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  1. I would have to say MYA Bowls are pretty good, as well as Phunnel I use both, if I don't plan on smoking for more then an hour I use a MYA Bowl, if I play on over an hour (or with more than two people) then I use a Phunnel Both bowls are great bowls and I use them a lot. Hope that helps!? Cheers!
  2. QUOTE (sss8789 @ Dec 5 2007, 07:39 PM) AF CAPPUCCINO will stay in your hose forever...I had to get a new hose because of that flavor. Ohh yes, I agree, it is a very strong flavor in the hose and in the air. I actually have a hose that I use strictly for coffee flavors, so luckily it didn't taint my hose too bad. You definitely want to smoke this flavor with a washable hose, or a hose that is strictly for coffee flavors.
  3. sambookamax

    Florida Smokers Fl

    Freak - Ville! ... aka Jacksonville
  4. sambookamax

    New Hookah Km

    I have two KMs and really like them a lot, I would buy them again in a heartbeat! Great choice!
  5. sambookamax

    New Order

    Ohhhhhh AF Grape! MMmmmmmm YUMMY! Great choice! That has to be my absolutely favorite tobacco right now ... enjoy it!
  6. sambookamax


    Well, to keep it simple, and to have something really tasty! I would recommend trying 3 parts AF Grape and 1 part SB - X on the Beach ... makes for a really yummy exotic berry flavor. (If you haven't tried those two together, in those part ratios, give em' a try, you'll see what I mean) Those two work together well too, and aren't easily burned, so would keep its flavor throughout the session, especially at a hookah bar. Hope that helps, great idea on the snozberry! I've been making the mix for a few weeks now, and I think I am going to call it snozberry too! Cheers!
  7. sambookamax

    Hookah And Drinks

    If I am not drinking alcoholic drinks, I will usually just have a glass of ice water ... sometimes I chew on the ice and then hit the hookah, gives a secondary cooling effect on the smoke ... lol
  8. sambookamax

    A Good Peach

    Starbuzz Peach was my favorite peach I have tried so far ... made me want to "chew" the smoke it tasted that much like real peach!
  9. sambookamax

    Suggestions For Non-fruity Shisha

    As soon as I saw this thread, my first thought was Hookah-Hookah Hazelnut, everybody that has tried that at my house LOVES it! Great stuff, tasty and non fruity ... Two in a row recommendations on HH Hazelnut! Other ones worth mentioning ... Starbuzz - Irish Cream Al Waha - Afternine
  10. WOW! That is a really cool table! "V for Vendetta!" Very creative and bonus points for the coolness factor ...
  11. 999,998 ... 999,999 ... 1,000,000! Ok, ready to respond ... Yes, I am still a member here ... I have done nothing wrong, my posts are available for the public eye to read here at Hookah Forum and on Hookah Pro. I have always been an active member of the Hookah Community. I enjoy hookah and wanted to share that passion with other people, shame on me for starting another forum to try to give friends, family, experienced hookah smokers and new hookah smokers a chance to experience an alternative forum, in an attempt to add more sources for people passionate about hookah to venture to for unbiased advice, tips, techniques, reviews, etc ... And about vendors on our forum, they freely sponsored a contest, to give back to the community and build excitement within the community. Hookah Pro does not have any ties to any vendors. The contests created are for fun, free advertising for sponsoring vendors, to create awareness within our community, and to reward the most active members with a cool prize! We appreciate the great group of members we have, I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of people to chat, post, and converse with! And to refer to members of Hookah Pro as "rejects"? Wow, that is pretty mean, especially since a lot of them visit both forums, to take full advantage of the multitude of information they receive at both locations. We haven't had any problems from any of the members deemed to be "rejects", I am glad to have them. They are very knowledgeable and a lot of fun! I have nothing to hide, my posts are freely available to be read at both forums ... you can judge me for yourself ... This post is not targeted at anyone, I am merely posting to defend the so-called "rejects" and to respond to the false accusations of Hookah Pro being involved with any vendors.
  12. QUOTE (ioannisds @ Sep 17 2007, 06:50 PM) QUOTE (mushrat @ Sep 17 2007, 03:04 PM) QUOTE (ioannisds @ Sep 17 2007, 05:24 PM) I now officially declare this thread retarded, and would like to thank mushrat for proving me correct. If this thread had never been started, we wouldn't be in this pissing contest we are in now. No thread, no drama. It is really quite simple, unless my logic is flawed in some way. And if Boom and PYH would stay the hell out of here we wouldn't have this problem either, but part of my JOB as a mkoderator is to deal with people like him disrupting the forum.. Somoe in aim pointed out to me the only people who are really upset by this post, for the MOST part, are those of you who are really actuve on HP. hmmm...... Mush, I agree with you in that you are just doing your job, but I'm just saying, if it were me, I would not announce boomhauers every action, just block his IP or whatever, lather, rinse, repeat. I would think anyone with at least one brain cell available for use would get the hint eventually and leave well enough alone. I'm 100% positive however, that when a thread like this pops up, it does nothing but put a smile on the face of whoever it is that is purposefully violating policy in the first place. It just adds fuel to their fire, and I think they are a lot more likely to continue their bullshit than to let off, seeing that it always gets a rise out of everyone when this kinda crap goes down. This is definitely +1 worthy!
  13. I think my post may have accidentally gotten deleted or made invisible? ... I will try to post again though I had posted: Yes, I am going to comment, after I count to 1,000,000 first ... ... so that I can reply with a level head, and not out of anger ... Cheers!
  14. sambookamax

    It's Here!

    I'm Jealous!!! Congrats on the new hookah!!!
  15. sambookamax

    Taj Wind Cover

    QUOTE (markchan @ Aug 15 2007, 03:55 AM) i forgot to mention i have a KM Amer. the top of the bowl to the tray is a fair drop Yes, a tough hookah to fit a windcover to, I would make sure before purchasing. I have a Rocket windcover and it is way to short for my KM Amer. I had to mod it with a 3 inch ring of aluminum to help it fit the hookah. The "large" Taj may fit it though!? (Meaning the KM Amer) The Taj should definitely fit the Small Phunnel. But you may want to ask to be sure. Hope that helps ... Cheers!