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  1. [quote name='Hookahaholic' date='25 February 2010 - 12:49 PM' timestamp='1267130972' post='453770'] I have been visiting The Kasbah Hookah Lounge for about 6 months now. They have an absolutely beautiful place. It looks straight out of a Moroccan museum or city market. Great music and a cool place and good vibe. Hookahs are a little pricey but worth the atmosphere and environment. They carry all your typical awesome brands like Starbuzz, Al Fakher, Fumari, Fantasia, Romman, etc. It's pretty crowded on the weekends but they always seem to find us space either upstairs, downstairs, or out on the patio. If you're in the Austin, TX area I would strongly recommend checking out The Kasbah Hookah Lounge. It's right on UT campus and it's my favorite hookah lounge in Austin. I would check them out at [url="http://www.kasbahhookahbar.com."]http://www.kasbahhookahbar.com.[/url] [/quote] Can I add this review to [url="http://www.hookahloungereviews.com/611/Kasbah_Hookah_Lounge__Bar"]http://www.hookahloungereviews.com/611/Kasbah_Hookah_Lounge__Bar[/url] ?
  2. When I first started smoking, I thought wow. hookah is great. I can finally smoke something that taste great, keeps me relaxed, and keeps me social with my friend. Boy did I know there's so much more to smoking hookah. Everything makes a difference. The pipes, the coals, the shisha, the flavors, even the water makes a difference. In the future I hope to write some articles on all this stuff at my site Hookah Lounge Reviews.
  3. I heard windows 7 is really good. I still use windows XP though. I've used linux in the past, but it's just so easy to play games using microsoft products.
  4. I hate lounges that forget to service the coals and refill my water. I also especially don't like coals that they use for BBQing!! Yuck.
  5. this might be a little late, but Berkshire Hathaway always is a good long-term stock. invest with warren buffett! Also, MKL is like a warren buffet stock that might be good.
  6. anyone get dibs in the starcraft 2 beta? waiting for key
  7. I've been to a few I like. Zeyphr in Pasadena, CA is affordable. No tips needed, but I suggest giving them some because their hookah is inexpensive and the coffee is affordable. In sherman oaks, kaffe rouge has the smoothest smoke I'd ever had. Up in Smoke has very good coffee. about you ?
  8. [quote name='dozyproductions' date='04 February 2010 - 09:12 PM' timestamp='1265346775' post='449812'] This place is around Westwood on Broxton Ave so its a great place to go with the girl and get some food/drink and smoke. We went there at 6:00 pm so it wasn't neccessarily busy. I've heard this place gets kind of disastrous at 8ish and you really feel it with the food, service and $15 a person minimum charge! [b]Mood[/b][b]: 8/10[/b][b] - [/b]loved it. The lights were set at a semi dim setting so perfect for a date if yaddamean? Interior was simple but kind of packed with a lot of tables. There were 2 giant TV's playing soccer and some mexican channel. There's an upstairs room just for people who want to smoke. its like a dark living room sized room with a continuous bench on all the walls. So all in all pretty decent. [b]Food[/b]: [b]9/10[/b] - WAS DELCIOUS. a lot of reviews said it was shit so perhaps they got some new dudes for the foods. They have a delicious and "famous" tomato soup and they had awesome chicken/beef wrap sandwiches. surprisingly big selection for such a place [b]Service: 8/10 - [/b]the lady was awkward but great service. Kept on refilling our waters and took our plates when we were done. [b] [/b] [b]Smoke: 9/10 - [/b]They had around 24" hookahs and I don't know what brand of Tobacco. Perfect pull with a little restriction, and great smoke! Where we sat there was just the perfect ventilation so blowing rings and ships and dragons and whatnot was possible. We were recommended a grape/mint/strawberry mix and actually it was pretty decent. They let you fix the coals for your own and when asked for more coals they obliged without an hassle. I got to say despite the bad reviews on yelp.com? my date and I had a really just pleasant time. I guess you just got to go before the real rush and then you can enjoy some Diddy Riese afterwards! [/quote] i went here a while back. diddy riese being across the street makes it's a tempting dessert treat after smoking and eating. nice environment! :-)
  9. hello all, i want to find the best hookah places in the US and smoke there! my favorite shisha flavor is chocolate, vanilla, and mint. it has some egyption name but i forgot what it's called. maybe you know? thanks!
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