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  1. mortifiedpenguin

    Nammor Ramses Iii Vs. Km Tall Trimetal

    I'm leaning towards the Ramses III though...
  2. mortifiedpenguin

    Nammor Ramses Iii Vs. Km Tall Trimetal

    Wow.. the Cleopatra looks amazing as well. I was hoping to order from H-S, but that Quad metal... amazing...
  3. mortifiedpenguin

    Canadian Smokers

    Waterloo, Ontario!
  4. mortifiedpenguin

    Nammor Ramses Iii Vs. Km Tall Trimetal

    Hmm.. that sounds reasonable. Are there any other hookahs then, that you would recommend in place of one of these?
  5. mortifiedpenguin

    Nammor Ramses Iii Vs. Km Tall Trimetal

    [quote name='dizzbizz' timestamp='1292291043' post='491220'] I say go for the KM Tall. It'll be epic at parties. [/quote] Haha! That it would be. That's a good selling point on its own! Portability isn't a strongpoint for any of these, and that's not a concern of mine. [quote name='IainUM' timestamp='1292293181' post='491227'] if you have a gardening hose you can wash the long pipes with that. when you are buying the pipe i'm pretty sure you get free brushes's with www.hookah-shisha.com [/quote] Yeah you do, the problem is I don't think they'll have a brush that's long enough [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1292294220' post='491230'] dang, the tall one is damn cool, but id be afraid everytime someone pulled too hard on the hose or walked by. [/quote] That's true. Though the group I smoke with is pretty calm and we take our time enjoying the session so I'm not too worried about that. I don't smoke very much (~2 times a month), so I give my hookah a good cleaning after every session (usually 2-3 bowls). And I wouldn't mind the extra cleaning time for these beauties. It's going to be a tough decision! That's for sure...
  6. mortifiedpenguin

    Nammor Ramses Iii Vs. Km Tall Trimetal

    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I imagine cleaning would be a big issue with the taller one. I could clean it in a tub or something though right?
  7. Hey everyone, I'm looking at upgrading my hookah, but I'm having trouble deciding between the Nammor Ramses III and the KM Tall. The price difference doesn't matter that much to me. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  8. mortifiedpenguin

    Homemade Non-Tobacco Shisha

    That looks amazing! I am also curious to find out how that turned out!