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  1. Gryz

    Funnel Help

    Nevermind, I figured it out...i had the foil too tight with the hole in the middle too large.
  2. I received my funnel quite a while ago, but just now got back home to give it a try. I packed it, and put two rings around hte outside, and one in the middle. I added one coal just to try it out, placed it on the outside and all I am getting is air. The solution is probably very simple, but I am unable to figure it out.
  3. Gryz

    Car Lovers in here =)

    1997 BMW 328is...summer drive 2001 Ford Explorer Sport...winter/offroad drive
  4. Just thought I would update this thread a little bit.... I got it in the mail the other day, was packed great and smokes great also. In addition, like stated before it says MYA all over it. Very happy about that. My question is, if you look at the pictures you can see two small screws. I removed them both as well as the hose adapter to see if the hole was the same. It was, so does this mean that I can purchase 1 of 2 hose adapters and add hoses if I wish, and the ball bearing release valve will still be functional for everyone?
  5. Gryz

    Car Audio

    ditto, ask away...
  6. Gryz

    Hookahcompany.com Reviews

    Ordered on the 14th, arrived on the 19th. Bought -250g of After Nine -72" Mya Hose -Three Kings The company even called me the same day to say they were out of the dark green colored hose I wanted, picked out the burgendy one instead. Everything looks great, and was packed well. Will definitely order from them again!
  7. Gryz

    Who Hates Finals Week

    Just finished my last final today also. Had a 4 hour drive back home, but looking foward to sitting back and relaxing.
  8. Thats ok, thanks for letting me know
  9. Thanks you very much. I have one last question...is there a discount available for hookah company?
  10. I went onto MN Hookahs to buy a phunnel bowl, and it says the only payment method for them are gift vouchers and discount coupons. Am I missing something?
  11. Gryz

    hookahs and religion

    QUOTE (phishandfrolf @ Dec 13 2006, 08:11 PM) QUOTE (SanguineSolitude @ Nov 4 2006, 10:31 PM) i think that religion is a social construct put in place to regulate the lives of people who have trouble thinking for themselves. I was raised christian but have since thought my way out of it. I respect relgious beliefs, when they do not affect others than the believers, and dont attack peoples beliefs. That said it seems like all religious have a mixed message about carnal sins. on the one hand it is made clear that the body is meaningless and the soul is what matters, thats what continues, dont save money because you cant use it in heaven etc. but at the same time its a "sin" to do most things that people would naturally wish to do and be happy doing. I realize most religious believers have come to terms with these sorts of contradictions, but for me they never made any sense. I can understand how some things like not killing others make sense as "sins," but then there are other things such as wearing cloth made of multiple materials (bible) that make one "unclean." I am a happy agnostic and i smoke hookah because i like it and am ok with the possible health risks. I agree with everything he says. Ditto, agnostic here also....
  12. Thank you. Do you know if the funnels from HK, or HC are small or medium?
  13. So if I were to buy a funnel bowl, I could just get one that is commonly used on a QT? If so, which ones would this be?
  14. Thanks, I got the acrylic because I travel a lot, and didn't want to take the chance of breaking a glass base.
  15. QUOTE (SanguineSolitude)nevermind... at least 5 of the posts up there directly say people have had this happen. and most of the others i assume have had it happen as well. what are you trying to say? ive had quicklights start up on the bowl many many times, and while its not preferred, it doesnt bother me that much. i just wait until its fully lit itself, purge the smoke, and go. Yes, my question has been answered many times with the previous replies. Thanks for your help.