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  1. shishaman

    I Need Help With My Hookah

    Yeah i will probs buy a new hookah, when i get some serious dollar coz i am skint at the moment lol. Just applied for a job so fingers crossed i get it lol. so what were you doing in leeds then just a bit of shopping or visiting people? shishaman
  2. shishaman

    Does Anyone Bmx On Here? Uk?

    [quote name='JOE' date='20 February 2010 - 12:34 AM' timestamp='1266626057' post='452500'] i dont but my best friend rides for a small company, one shot products, and i snap pics of him on occasion [img]http://photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs205.snc1/7232_162769418504_703658504_2846157_2528462_n.jpg[/img] [/quote] Well good, i like tha pic. I am just in the middle of fixing up my bike. Here's the spec of what it's gunna be like, i will post a pic on completion. Proper frame white proper bars black united u-jive grips green (shit, buying some new ones soon) Blank expression forks green gusset wheel set black Blank street tyre green (on the back only) 4-jeri pro cranks black ruption 44t sprocket (absolutly shit) seventies plastic pedals green Nice lol post comments if ou think i should change any of this stuff. shishaman
  3. shishaman

    I Need Help With My Hookah

    [quote name='shaffaaf27' date='15 February 2010 - 02:05 PM' timestamp='1266242714' post='451544'] mate where are you in the UK? [/quote] I live in Leeds mate. what about you? shishaman
  4. Okay so i'm just wondering if any of you guys out there are BMXers. I am a BMXer and i love it so if anyone wants to post tricks or there bike specification then this is the place to do it Hope you guys enjoy smoking shisha and BMXing as much as i do. Peace out Shishaman
  5. Is going to wales this week. Obviously taking the shisha lol :)

  6. shishaman

    I Need Help With My Hookah

    Thanks a lot everyone. It is much appreciated. Yeah i'm gunna buy some proper shisha this week i'll possibly order it wednesday or something but thank you all for the help. Why put water under the stem doesn't that defeat the object of it it passing through the water? Shishaman
  7. shishaman

    How Many Of You Are Addicted?

    Yeah none of us cannot actually say that we are not addicted because if we were not addicted to it then we wouldn't do it. It's not a physical addiction that most of us have it's more mental where we think oh that tastes nice i'll have another one of them. So in a way we are addicted. But in the sense of addicted to nicotine where we need to have a hit of nicotine then no i am not addicted and i could stop smoking shisha whenever i want. But i am not going to because i like the taste so i am sort of addicted if you know what i mean. Anyone else feel this way? Shishaman.
  8. shishaman

    I Need Help With My Hookah

    [quote name='srawas89' date='14 February 2010 - 02:31 PM' timestamp='1266157907' post='451375'] As far as using your pumpkin hookah you can get some good sessions out of it, it just takes a bit more effort. When I smoked out of my friends pumpking you can use that much water, it is quite easy to over fill and get water into your hose. I say at most the stem should be 0.5in in the water. Also it is very easy to burn the tobacco in the bowl as it is small and takes little heat to get it going. I was using a 33mm quick light and I had to let the coal hang over the edge of the bowl a bit otherwise I burnt the shisha. So if you do that you should be fine. Hope that helps. [/quote] Cheers Srawas89 I have just tried your method of hanging the coal over the edge with 0.5in of water and yeah it's going well. I decided to buy some double able today as well and yes it is SOEX but it is rather quite nice. Ive got robinsons apple and blackurant dilute juice in the base. It is really nice i would recommend Double apple soex to anyone. It is sort of a sweet taste mmmm. And thanks again Srawas89. You have been a lot of help Shishaman.
  9. shishaman

    Shisha Tobacco Uk

    [quote name='ZAP' date='14 February 2010 - 04:13 PM' timestamp='1266163999' post='451379'] [quote name='Namenone' date='14 February 2010 - 09:31 PM' timestamp='1266157918' post='451376'] There this place. [url="http://www.gumtree.com/london/14/53900414.html"]http://www.gumtree.c...4/53900414.html[/url] its a private seller thoguh, so yo uneed to go collect it i think [/quote] I have some genuine Al Fakher up for sale mate. Kinda limited on flavours at the moment. I have a thread under the European Trades section of the forum but im not sure how many posts you need to be able to see it. [/quote] Thanks guys i will check out that website. Also how much you selling the Al Fakher for?
  10. shishaman

    Shisha Tobacco Uk

    ok Thanks for that mate i will start looking at american websites that ship to the uk. Maybe i can get it at a proper tobacconists? i dunno. If anyone in the UK can get hold of 'real' shisha tobacco then please let me know. I'm sick of this soex shite.
  11. shishaman

    I Need Help With My Hookah

    Ok thanks a lot guys i will go check out those websites and fingers crossed they ship to the UK. Yeah the MYA QT looks like a nice hookah i might have to invest in it. Well i will invest in it because i would like a better smoke. Thanks again.
  12. OK so in my previous post "i need help with my hookah" i got a reply stating that i need to chuck away my soex herbal shisha. Which i agree with. So i was just wondering if there ae any good uk sites out there that sell Nakhla Shisha or Tangiers or something coz i can't seem to find a UK site that sells it. Everywhere i look i see soex this and high life herbal that. And quite frankly i'm sick of it lol. Also if anyone likes soex and has got it to smoke good please share your secrets. Thanks Guys
  13. shishaman

    I Need Help With My Hookah

    Yeah thanks. i will bare that in mind. I will end up throwing my soex away but it came as a package sort of thing and 17 pounds is the equivalent to 28 usd. Also i only bought the pumpkin as i thought that it would be easy to maintain. obviously a wrong choice. Also another reason why i bought it is because it is very portable and cheap. So i think that it is an OK purchase but i dont know. I'm probably going to keep trying it with different tobacco and change my coals rather soon. Thanks for the advice
  14. Hey guys, I'd just like to say i'm new to this forum sooooo 'hi'. Right ok so i bought my first hookah the other day it cost me £17.87 with the pumpkin hookah a pack of 10 mera quicklite coals and a box of soex orange shisha. My first question is...Is this a good deal? or have i been ripped-off? Secondly i set it up on friday but i am struggling a lot lol [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/wallbash.gif[/img]. i find that when i fill it up with water 2 inch above the stem tube thing i always get a fairly weird smoke and it doesn't taste like orange. But when i only fill it up about 1/2 an inch to an inch above the stem thing i find that i get a lot of flavored smoke yet it is so harsh on the throat. Is there any way of solving this? is it my coal positioning or have i put too little shisha in or something it's so confusing I would appreciate any input thanks. Also i tend not to move my coal around when having a shisha session could this be the problem. By the way i am not new to the whole shisha thing i have been smoking it for a while now at my mates house and such, but i'm a noob at setting these things up. HELP [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/scratch_one-s_head.gif[/img]