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  1. stevehookah

    Star Wars will send you to Hell!

    ppffsstt.. From ALL the posts, I get it that none of you are worthy of the power anyhow...
  2. stevehookah

    Hussein Execution Video

    IMHO, the US replaced one violent govt. with another.... Public hangings, and the ban of 'tv/radio' stations that speak againt the govt... I expect this post to be removed; being all truthful and shit. However, the fact remains.. The US removed one dicktater and replaced it with another one. Sadr tard should be next.... There is a 60 year old missionary that FOUGHT for iraqi rights for almost 20 years, then found raped/tortured/murdered in a mosque ran by Sadr that would agree with me..
  3. stevehookah

    Life Or Death Question

    Normally 'melon' allergies come from the 'hairs' in the flesh. Which are also in the juice. However, since you will be 'steaming' it, I'd think that all you would get is the flavour and NOT the 'hairs/flesh' of the fruit. This is an OPINION!!!!!!!!!!! If you die, then don't blame me. IMHO,, take a puff, see how it goes. Your mileage may vary.
  4. Non-smokers should have that right. However, having a smoking house is also a right. In Boulder Co, US.. If you smoke in your own home with kids, the law can take them from you for child abuse. My wife does not smoke. I smoke cigs outside. She does not mind the hookah tho... Simple.. I smoke more hookah. heehee
  5. stevehookah

    Some Pictures From Last Night

    You are pretty as your woman. -It IS a compement in a non-gay way, I just did not know how to word it- Cute couple....
  6. stevehookah


    No frets fellas, not thinking you are being arses.. The scan was just that. I put it on my all-n-one printer/fax/scanner/copier and hit the button. The scan does not show it, but the COHIBA is raised gold lettering. If the 'yellow' is off it's because I let it got out 4 times, and laid it on the table where I also had chips. I can see the 'grease' stains. -embarassed- The smoke was the best I've ever had, well as far as cigars go, and it had no 'bite' all the way to the last 1/2". I even put the rest in a pipe amd smoked it... No, my bud does NOT buy these off the site I posted, that was just for referance.. He buys them in Cuba, and brings them home. -cheers-
  7. stevehookah


    Here is an untouched scan of the band.. Thanks for your interest.. p.s. No problem, just sharing..
  8. stevehookah


    I am smoking it. Here is a site with the cigar. Cigar I can scan the actual band if needed. However, trust me, that's the one. The hallmarks of a good cigar. 1) No wife complaints 2) Flavour does not change with size 3) Never bites 4) does not turn to mush in your mouth 5) Same pleasure from first puff to last 6) Can let it go out, and relight with no harshness However, at $719 US for 25, I am glad my bud gives them to me. I stick with hookah until he visits, and we swap tobacco.
  9. stevehookah

    So I'm Downloading Linux...

    I am on the R&D team. The unofficial date/time is mid January.. Beta includes FF 2, and all kinds of goodies... QUOTE (rattler @ Dec 28 2006, 03:32 PM) PCLinuxOS 0.93a is awsome! 0.94 is supposed to be coming out soon and have many improvements. Perhaps you can give it a try when it comes out?
  10. stevehookah

    Hookah Review Site

    That is why I haunt this joint. No need to 'do my own'.. -cheers- For the labour...
  11. stevehookah

    Hookah And Sex?

    Boo back. I am moved. heehee.. -cheers-
  12. stevehookah


    A bud of mine stopped by with some 50 dollar Cubans... Left me one... Will post the 'band' when I smoke it.
  13. stevehookah

    Hookah And Sex?

    Geeze.. And this is NEW to you? Kidding... -sort of- Hookah and sex has been a twosome since I found it.. -cheers-
  14. stevehookah

    Hey Geeks! Help Me Buy A Laptop Computer!

    Laptops are like Macs. You are stuck... For gaming, stick with the towers, or mini cases for portability. Changing hardware is the mark of a true gamer. If you need it 'mobile', as in war driving.. Get an inverter. Truckers use them for micro waves, TV's and 'stuff'... Get a cheap LCD, and the power will not burn your car wiring. -btdt have extra wires from Canadian Tire to rewire my car with- PSP makes a good war driving device btw.
  15. stevehookah

    So I'm Downloading Linux...

    QUOTE or maybe the mods dont like linux. haha ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Naw, sometimes I post after a HUGE hit, and it goes. blah-blah-blah..... Anyrate... Linux dude... Please tell us what distro you got, hardware you are running, and I'll do the best I can.. I personally run PCLinuxOS..