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  1. Two kids! That's fantastic. I'm glad the CBD got you evened out. What happened with vaping? It just got boring? We have 3 kids now, the youngest turns 2 in April. I'm getting back into hookah after a couple of years of just taking it to the occasional party. My wife and I have a hookah and movie night every Friday night. We smoke on the occasional Saturday night and sometimes I will have it once during the week. A bunch of new tobacco brands and some different lines from established brands came out while I wasn't paying attention. Looking forward to trying some of those. Still mourning the passage of Nakhla Mizo. I bought a new base Friday night because I cracked the one I had switching from hot water to cold too fast. Really cool of you to drop by even though you don't smoke hookah anymore.
  2. Chreees! How's life? Are you still vaping or just breathing air now? Edit:Never mind. Just saw your other post.
  3. Welcome. Happy to help with English or hookah.
  4. Are you looking for a single hose hookah or multi hose? For single hose, Khalil Mamoon Shamadan For multi hose, a Mya Saray that you like and suits your needs. Stay away from the Mya econo hookahs. You will want to upgrade the hoses and bowl if you go with the Mya, and upgrade at least the hose with the KM maybe the bowl too, but not necessary.
  5. At a lounge, it would be great to have hookah tastings. Like you could showcase a brand and have hookahs set up for anyone to sample. That way, people could sample lots of flavors without spending the money for a full 250g just to try. Many brands don't offer sample sizes or don't offer them locally so a customer has to buy a lot at a time to justify shipping. You may even be able to get brands to sponsor tastings of their brand. An alternative to this would be a flavor showdown. Like have double apple from as many different brands as possible one night to see whose is the best.
  6. Check the how-to-workshop section. Dominik has posted a couple of recipes that may he helpful to you.
  7. I got some Fumari French Vanilla despite the reviews. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but hopefully soon.
  8. I tried Al Fakher Vanilla. It smelled really good in the package but smoking it was like being 3rd in line to lick the Birthday Cake Candles. I watched reviews for Fumari French Vanilla, Trifecta Vanilla and Nakhla Vanilla but didn't get the impression that the flavors were strong. Reviewers are typically as nice as possible and reading between the lines of comments like delicate flavors and good for taking a break from stronger flavors and not too overwhelming tells me those are weak flavors. Starbuzz Gee Spot sounds Interesting although it isn't just Vanilla. I'm looking for the best candidates to order since the local offerings aren't too adventurous. I replied to your concentrates thread but my response is hidden.
  9. What flavor concentrates do you use. Like how can I find it to buy it? Being in the US, it isn't worth it to start from scratch but I might get some to boost the flavor of a weak Vanilla hookah tobacco. I can try like that and let you know what I think.
  10. That's pretty bad. I think you have more going on than your downstem stuck in your base. It looks like not only has your downstem broken, but it looks like part of your hub is broken off in the opening of your vase. You either have a major restoration project on your hands or an opportunity to shop for a new hookah. As for the downstem, like I said before, I would try to use a strong piece of wire (like from a coat hanger) with a hook bent into the end to maneuver the stem out of the base. If you have some of the hub broken off in the base, you should remove that first to make it easier to remove the downstem. However if your hub is broken, you will need a new stem entirely unless you want to go through a lot of trouble to make what you have work. Your downstem should screw into your hub ( where your red circle is) but I think the threaded portion is still in the hub and the tube is broken off of the connector. I bought a used hookah that arrived like that before and I couldn't remove the threaded piece. I ended up having to buy a full stem from MYA. If you can get all of the hookah stem parts out of the base you can use your base with a new stem. Let me know if I am wrong about all of that stuff being broken. Good luck! Let me know how it turns out.
  11. There's a lot going on here. A lot to consider. Getting straight to the answer you are looking for, I would explain that "The coals are merely the heat source necessary for enjoying the actual consumable product; the tobacco. Your tobacco has been completely consumed and as such, it is against company policy to continue to provide coals to heat a tobacco product that is no longer viable". Digging deeper into this: claiming that this is company policy is likely untrue, unless you make the company policy. If this were already company policy, you wouldn't be looking for advice. You could get yourself into trouble by enforcing company policies that don't exist. I would discuss this issue directly with your manager or boss to try to work out a solution that they are comfortable with. I wouldn't argue that smoking a dead bowl is unhealthy because that's the customer's choice. They already paid good money to do something unhealthy. I wouldn't argue that it harms the equipment because that sounds as untrue as the company policy we made up earlier and much easier to dispute. Unless you can tell me how smoking a dead bowl actually harms the equipment. Now, 3 hours doesn't seem like a big deal to me. I routinely go 4-6 on a large Egyptian bowl myself. I will get to the point where the flavor is gone for the most part but still producing smooth smoke. I do understand that my bowl at home with me managing heat and mostly smoking alone is going to out last a bowl at a lounge with several friends sharing a hookah being heat managed by a (probably) inexperienced hookah lounge patron. Possibly with quick lights. With all that being said, a bowl that is still producing smooth smoke but with diminished flavor may still be enjoyable to your customers. It's not fair for you to say that you don't like the way they are enjoying the hookah they paid for so they have to stop or buy another. I can't imagine they are still asking for coals to put on a burning bowl or one that is smoking harshly. I would put a stop to that right away. How is the pricing set up at your lounge? Do you offer bowl refills? I would consider changing the pricing to include a 3 hour hookah rental. That way after 3 hours they are done regardless of the condition of the bowl.
  12. I want a good strong Vanilla flavor but they are notoriously weak. Anyone know of one I should try?
  13. That's great that you found what you were looking for. Pure raw tobacco leaves as in just loose leaf tobacco? Or is that a specific brand? If you want to experiment, you could try adding some glycerin to the tobacco leaves to get a better burn or smoke. There seems to be some good information in the How-To Workshop section for DIY hookah tobacco. If you try anything else, let us know how it goes.
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