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  1. [quote name='Codename067' date='15 February 2010 - 09:18 PM' timestamp='1266232723' post='451534'] Al Fakher Mint is KING. [/quote] [quote name='TiLLooR' date='16 February 2010 - 05:48 AM' timestamp='1266263306' post='451626'] AF Mint, All day long! [/quote] [quote name='dizzbizz' date='16 February 2010 - 10:49 AM' timestamp='1266281347' post='451663'] AF Mint hands down [/quote] Couldn't have said it better myself...
  2. &Sheesh

    Top 6 Brands

    [quote name='joytron' date='14 February 2010 - 10:06 AM' timestamp='1266105970' post='451292'] I would just get select flavors from different lines and go from there. For instance I choose layalina pretty much solely on the blueberry. A few of its fruit flavors are good but i think usually AF or nak do a better version. [/quote] 100% Agree!! I've personally pretty much settled on Mint for good. Not sure if its the strength of the flavour, but I find it's the most likely to last during a longer session, and definitely the most consistent when you're at a cafe/lounge. AF for me, especially for Mint!
  3. I know the post is a little out-dated but I thought I'd add incase people search... (And to get my first of many posts up!) I reckon there's no doubt the best place are in the Inner-West. Here's are a few (They're in order of my pref!! And I've been to a fair few ) [b]Laytani[/b] @ Strathfield - Best overall in Sydney by far for me. Good range of AF flavours. - Seemed quite for a long time but getting wayyy more popular lately - Great food - Great staff!! (This one's a biggie for me!) [b]Coffee Emporium [/b]@ Burwood on Burwood Rd - Fairly consistent, AF flavours. Mint, Apple, Grape. - Good staff again [b]Titanic[/b] @ Bankstown - Great Argileh. Good range of AF flavours - Great food - Location's not my favourite. A little out of the way for me [b]Sidnees[/b] @ Burwood on Burwood Rd - Great Argileh. Decent range (not sure of brand) - Super busy most nights of the week - Staff aren't too responsive [i]Here are some others I've tried in no particular order:[/i] - Cafe d'or @ Burwood - Al Musta @ Glebe - Sumoc @ Darling Harbour - Heart 2 Heart @ Merryland - Le Sarab @ Concord - Shisha @ Croydon Park [i]Here are some I know exist but never gotten too:[/i] [i] [/i] - Sahra @ Parramatta - Why Not? Cafe @ Bass Hill And I'm SURE there's plenty more! Hopefully that helps out a few people seeking in Sydney though! Sheesh Out! [i] [/i] [i] [/i] [i] [/i] [i] [/i]