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  1. Many of our customers have been requesting a wider bow that is shallower. I'm making one this month to test it out. Hopefully it will satisfy some of the people who like the layout of the more traditional bowl. There is an old saying "give the people what they want !" hopefully the new bowl when we roll it out will be well received!   This is an awesome forum and kudos to Mushrat and the admin staff for doing such an excellent job!   Any question you have I don't mind answering. I love hookah so it's my privilege to be able to get some direct info to the members.   D
  2. Thanks Mush,   To answer the bowl adapter question I have considered making one for our hookah line but I couldn't judge if would have enough appeal to add the part to our product line up. I went as far as doing a draft drawing of the adaper part that i thought would fit most non-ground joint bowls but I didn't actually make one. I haven't made up my mind to make it or not.   Based on customer requests I plan on making a smaller bowl for shorter sessions, a larger wider bowl and a fruit head adapter. They are all works in progress and should have them complete and available sometime soon .........   Also, I think things people should consider when purchasing a glass hookah is if the glass hookah you are purchasing is supported by the manufacturer in terms of replacement parts. I think people think in terms of all or nothing when it comes to breaking a glass hookah and perhaps this notion is well founded by past experience. If you (or a friend) accidentally break a bowl, downstem or other part look to see if your manufacturer can just replace those parts. In our case you only need to replace the broken part and not the whole unit.   Dan
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    Fumo Tank

    Thanks Mush, the vendor in Paris is: [url="http://www.el-badia.com"]http://www.el-badia.com[/url]
  4. Fumo1

    Fumo Tank

    We do have such a vendor in the EU.
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    Crown Hookah Knock-Offs

    you are wise grasshopper !
  6. Fumo1

    Crown Hookah Knock-Offs

    I echo your sentiments and feel your pain. Its happening to us as well ....
  7. I got to see the Porsche Hookah in person. We have a new Porsche design store that came into our local mall. I thought it was quite interesting and as a design guy it's always great to see how another company approaches materials and function. The base is made out of what appears to be some kind of molded glass that was threaded at the top. I'm not sure of it's composition.. The top is a piece machined out of a single block of aluminum which is also threaded to accept the glass bottom and the two halves are sealed with an o-ring that sits in between them. All the other metal pieces are aluminum as well. The bowl was more or less just a regular brown glazed ceramic funnel type bowl. The screen looked like the cheap coated stainless steel variety screen you get for 3 bucks but perhaps a little better quality but didn't appear or feel like solid stainless steel. The bowl joined the all aluminum downstem with a rubber gasket in a fairly conventional way. No difusser on the downstem just a straight tube. It had a aluminum cap that threaded into the top of the bowl unit for hookah storage and to complete the look. They used a braided metal hose cover, aluminum mouthpiece and insert fitting. They also had a ball purge valve. I thought the hose was pretty stiff. I like braided steel but I haven't found a combination hose and braid that didn't have a certain stiffness to it. To stiff for my liking. My general impression is that this is what I would expect a hookah to look like that used materials and technology that were auto related. Nice fit and finish but because of the relative lack of imagination on the bowl and screen it brought the whole hookah down a few pegs. I imagine it would function just fine but it has the same inners as that of a regular $150 hookah. The price for this unit was around $2,000 and I believe they made 2000 units total. I was also informed that they will be coming out with a gold plated version that will be a limited editon of only 100 units. Didn't say what the price on this would be on the gold member unit but I bet it will be mucho.
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    Hose Project

    good point Rani. Thanks for keeping me straight. I don't want to provide any misinformation. :-)
  9. Fumo1

    Hose Project

    Hi Rani, You are right. The specific question was PVC. I was using PVC as a surrogate for the alpha bit soup of different plastic concoctions. Most of the plastics listed above are not made for tubing and definatly not made to smoking or eat from. There are probably even more types than the list you posted here and with hundreds of variations properties and purposes. In my last rant I got lazy and didn't want to write a research paper. Unless a manufacturer stated what type hose they were using there would really be no way to know what the plastic was. Go ahead and shoot me.
  10. Fumo1

    Hose Project

    From what I can tell most hoses are just gereral off the shelf pvc tubing made of various types of plastic from which there are many derivitives. Based on the observable price points this is all they could be. If a manufacturer was making their hoses out of the good stuff they would want their customers to know this fact for many reasons and wouldn't want to leave this detail out. Also for legal reasons food grade hosing and above comes with a material certificate as to it's method of manufacturer and product specifications. Depending on the type of hose and how it's constructed I generally see wood, plastic and metal being used for the mouth piece and general body construction. Usually these components are put together with glue or some other binding material. The plastic used is essentially just molded pvc plastic and would have the same properties as the pvc hosing depending on it's fomulation. Wood for the most part is a mostly inert material and probably the best material besides using something like a high grade stainless steel or borosilicate glass for the mouthpiece. I think if you are a casual smoker, using pvc, and you can stand the taste of the tubing or the mouthpiece it's not ging to kill you. However is an environmental cumulative effect of using these item along with other environmental material contaminates which may have a health impact over time. I've sucked in wood chips when inhaling with inexpensive wooden hoses and that was my last time I used a generic cheap hookah. Coated or plated metal is commonly used in hookahs and depending on the process of the plating and the properties of the submetal material used, this is also most certainly a source of taste and material contamination. The vast majority of the products on the market are made with common raw materials that are inexpensive, easy to mold and can be assembled quickly. These are all attributes that keeps the cost to the consumer low. I don't think there is any consideration with respect to taste and health especially in the low price point hookahs. I'm not knocking them is just a fact of life. From what I can distill this down to is that you have basically 2 things to consider in a hookah and they go hand in hand. They are the health aspect of the hookah and the residual taste given off by the hookah itself. If you can't wash your hose and it's not a food grade hose or above you will always have the taste and contaminates from previous sessions that will change the taste of your current smoke. If the hookah is not easily washable you will also have the same contaminates that influence your smoke. That's just the way it is.
  11. Fumo1

    Hose Project

    [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1322859211' post='531384'] Damn, the discussion on pvc got lost in the space time continuum. I am about to order some fancyhoses. Aren't they made from pvc pipes? [/quote] Hoses that are meant for human consumption are expensive due to the manufacturing process involved in keeping the harmful byproducts from leaching into the medium that is passing through it. This is because of the precious metals used in the curing of the plastic to keep the bad things from leaching from the tubing. Normally platinum is used for this. In a garden hose or for most non food applications who really cares if PCB's are being leached out. Unless a hose is food/pharma grade or better you have undesirable chemicals and taste that are present. Most manufacturers are interested in meeting a price point vs. delivering a safe product. Cost is first priority and materials are second priority in the race for you money. You can by Chinese hosing for .10 a foot. Food grade tubing is usually $5 - $8+ per foot. $5 x 5 feet is $25 for just the tubing. That's of course if you buy in bulk. My 2 cents
  12. You can't get rid of the cheap plastic taste because it's in the hose. Buy a higher quality hose.