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  1. Skoozle

    Shisha from pipe tobacco?

    I guess I can't post a link... Check out Dominik's Honeymolasses post in the How-To-Workshop section.
  2. Skoozle

    Shisha from pipe tobacco?

    I haven't tried making hookah tobaccos. I leave it to the professionals. There are some brands that make pipe flavors that you may want to try. If nothing else they would set the bar for you. This guy seems to have had better results than what you are describing.
  3. I don't know first hand about what's going on at Nakhla, but I do know there's very few choices at online and local stores. Luckily for you, left over Cardamom stocks probably won't sell out for years.
  4. I'm interested in your thoughts on the Serbetli. It seems to be much more widely available lately but I haven't picked any up. I'm really bummed out about the lack of Nakhla. A guy at a store here said all the prices got jacked up after they got bought out by that Japanese company. Looks like most people are just selling what they have in stock.
  5. Bring him in for some hookah so he knows the joy he was keeping from you. What did you order?
  6. Skoozle

    New come new rig

    How do you like that flavor? What does it taste like?
  7. Skoozle


    Welcome! Hookah is quite different from other forms of tobacco consumption because you don't burn the leaf (hopefully). It also isn't good for satisfying a nicotine craving because it takes quite a bit longer to get going than a cigarette. When your hookah shows up, we'll be happy to help you get started.
  8. Improve two lives with one buzz?
  9. Premo Status probably just expired. Are there any Mods here? Mush hasn't been on since New Year's Eve. Good news! I just helped my Aunt order her first hookah. I'm excited to have another hookah owner in the family.
  10. Skoozle

    Go To Vendors

    I can't say that I go to them as I try to shop locally as much as possible, but I know there are some I forgot about and some new ones. Ultimate Hookah 5 Star Hookah Hookah Heros Hookah Junkie And believe it or not, Hookah Set still has their website up. :D Try to let go of the grudge with John, man. The forums are dead enough without animosity.
  11. Skoozle

    Newbie here but old with hookah and hose

    Make sure you don't have any air leaks in your hookah.if you've been using tha same hookah for a while, it's easy to become complacent about maintenance. Check over your base, hose and bowl Gaskets and see if they need to be replaced. Also make sure your purge valve and hose aren't leaking. Anywhere that air leaks in between your bowl and your mouth will dilute the flavor. The other thing to do is find hookah tobaccos that have strong flavors. Double apples, kashmirs, mints and paan flavors come to mind. Fruit flavors tend to be more mild than spiced flavors. Have a drink every once in a while to clean off your taste buds. I stick to water, but you may prefer something that complements the hookah flavor. Of course having the right amount of tobacco in the bowl is important. Too little or too much will diminish the flavor.
  12. Stuie, that's rough news about your wife. My youngest one just turned one so the hookah ban in my house has been lifted. Life should get a little easier from here on out and hopefully free up some hookah time. I'm looking forward to getting back into it more than the once in a blue moon thing it's been the past year or three. I'm sad to see that this place is a ghost town compared to what it used to be. I think the peak of the "fad" has passed. Even the online stores seem to have limited selection; or maybe all the stuff I liked has been discontinued. Let's get this party cranked up again.
  13. Skoozle

    Need glazing advice

    I'm more ignorant about wood and wood coatings than you, but my guess would be that it would take a substantial amount of heat to cure the type of coating you are looking for; which probably wouldn't be good for the wood. Probably why you don't see wooden pots and pans. Have you considered making hookah stems instead? You could focus more on the artistic side of it than the materials properties requirements. I hope you find some relief from your pain. Best of luck to you, Buddy.
  14. ​There are quite a few options for hookahs. You might want to try something different. But I also understand settling on what you really like and not wanting to spent a lot of time and money trying everything. I usually see these hookahs in the local tobacco shops. Have you looked locally?
  15. ​This and a stripper pole sounds good to me. Let me know when and where you open up and I'll come by. As far as tobacco, I honestly don't care how much AF and SB you offer as long as you have some good choices too. I hope you can get this going. there's tons of competition around NoVA but very few quality places.
  16. Skoozle

    Say Hello To My Son...

    Congratulations, Chris. 9lbs 3oz is a nice healthy boy.   You're probably looking at 6-8 weeks before things start to smooth out at night, but where will always be ups and downs.   Lisa and I just had our 2nd daughter in October, which is a big part of why I haven't been around here lately.   Life changing is an understatement isn't it?
  17. If that tonic song was a Nak song, I would play it new years eve but I don't want to be a hypocrite. I will be playing this song though... after the ladies crash out.
  18. Skoozle

    Need Another Bowl

    There are a lot of fine bowls on the market. Don't limit yourself to just one. Try others with good reviews and see what you like.
  19. Skoozle

    Life Insurance?

    Cut up a bunch of eggplant and toss it in your trashcan before you smoke. Plausible denial ability.
  20. Starbuzz pineapple. It gets a lot of hype but it's mediocre at best. Actually, I tried hookah in a black pineapple too and time wasn't fantastic. My Nak cardamom tasted like sand. I chalk that up to being a really old sample. Tasted like a big mouth full of beach.
  21. Mize Lemon. Beach front. Blue moon.
  22. Funny how the taxes are. Obviously anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together will order from out of state. Not good for local business; which is something I would expect TX to be sensitive to. Stock up before the other 49 follow suit.
  23. Skoozle

    Interesting New Afzal Flavors

    Tobacco Zone in Woodbridge.   I think they just had 50g packs of that one flavor, so maybe they are seeing how it sells.
  24. Skoozle

    Interesting New Afzal Flavors

    I picked up 50g of pan masala supreame locally.  It's pretty good if you don't mine the smell/flavor of paan.  It weas a huge hit with all of my Bengali in-laws who chew paan after a meal anyway.   I feel the same way about it as I did when I had Double Apple early on. At first, I didn't really care for it.   Didn't hate it but it wasn't that great.  Then later at random points in the day, I would find myself slightly craving it.  Now I look forward to smoking it again, but it won't be my go to flavor.