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  1. EireBrode

    Hey There

    Hey guys, I've been posting around, but I never had a formal introduction. Truth be told, when I started out, I didn't have intentions of staying long, but now... I love the place! [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/good2.gif[/img] Well, I'd been smoking hookah occasionally with my brother, who just had a crappy chinese hookah. I didn't think much of it my first time, being a long time cigarette smoker. It just ended up giving me a headache. But, smoking the next day and the week after that, it really grew on me. I just now finally got hired, which was tough in itself, (my county has a 17% unemployment rate right now) I thought it was high time I picked up a hookah myself and introduced it to some friends. We now have a hookah night twice a week. I'm the proud owner of a 34" 2 hose KM Trimetal, and I'm thinkin' on picking up a QT on my next paycheck for kickin' back at my computer desk and enjoying some smoky goodness while browsing the forum!
  2. EireBrode

    Obscure Bands

    As of late, I've been getting into some semi-local bands from Seattle, and the ones I've discovered were truly fantastic. They may have a niche appeal though. Recently, I've been really into an indie-folk band called Fleet Foxes. If you have any interest in them, I'd recommend the songs "He Doesn't Know Why" and "Mykonos." They had won several Best band and Best album of 2008. They're also very similar to A Band Of Horses, though I haven't heard much of them. Or, if you're into the more punk scene, there's GG Allin, one of the most bat-shit crazy punk rockers in history. There's also GISM, another punk band I'd like to hear more of. Or, if you're more into the Black Metal scene, there's the band Mayhem. Thrash metal? There's Dying Fetus. I have a pretty diverse taste [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img] You guys know of any other obscure bands worth checking out?
  3. So, there's only one shop around where I live. My question is, how do local shops generally compare in price and selection to online vendors? I'd check it out myself, but it's always closed when I get off work.
  4. [quote name='K1024' date='26 January 2010 - 01:51 PM' timestamp='1264542687' post='447845'] [size="2"] hilarious, especially the picture posted after[/size] [quote name='EireBrode' date='26 January 2010 - 12:42 PM' timestamp='1264538542' post='447833'] Star wars is nothing special. Too many nerds on that one. It would be cool if it wasn't such a huge obsession for so many people. [/quote] so i suppose you dont like sex either? grow up, no one else's opinions should have any effect over whether or not you like something. [/quote] That's no reason to be condescending. However, when before you'd even seen it, every single aspect of the movie was laid out in front of you, talked about constantly, and quoted time and again, it sort of loses its allure. Not to mention I never said that nothing good has come of it, I said it wasn't too special. I mean shit man, I dunno about you guys, but that picture would be just as good if they were wearing something equally awesome from something other media. I don't really base attractiveness on whether they like to dress up as characters from a movie. To each their own, I suppose.
  5. Star wars is nothing special. Too many nerds on that one. It would be cool if it wasn't such a huge obsession for so many people.
  6. totally becoming a /b/ thread >.<
  7. EireBrode

    The Definitive Music For Smoking Hookah Thread!

    Personally, I enjoy the more chill music, like Fleet Foxes (great local band, I recommend checking them out) Jack Johnson, some mellow classic rock, and a select few acoustic Nirvana songs.
  8. EireBrode

