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  1. Wisconsin Wi Smokers

    Westby here, also near La Crosse
  2. Abookah Hookah

    Last week my wife and I were visiting some relatives in the springs and decided we wanted to check out a Hookah Lounge. There are none where we live, and as a fairly new hookah smoker I had never been to a lounge before. We chanced upon Abookah Hookah when I took a wrong turn the day before and decided to head back and check it out. The atmosphere was great! While it wasn't greatly decorated, and looked a bit un-refined (it's a fairly new business I believe) the relaxing way the owner took care of us more than made up for any drawbacks in the building itself. We talked to him for a little while and he was genuinely friendly while we checked the place out and looked over his menu. He has a pretty big selection of tobacco, and even has his own personal mixes. As it was our first time there he gave us a pretty good deal, and a few minutes later we were sitting back on a nice comfortable couch smoking away. He even brought us some tea on the house. We had planned on going back again before our trip was through but never found the time. Located at 4541 Austin Bluffs in Colorado Springs 719-597-0467 Check it out, prices are great!