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  1. rahl071

    Black Colossus + Extras.

    Kill it Chris. I recently had to move for work, and I was literally busting 14+ hours a day. This thing got destroyed by movers. Sorry for the disappointments guys, it was a legitimate fuckup on my part for not updating. Truthfully, though, much as I love this community, you all weren't really too high on my worry list.
  2. rahl071

    Black Colossus + Extras.

    Sorry guys, I've been in Chicago and Dallas all month. Chicago, it's a model that supports up to 4 hoses, I'm including the hardware for two. And I'm hopefully getting pics of it smoking tonight, as well as it at half mast. You can run it in a variety of configurations. I run a hose, purge valve, and two blanks. For multiple people, you unscrew the purge, and screw in up to 4 hoses, and for every hole that is left you just put a threaded Mya thumbscrew in (also included).
  3. rahl071

    Black Colossus + Extras.

    Troof. I'll get some up tonight or tomorrow.
  4. rahl071

    Black Colossus + Extras.

    Bump, updated price: 150 Shipped. Extra base, you just pay shipping, not 10+ shipping.
  5. Hey guys, I've been kicking around the idea of selling the colossus, and it looks like it'll be happening. So here's the skinny: It does not come with a bowl. First and foremost. What you get: Mya Colossus Stem, both parts Two conical Mya hose ports w/ grommets One conical Mya hose port w/ check valve, no grommet (just move one across if you want) Tray Tray ring Bowl Mount with Grommet (plus a spare or two, depending on how many I have) Cut glass base that come standard, or a thread-on version similar to the bottom of the vortex (both fit the stem) Base grommets if you choose the non-thread-on version cut glass base Two large Nammor hoses in black Mya purge valve, ball-style (not the bell-shaped one) Two mya hose port thumbscrew plugs Extra stem threading pieces should one of yours break (not unheard of with this model). Case that holds all of this What this amounts to is a really nice 40" cloisonne stem hookah, and complete setup MINUS THE BOWL for two people. All of this can be yours for 175 plus shipping. If you want both bases, add ten dollars plus shipping on that as well. Might be good to have a spare. Things of note: this pipe is in mint condition from when I got it. The only noticible defect is a slight lean that comes with the manufacture of these. It's only noticable because I'm a crazy person. If you're interested, let me know. I'll post pics if necessary, but it's the same pipe that retails for 250+ on H-S. Hit me up. I have Moneyfriend Billpal or whatever they call MF these days. Lastly, a heads-up: if response on this is good, seasoned veterans may get first call, depending on who is in my inbox. I may not sell to someone on the forum less than a week over a person who messages me two hours later and has a history here. It's how I do business, peeps.
  6. rahl071

    It Cost What To Fill My Truck?

    [quote name='gramps' timestamp='1329776426' post='539726'] The thing that worries me about hydrogen used as a fuel is that the exhaust is basically water vapor, a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. If we can live with that, then we may be able to run off methane. It's cheaper right now than it's been in decades, and we have plenty of it. Electric would be the best, but you still have to make the electricity from coal, hydro, nuclear, or something. [/quote] See the thing is, it's made of water that has been split. You run a current through water, with some sort of electrolyte in it to speed up the process. The H2O makes H2 and O2. You burn it, it makes H2O. So, you have water vapor, which then forms droplets, and the precipitates. You know, rain. If water vapor is a greenhouse gas, then you better figure a way to cover the oceans. Because millions and millions of gallons are in state-changing flux every second of every day.
  7. rahl071

    What Do I Need?

    All of the above. I have a slightly different taste in pipes, and my Mya Mozza has served me dutifully. It's a great pipe, plenty tall, 2-hose, well built, and extremely easy to clean. It can be broken down completely. Only downside, the tray is too small so you would want to get a bigger one. As far as bowls, Tangiers' smalls are excellent, but so are crown glass bowls. I prefer the crown because it's more simplistic looking, and I have a thing for clear parts. I can't speak for the guys that have had trouble with their Nammor hoses, but I have four and none of them leak. I also have one of mahir's hoses, and it's great as well, again, not leaking. As far as parts go, a new bowl and new hoses will make a huge difference, and if you like the actual pipe, great. But, if it's not what you want or you feel it's lacking, get another. No sense upgrading a pipe you're not a fan of to begin with. Here's the stuff I referenced: [url="http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-5964-mya-saray-hookah-mozza.html"]http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-5964-mya-saray-hookah-mozza.html[/url] [url="http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-3913-hookah-trays.html"]http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-3913-hookah-trays.html[/url] [url="http://crownhookahs.com/shop/article_891001/Crown-Micro-Glass-Funnel-Bowl-v2.0.html?sessid=UfWClIM936VKPQDgB8d7QhnZV9GRS7DSaOm2OsMMx8r3XoaK272ciXuLGRrhko6U&shop_param=cid%3D1%26aid%3D891001%26"]http://crownhookahs.com/shop/article_891001/Crown-Micro-Glass-Funnel-Bowl-v2.0.html?sessid=UfWClIM936VKPQDgB8d7QhnZV9GRS7DSaOm2OsMMx8r3XoaK272ciXuLGRrhko6U&shop_param=cid%3D1%26aid%3D891001%26[/url] The natural coals I agree with, so no sense in adding more.
  8. rahl071


    Got my mouthpiece, packed well enough to survive 1940's Berlin. Thanks again Chreees
  9. rahl071


    I love H-S. I live in the same state, so all shipping is essentially overnight. They've been willing to work with my; my colossus' threaded sections broke (where the stem sections join together), so I asked if I could buy a few. They said, no, that was their fault for not inspecting, so they sent me four mated pairs as spares for free (both male AND female, even though male is all that broke), with no shipping charges. They've been a good vendor, and they honor our forum codes. I see no reason to order anywhere else now that they've started carrying tangiers bowls, except for crownhookah.
  10. Second hose tip after scott. If he doesn't PM back, I want it.
  11. How does the mouthpiece work? and will it make a seal with facial hair...
  12. I'm with iain. Seasoned combat veterans and revolutionist hookahs trump your grandpa.
  13. rahl071

    Wtb Wtt For Some Rare Brands

    Bayer? like, Bayer MaterialScience?
  14. Check your chat. If it says something like, "TC Bitches" or "Get in here", game on.
  15. rahl071


    Is that a halzone or an OG Tri? not doubting you but I didn't think the halzone had the / markings in the coMFer section.