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    [quote name='Dom' date='05 June 2008 - 08:27 PM' timestamp='1212726474' post='260206'] QUOTE (MechAnt @ Jun 5 2008, 10:57 PM) I hate people that think they know how to use a hookah and in reality don't no jack shit. ZOMG, i know!! so i'm at this hoookah lounge that will remain namless and i'm talking to a couple of people smoking there about what kind of tobacco they serve here; just trying to get a feel for the place because i had never smoke there before and had never tried the brand of tobacco they use. this guy thinks that my questions mean that i'm a n00b, so he tries to look all "smart" in front of this girl and starts to go on about, "yeah, this is called shisha and it has stuff like honey or mollasses to make it wet and blah, blah.." like i didn't know what i was talking about. then he started going on about "oh yeah, this tobacco is .05% nicotine, so when you put some tobacco in the bowl, you may not get any nicotine in that particular bow-pack..." "what?!?!!?" "yeah. that's what the .05% means" dumbass. "no, man. that mans that because of the way the tobacco was processed, there is .05% nicotine OVERALL. no matter how much or how little tobacco you have." "oh..." he said. he also said he had been smoking since he was sixteen. (he was about twenty something) just because you smoke the hookah doesn't mean that you know dick about it. i totally shut him up when i started bombarding him with questions abut what kind of hookahs were in the lounge, or wheather the tobacco we were smoking was washed or unwashed. you know, just simple basic stuff. he had nothing to say at all. he just shut up and smoked his hookah. pwning the n00bs [/quote] Noob question, since I'm new to hookah and the forum, but what's the difference between washed and unwashed shisha? I don't wanna be "That guy"
  9. Looks to me like this is starting to become a flame war between people who are passionate about smoking in their car, and people who have tragic stories about car accidents. If I'm not mistaken, more people die on the road than are killed in Iraq yearly. Either that means our roads aren't safe in the slightest, or our soldiers aren't doing their job. But that's another conversation entirely. In my opinion, it's the distractions so much as poor driving ability. I'm not implying that you're poor drivers. In Germany, they don't seem to have the same road problems we do. I seriously doubt that's because a dearth of people choose to enjoy hookah in the car here. What I'm getting at here is that it makes a minimal difference when you look at the statistics of it all. As far as the thread goes, people who smoke in their car aren't going to stop, and the people who don't will still think it's wrong. Neither side is going to sway. I think it'd be the best course of action to just agree to disagree here. Let's keep it civil. No "Fuck you's" or anything of that nature. That's when a conversation becomes an argument. Agreed?
  10. EireBrode

