewhere between anarchist, capitalist, and "Don't give a F@#$" categories. I honestly think the gov has no buisness telling anyone what they can and can't do with their bodies or property, aside from a few very dangerous things (no making large bombs, no making deadly poisons at home). Other than that, drugs, cars without airbags (I mean motorcycles are legal), guns, porn, prostitution, abortion, flavored cigarettes, unpasteurized cheese, fugu- all should be perfectly legal for adults given a proper warning. And cheeseburgers need surgeon generals warnings too, those things probably cause more death and damage to our nations citizens then all of those things mentioned above combined.
  8. Lorena F. Palin

    Glowing Hookah Hoses! Diy

    Does this stuff interact with water at all? I think having some glowing coming through the smoke and jar would be awsome looking.
  9. Lorena F. Palin

    Spring Break!

    you bastards are so lucky.
  10. Lorena F. Palin

    Steampunk Hookah

    So basically make a badass hookah, post it in a thread here, and throw it on ebay....Oh...I gotta jump on this. I can do some damn crazy fabrication.
  11. Lorena F. Palin

    Spring Break!

    Visiting friends in Northamton, finishing a sculpture class incomplete from last semester, Starting work on my Artist Book assignment (a rotating glass and mirror collage flip book about crashing your car), making a gas mask smoke-filtering hookah (no smoke escapes), setting up a cacti garden in my dorm, and general being stupid with whoever is left hanging around here for it.
  12. Lorena F. Palin

    Getting coloured smoke?

    I've heared that putting merlot in hookahs can give you red-purple smoke. Is this true? Would a diffuser help pick up color? if that didn't work what are other things that could work? Food coloring, beat dye?
  13. Lorena F. Palin

    Hola From Boston

    [quote name='Stuie' date='25 February 2010 - 01:38 PM' timestamp='1267123134' post='453722'] Welcome!!!!! Be sure to read the rules! Sounds like you got some great ideas there. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!! [/quote] No worries, I did. Sadly my two favorite pieces are, well, in pieces. One, a newburry comics penguin turned into a tobbacco water pipe (no coals, so not a hookah) that sadly didn't draw due to the air volume being way to high with the mouth opening being way to small (one the mouth of the penguin, so it looked like you were making out with it) and the other (mini-hookah, orangina bottle) had cracks in it from when I drilled the holes (or just sort of hacked in with a small grinding wheel from a dremel, I need a nice conical one for more precise work) and broke . I'm trying to find cleaner ways of sealing gaps than hot glue, thats the main thing keeping my pieces from looking professional. I also have schematics for a hookah to be mounted on my motorized bicycle that will run off engine heat (just bolt a copper thingy to the cooling fins of the engine, make everything from metal/plastic, glass on a ghetto moped is not good)
  14. Lorena F. Palin

    Hola From Boston

    Hi all! I'm from boston, go to massart, love hookahs to death. I also love screwing around with bottles and a dremel making hookahs or hookah-like tobacco water pipes. I need a better glass cutting bit/more practice/to build a water siphoning system from a water bottle for lubrication/heat controll because the results are kind of fragile and ghetto. Came here for advice on better construction techniques. I'm also thinking about doing some stuff with hooka's as real sculptural multi/media pieces, with lights/projected images on the smoke inside the glass, sculpting components, and all sorts of crazy gadgetry.