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  1. Florida Smokers Fl

    Anyone near Lake City/Jennings? I'm near Jennings like all the time, and looking for a hookah lounge or some cool people to smoke with..
  2. Georgia Smokers Ga

    Valdosta... We need something down here definitely.
  3. I Just Joined The Army...

    I'm active duty Air Force, and pretty much all that I can think of has been said. Run, run some more, and run even more. I hate running so that was my hardest problem, I went into basic running 14min 1.5 mile, came out running a 9:15(or so) 1.5 mile.. Now I'm back to like.. 12 min 1.5 mile lol. But, don't make eye contact, dont get caught doing anything stupid, dont do stupid things, listen, keep a low profile, TRY to keep your DS from remembering you name although (if army is like air force basic) your DS will know it by like the 3rd week.. Keep your "area" in order, and perfect and NEVER volunteer for anything in basic... But yes recruiters lie, and NCOs (before you go to basic) will be cool and nice and then order you around after basic.. well at least thats how it is here although I am active duty so I don't know how it is for reservists. But good luck, and yes basic is easy, but at the same time, its sucks in parts of it...
  4. I'd HIGHLY suggest allowing people to use their debit/credit cards. I NEVER carry cash, yes that sucks at some places but I hate carrying cash.. And I think craigslist may be your friend, but you may want to invest more than just 200 in furniture. As that will get you maybe 2 or 3 couchs, what about a small table with 4 chairs or even 2, because that would be an extra 8 people right there.. What happens if a light goes out, have to replace it, personally when I open my lounge, I will be getting hardwood floors so if your place doesn't have hardwood yet I'd get it, although thats just my preference (I want to as what happens if a coal drops and starts a fire.) Plus I'd suggest getting enough money to last you minimum of 6 months if not a year in advance because you will be losing money at first and just be starting to begin your business and just as a backup. Reason why I say this, is your alloted money to your shisha/coals. It will cost more than just 600 for shisha and coals for 1 year. Me and my friends alone use about 100 coals in about a month. And yes I realize 600 is a lot of shisha, BUT you have a variety and you will be selling out of some but not others and need to restock that popular flavor.. And yes 100 of coals is roughly 1500-2000 coals, (I dont know the wholesale values yet so I may be wrong) But you could use those really quick.. Probably in 6 months with owning a lounge...
  5. Haiti

    I am actually preparing to go to Haiti on Thursday. I am in the Air Force and primarily my job is a HH-60 Crew Chief. Our main mission is combat search and rescue, BUT we do respond to national disasters as well. And we will be sending some people(me included) down to Haiti shortly. I am sorry for them, although its going to be a rough TDY location to be at. Hopefully we can help, aid, and save as many as possible.