    Indentify A Few Hookahs

    Nice, thanks for your help. It's much appreciated.
  11. EireBrode

    Indentify A Few Hookahs

    Was I right about the other two though?
  12. Hey, wanted to pick your brain for a minute. These are a friend of mine's hookahs, and I've smoked out of them all, but I never thought to ask what they were. We've somewhat fallen out of contact since then. So, I wanted to know if you guys could help me identify them. The one on the right has the stem from a Mya Threepio acrylic, I'm nearly positive, and I think the one on the far left is a Mya Vortex. No idea about the center one. What do you guys think?
  13. Those are a fucking trip. And don't worry, I know what it's like for people to give you shit for your nose, lol.
  14. [quote name='acolorado' date='20 January 2010 - 01:01 AM' timestamp='1263978106' post='446552'] I thought I would post some tips that I've discovered after a over a year of smoking. Please feel free to continue the thread with more info and opinion. Pipes: After smoking from the following pipes - generic egyptians, several Khalil Mamoons (Hafa, Pharonie, and a tri-metal), one Mya, a pumpkin, and one old nondescript Syrian, I find that overall the Khalil Mamoon are my preferred pipes. The wide stems provide for a better draw than the others I've tried. The ones I've used are all of solid construction. The bases are all solid and had a very wide mouth. The Mya seemed like it was very well made, but I didn't get the same draw off it. The generic egyptians had a much worse draw and many had bases with a small mouth, making it difficult to add ice to the base unless it was crushed. I think the Syrian was an antique so I can't really do a good comparison with it. In general if you're planning to invest in a pipe I would hands down recommend getting a KM. All the pipes I smoked from I believe were over 30" except for the pumpkin. The smoke from the pumpkin was "off" from my usual experience. I've read others who have recommended always going with a pipe over 30" and this experience seems to back that up. Always make sure to clean your pipes when you first get them - lots gunk can be left over inside from manufacturing. Also make sure to clean them inside and out after every use. I find that using a gun cleaning rod to push wadded up paper towel through the stem helps alot. Coals: I tried natural coals and found that they were way too much work for me - hard to keep lit and hard to get the right size chunks, so I have used quick lites. Personally I don't find the quick lites affect the taste, but some people report getting headaches from them - so I would say try both out. The big tip for using quick lites is make sure to get 40mm and cut them in half. Just score the top with a serrated knife and bend them toward you - they should break cleanly in half. Position each half opposite each other on your bowl, and after they ash up knock the ash off and go a bit more. When those are done place two more halves on the two sides of the bowl not covered the first time around. This seems to work the best for heat management regardless of the brand of tobacco used. One thing to keep in mind using this method is if you smoke unwashed tobacco mix it with some washed to cut out the "roughness". For example if using Tangiers mix it with a washed brand like Romman. Foil: Make sure to use heavy duty foil. It holds it's shape better than the thin stuff and won't droop into the bowl. Base: Never ever ever put anything but water into your base. I've tried orange juice and lemon juice and even with extensive washing and scrubbing both times I got mold inside. Just not worth the hassle. Hoses: I've tried several of the hoses that came with the hookahs and also Namoor hoses. The only way to go I think is with the Namoor. It is washable so you don't get that build up of taste that happens with leather hoses. They are also very wide so it doesn't affect the pull, which many narrow hoses do. They are sturdy, and the only problems I've had is with the wrap coming loose from the handles, which is an aesthetic problem but hasn't affected how they function. Diffusers: The Heba diffuser is a must have. This cuts down the vibration from smoking on several of my pipes in a big way - and personally I think it really affects the smoothness of the smoke although this might be subjective. The mere fact that it stops the pipe from rattling around when it's smoked is reason enough to get one in my book. Bowls: I've used both the standard bowls with several holes in the bottom and also several phunnels. I prefer the phunnel bowls. These prevent the shisha from dripping down the stem, which is a pain to clean, and also they seem to make it easier to manage the heat. I also tried the Scali mod but found it to be unnecessary as long as I use heavy duty foil. Tobacco: I've tried quite a few brands - Starbuzz, Romman, Al Fahker, Layalina, Tangiers, Nahkla, and Al Amir. For overall quality I usually go with Starbuzz, Romman, Al Fahker, and Layalina. Tangiers is great for unwashed but pretty harsh if not mixed with washed. Certain brands have certain flavors I like more than others, for example I prefer Layalina rose to Starbuzz, and Starbuzz guava to Layalina. This might be a matter of taste and all I can recommend is to try different brands out. One huge thing I've found is that no matter what type of container the shisha comes in, reseal it in tupperware. Several use containers which look like they should be airtight but over time the tobacco mix seperates if not resealed in tupperware and this can affect the flavor even when it's remixed. Make sure to store your hookah someplace away from dust. It's a huge pain to clean that ick off if you haven't used a certain pipe for awhile. And last but not least, if you spend an entire vacation week smoking all day every day - you WILL suffer greatly, so try to smoke in moderation. I know alot of this is common knowledge, but hopefully some of it can help a newcomer. [/quote] Doesn't a diffuser remove any nicotine buzz you might get though? Yeah, I know, that's not what hookah's for, but it's still always a plus And what's the story with this Starbuzz shisha? I've been seeing stuff about it EVERYWHERE.
  15. [quote name='SaraDunn' date='17 January 2007 - 07:20 PM' timestamp='1169090447' post='97299'] QUOTE (web250 @ Jan 16 2007, 09:00 PM) QUOTE (SaraDunn @ Jan 16 2007, 06:05 PM) So, I'm planning on cracking the window open and covering the smoke detector. Don't do that. Many detectors know when they've been covered, and will go off. Nah, I had a maggot infestation in my room earlier this year. I had to cover the detector when I was bombing it and it was fine. [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img] My school is very nice in some respects, but it doesn't really give a shit about building conditions. [/quote] Jesus, were there corpses in the walls or something? Sorry about the double post, btw.