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  1. Havent had the space to smoke for awhile, so I'm rusty, fo rsure. I smoked a few times this weekend and feel like I'm doing something wrong. My pieces: KM OG Tri-Metal, Elmas 618, a few mya small hookahs, eLmas hose, nammor hose, small phunnel from a few years back (broke Saturday RIP), alien phunnel bowl, pico bowl I smoke: Naklha Mizo, Al Fahker, Tangiers Birquq and Burley, Fumari Coals: Fumari, Golden Canary I live in FL where humidity typically varies between 85% and 60% throughout the day, which may mess with the tobacco. But I smoke in the house now, so hopefully that means its more stable. I pack my bowls all tight, dense, and right below the rim but a bit under the foil, like how tobacco comes when your order tangiers bricks. I poke hole partially through the tobacco when I put on the foil. I always plug my purge valves and make sure there are zero leaks. I figured the only breathing areas should be the hose and the bowl. I dont poke a hole over the center, though I had tried the twoapple inverted hole punch method a few times with occasional good results. I blow up from the spire to the bowl after I'm done packing to allow some room from the foil to the shisha before putting the bowl on my hookah. An inch to an inch and a half of room temperature water. I get the tangiers to smoke well, only the mints and its like that one breakfast cereal (which tastes like pure orange juice to me), once ever few months it seems, which may be because of the weather? everything else just ranges from okay to disgusting, is almost always worst than a hookahbar serving cheaper tobaccos. I was considering going back to my roots and switching back to like an Egyptian style bowl and seeing if the flavor and smoothness gets better like that? I just have this really fond memory of smoking a bowl of tangiers mint for like 9 hours straight (i think it was with video games and friends), and I wish I could have it like that every time. Ive been out of the loop for awhile, is there any other alternatives that arent traditional mod or egyptian bowls (that are actually good). Or is there anything I'm doing wrong?
  2. I use 5star because of the whole 100g pack thing. I just ordered my first order in awhile a week ago, to get back into smoking actually. Theres still southsmoke, texashookah, hookah-shisha, and a few more, though idk whos a banned vendor and who isnt anymore so I'll leave it at that. HOOKAH TANGIERS RATINGS.xls HOOKAH 5STAR 100G PACKS.xls HOOKAH TANGIERS.wps
  3. Youve def helped me with my packing methods and taught me about the golden canaries which provided me with my best sesh so far (9-10 hours on the same bowl of cane mint). Just need to work on the other flavors a bit and rind the best tangiers line for me.
  4. Ill give the lotus a look prob soon. I just ordered noir,burley, and birquq cane mint so ill run a bit of a comparison when it arrives. I usually do the same with 2 goldens on constant rotate and ive gotten some good results from mint. But i want to see if i can get closer to a 100% success rather than 75%. Im also curious to see the differences between mint, cane mint, and spearmint. Florida gets alot of ups and down too with rain like every other day.
  5. I've tried golden canaries, fumaris, and coconara's. I've used between 1-3 coals on multiple sessions, sometimes letting it cook for 5 mins before smoking, sometimes going right into it. Ive also tried cutting coles in half and stonehenging too. I've even tried twoapple's ol minimal hole method with either just one hole or 5 holes in the middle. Its surprising how many ways there are set up a hookah.   I've found fumaris are the only one sorta common since they're a big brand. Or I would say coco's in half. Ive heard hookahjohns coals are good too, but I would doubt you'd find that locally.
  6. I'm not sure if it is but I'm hoping Desli Murli would have that flavor. Problem is, theres like 6 flavors of desli murli that I have no clue what they are. So I'm not sure which one to go with.
  7. My pakistani friend, awhile back, had me try a flavor from a shisha i think he said was either imported or was hand made. It was the strongest mint I've ever had, stronger than tangiers even. Somehow, miraculously, I could also experience a lemon and cucumber? flavor through all of that extreme minty-ness as well. He had explained the flavor was something used to cleanse the palate between courses or after a meal? I cant get ahold of the guy, so I was wondering if anyone had heard of something like that? Also, if someone does know, then where can I get more!
  8. Ive always had trouble with the getting tangiers to work properly. So far, the only flavors ive gotten to work are ILTOBC and cane mint. Everything else was just iffy and I've probably tried at least 10-15 other flavors across multiple lines. Ive also tried it with new hoses and on my 5 different hookahs. Ive smoked both inside and outside, with a/c on and a/c off, day and night, and on humid days and less humid days. I've tried a bunch of packing methods with the hj alien v1 and v2, the hj sauce bowl, tangiers phunnel small (a few different ones), and a glass crown micro phunnel. I could never seem to get it to work no matter how many different methods I've tried or tutorials I've watched. Ive stopped trying and instead blame FL and its horrible weather.   I've been out for awhile, havent had a chance to use the ol' hookah in awhile.   I am placing an order since I plan to have a few sessions this weekend.   Right now, there are 5 different lines of tangiers available it seems (besides CANE MINT #B at ultimate hookah).   What are the differences between F-line, lucid, Birquq, Burley, and Noir? Which would best suit my acclimation problem needs?   Are tangiers bowls still the preferred bowl for tangiers? Is the small still the go to, or has one of the other sizes become preferred?   Are golden canaries and fumari's still some of the better suited coals for tangiers?   Thank you for the help.
  9. Has there been some sort of halt on production of noir cane mint? I've had 2 websites cancel my order since they realized they were out and I cannot find it anywhere else online. Ive found mint and spearmint so i wanted to get canemint so i could compare all three
  10. Blakefox

    Video Section

    Ahahaha, that video didn't show from my phone, I thought it was blank space. 10 freakin hours and 1 second.....just why. What audience is this aimed at lol
  11. Blakefox

    Video Section

    I never had noticed that link under the how-to section, tbh, and on of the most recent, ironically, is how to polish a hookah. Could also be because i usually read from my phone, and that link isnt visible from it. The videos there are a bit old and I know new methods have been made and i would have expected video to follow. I spend alot of time scrolling through youtube looking at all the different hookah related, and i figured it would be helpful for people like me to really examine how everyone does things. Like for example how twoapples had created alien phunnel method where he only punched in like 5 holes, that was interesting. I some reason always find myself looking back at the of video of eric packing a bowl, even though i already know how. I would love to see all of the vets packing a bowl, how many coals they use, what types, and what the results are. I mean some put links in their signature, but some people learn quicker with a video rather than a really well made written tutorial. Every once and awhile youll see a video posted in a thread when its related to a conversation, but i do always have the chance to read every single posting every day.
  12. Blakefox

    Video Section

    Would be nice to have a section on the forums for members to add videos. Subsections can include miscellaneous (non-hookah related) , how-to's/tutorials, and a Show-off section. Some people respond better to how to videos rather than words and pictures. We could also have some of the veterans pin some videos too, like a how to pack tangiers, how to pack other brands, how to use different bowls, how to polish a pipe, how to clean the hookah, etc.
  13. Blakefox

    Help With Shiazo Steam Stones!

    7.50 with free shipping too,wow. Only deal close to that Ive seen is like 8.25 plus shipping (which is usally like 8 bucks).
  14. Blakefox


    Well, If youve ever even heard of the guy, you already know how awesome he is. Trades are no diffrent, quick responses (even quick to put up the trades review), recieved my package after 2 days from TX to FL, was even willing to take a couple bucks off and everything after attempting the usual sales haggling. Went great, would recommend. Thanks you again!
  15. The images dont seem to be appearing?