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  1. [color="#000080"]Hi, I'm from Israel, seems like nice forum - many subjects and topics about hookah (Nargila) very nice... I'm 20 years old, I have 4 hookahs - 2 "Ager", 1 [/color][color="#000080"]Egyptian and the new one - Syrian[/color]
  2. crunch

    Israeli Hookahs?

    hi, here there are many "ager" hookahs - chinese ones, also, we have Egyptians and [color="#000000"]Syrian. it's very popular here, so you can find them in many places, but in special shops of Nargila you can find high quality and better choice. in [/color]
  3. crunch

    Israel Smokers

    [b]hi ! I'm new here what about Tel aviv?[/b]