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  1. 60 degree weather is mocking me from outside my office...

  2. tlmasonaea

    Water In Hose?

    From time to time, I do notice that some of the OG Tang flavors are more "wet" or "dry" smokes almost like dry or sweet wines. KCherry is one of them that's consistently wet for me while KApple and KPeach are consistently drier.
  3. tlmasonaea

    Water In Hose?

    Do you put your pipe six feet above the ground and then smoke laying down? As long as there's a sag in the hose, it'll catch the water because gravity works. I have the same problem from time to time, but I think it's because my roommate pulls on the hose too violently, either that or we're keeping our apartment cold enough to get the steam in the smoke to condense as it goes through the hose. I smoke laying on the couch too and have never had this problem. Pipe sits on a table, hose goes down from pipe almost to floor then up to my mouth...
  4. tlmasonaea

    Eating Before You Sleep...

    A couple doctors at the University I work for did some research about myths and the holidays: http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/12/18/holiday.myths/index.html One of the myths is eating before bed makes you fat.
  5. tlmasonaea

    Indiana Smokers In

    Moved across town, now living by South in Bloomington.
  6. tlmasonaea

    Nicotine In Tangiers?

    [quote name='Codename067' date='27 December 2009 - 04:45 PM' timestamp='1261950358' post='442052'] Buzz is a bit overrated. [/quote] /agree
  7. tlmasonaea


    Straight razor all the way. I have some antique blades that I keep up by honing them myself. Nothing like the smoothness from it. When I travel, though, I use my fusion 5-blade thing. Can't complain about it, just glad I don't use it all the time.
  8. tlmasonaea

    Sailing On My Porpoise - Now With Pics!

    QUOTE (Lunatic768 @ Jul 10 2009, 09:54 PM) QUOTE (Christopher The Great @ Jul 10 2009, 06:38 PM) I love sailing. My dad lives on a 52' Benateau and I have a Hobie Cat 16'. Hobies are fun as shit to sail. Sunfish are pretty damn fun also, try capsizing them, thats really fun. +1 nothing better IMO other than maybe a motorboat A motorboat?!? Why use a motor when you can scoot around on a sailboat imo!
  9. tlmasonaea

    Any Mountaineering People In Here?

    Free climbing is only moving up the wall under your own power. I think the term you're looking for is Free Soloing - moving up the wall under your own power without protection. Nonetheless, I used to think those guys were nuts, but I find myself now soloing up super easy climbs without even thinking I'm doing it.
  10. tlmasonaea

    Any Mountaineering People In Here?

    I don't mountaineer (those guys are nuts) but I do participate in technical rock climbing. You know, the kind of climbing you can do at a climbing gym. For me, it's an addiction. I can't stop, I'm in the gym three times a week and hitting up out door hot spots as much as I possibly can. Something to do with the feeling of being completely and utterly exhausted, muscles pushed to their absolute limit, being bloody, bruised, and otherwise sore... it's an amazing feeling. From what I understand about mountaineering is that it has a lot to do with conquering mountains. Some people do it to find ways up a mountain that nobody has ever used before, thus seeing pieces of rock and mountain that have never been seen or touched by a human (up close). For most, it's all about the same drive that the great explorers of the past had. I bet people said the same things about Magellan.
  11. tlmasonaea

    $55 Bottled Water

    My favorite water bottle is a 1.5L OG nalgene. I have about 5 others that lay in various places around the house so I can get at them easy. I'm in the same boat as GNU, water is free and it's damn clean. So clean that it's optimal for brewing beer right out of the tap (local home brew club tests it regularly). There's no need to keep buying bottles and throwing them away, just too wasteful.
  12. QUOTE (Canon @ Apr 28 2009, 01:33 PM) are your bowls bad? personally i start the coal, pack the bowl then wash my fingers. i shake my tupperware to mix the shisha instead of stirring it. That's how I roll too... No need to touch unless you're packing.
  13. tlmasonaea

    Public Service Anouncement

    Now you tell us... yeesh, I've probably tossed more than 100 of those over my smoking career...