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  1. Clouds Or Flavor?

    I want both. So I will tweak and tweak until I get it. Then all I can think is welcome to the perfect session.
  2. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    Well right now it is you and evan, you two are free to stay here
  3. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    It is in Virginia beach, about 4 hours from you all.
  4. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    Well Katie and Evan, you two are the only two traveling down here. So really it is up to you two when it would be best.
  5. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    Katie are you going to come?
  6. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    Ok that is 3 for the first weekend in August. Anyone else looking to come down?
  7. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    OK that is it. I August 3-5 is the dates. Lets get a hard list and figure out if we can host everyone coming in town or if they need to make other arrangements. Please respond yes or no for coming.
  8. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    It is a campsite, for the cabin for the weekend it will be $92 a day but you can split that four ways and I would just lie and pack more people in it.
  9. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    OK I will say this again. From here on out don't post a month. ACTUAL DATES. That way people have a better idea of what works.
  10. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    Someone pick a date already so I don't miss this.
  11. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    Katie even is everyone else doesn't come down you tell what weekend you are here and we will make it a great weekend
  12. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    I don't care when we have it as long as it isn't the next week and a half. Katie, I will gladly cuddle with you over evan.
  13. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    Lets go ahead and say the two choices are July 27th-29th or Aug 3rd-5th
  14. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    NO EVAN!!!!!!! I told you already that was a one time thing in a life threating situation. We will never speak of it again.
  15. Beard Appreciation Thread.