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  1. Skoozle

    Hello all

    Yeah, pretty slow here. I'm trying to be more active. How is your hookah experience so far? What have you been smoking?
  2. Skoozle

    Hookah too sweet

    I saw your other post about traditional tobacco, so I'll kind of respond to both posts here. Nakhla Zaghloul is going to be an unflavored traditional hookah tobacco. there is also zaghloul lite which will have less nicotine. Nakhla Double Apple is oddly enough not apple flavored. It taste like anise or black licorice. This will also be a very traditional flavor as I believe this was the first flavored hookah tobacco introduced. If you want to avoid all fruit flavors, you could consider mint, cinnamon, coffee or chocolate flavors. Afzal has several Paan flavors as well. There are so many flavors for hookah it's impossible to try them all and everyone has different tastes which makes recommendations difficult. What would be your ideal flavor if you had a magic wand?
  3. Looks like I still have some work to do on my notifications.
  4. Thanks for all of your hard work exploring options to source ingredients. I hope Italy will provide you with some good quality leaves. Let us know how it turns out.
  5. Skoozle


    If you haven't already gone to Jamaica, you shouldn't have any problem putting un-opened charcoal in your checked bag. Be careful with quicklights since the TSA scans for explosive/combustible material, but if the roll is sealed and you don't get any dust in your luggage from your opened charcoal it shouldn't be a problem. Enjoy the warm weather, (I assume you're not going to Jamaica, NY in Queens).
  6. AF Melon and AF Mango were surprisingly good. When in doubt, Fumari Ambrosia. That's a nice blog post and well written. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Looking forward to the next blog.
  7. In the hose port or the purge valve? If so, I would try to poke it out with a piece of wire or something like that? I'm not sure if we can post pictures here now but a picture of your problem would make helping a lot easier. Let us know if you got it fixed.
  8. Skoozle

    Hello everyone

    newman, A few people have tried but I have only seen a few reports of mild success. Check out the threads by Dominik in "The How-To Workshop" Good luck in the kitchen and let us know how it turns out! Check back in often and join in on any conversations that might be happening. Hopefully we can get the activity increased around here.
  9. Azew, Sorry you didn't get any replies. This forum is not as active as it once was. I hope your trip to the hookah place was enjoyable. Check back in often and join in on any conversations that might be happening. Hopefully we can get the activity increased around here.
  10. Dave! Welcome back! Congratulations on having kids. My wife and I have been having hookah and movie nights almost every Friday. She kind of learned to blow smoke rings so she's really into it now. I've been really out of the loop these last few years and a bunch of new brands popped up. Lately I've been smoking AF, Nak and Fumari because that what I can buy locally. I'm going to try work on checking in more often as well. Maybe we can bring it back. I bet we can get Stuie roped in again too. I'm going to adjust my notifications so I will be reminded to check in.
  11. Paste the following in the search box: "So I Bought A Smokerlyzer" Lots to read and a bit of idle conversation but I think there is some valuable information for you in that thread. Good luck. Take care of those babies.
  12. 8 to 10 times a day? When does she sleep or shower? I am also a father and I smoke hookah in the house when my kids are home. The kids have usually gone to bed upstairs and I smoke 2 floors down in the basement. I keep the bathroom exhaust fan running the whole time and usually until the next morning. Carbon Monoxide would be my primary concern. I have set off the CO detector a couple of times in about 10 years. It hasn't happened recently. The CO levels in your blood become elevated when you smoke hookah or otherwise breath in CO. The hookah coals produce CO which is present in the hookah smoke as well as in the environment where the coals are burning. You wouldn't cook with a charcoal grill in your house, would you? Of course that's not a fair comparison, but I'm sure you get the point. When we have a party, my kids as well as other kids are welcome in the basement while we have a hookah going. Neither I nor other parents are concerned about second hand smoke due to the different way hookah tobaccos are smoked compared to cigarettes, cigars and pipes. With that being said, if you have concerns about second hand smoke, don't let me change your mind. I'm no expert or medical professional. I don't know you and you don't know me and I don't know the whole story about what's going on in your house, but based on your post, here are my thoughts. If I thought I was doing anything to harm my children, I would stop. Your wife should either smoke outside, chew tobacco or get on the patch. What she wants to do is less important that the well being of your children. When I start a hookah, I'm going to smoke for at least an hour and a half. Sometimes I go 6 hours. Applying that to your wife's 8-10 times a day, that's 12-60 hours a day. I understand that that math doesn't make sense. With that frequency, I'm guessing that each time she smokes is much shorter than the amount of time that I smoke. Even if you are counting each round of coals as a "time", that's probably, conservatively 4-6 hours a day. I usually smoke once a week, sometimes twice. When I do smoke for 6 hours, I will notice that my heart rate increases significantly when I go up stairs. The CO is preventing my blood from carrying enough oxygen to support even very mild activity. A headache is not uncommon when I smoke that much. I wonder how much time she has left to be a mother or a wife after all of the smoking? If that's literally all she does, maybe hookah isn't the biggest problem in your house. The bottom line is that your children are having headaches which is the body's way of signaling trouble. Kind of like the "check engine light" for people. There can be many causes but it needs to be addressed. Smoking hookah in the house would be the obvious place to start solving the headache problem.
  13. There are a lot of new brands hitting the market. Reminds me of when everybody and their brother were releasing starbuzz copies; just rebranding tobacco from Jordan. Lots of new stuff to try, but I never have had time to try a bunch of stuff. I liked it better when I knew what I liked and just kept that around. Looks like everyone is trying to copy Tangiers now. I guess it's time to venture out and repopulate my go to list.
  14. I had some Nakhla peach the other day. Not as good as Mizo Peach. I really miss the Nakhla of a couple of years ago. Ice Apple mixed with cinnamon was great. Mizo Blueberry and Mizo Lychee are tough to let go of as well. Maybe they will have a come back.