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  1. I'm Lebanese, it's in my blood. Took my first puff(s) in Lebanon when I was 7 or 8 (my uncles weren't the best of role models). Found an old Syrian in a relative's garage when I was about 13, been smoking regularly ever since.
  2. A7mad

    Quotes To Live By....

    Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. -Confucius This is my favourite quote.
  3. A7mad

    Customs Caught Me

    That sucks. I had my box (6kg) opened and checked yet it still got through. I think it depends on the customs officer or how busy they are. Could even be a city/state issue. Maybe shisha importers are more frequent in your city/state so customs is a lot more vigilant and a lot less lenient toward it. Anyways, to answer your questions. 1. Not anymore. We used to only get taxed on the tobacco content, but they changed the law and now we are taxed on the net weight. I don't know how long you've been smoking for, but about 2 years ago 250g was $15. Now you'd be lucky to find 50g for that price. 2. As far as I know nothing can be done to HC as long as they didn't break any laws. From what I understand, customs now considers YOU as the IMPORTER so it is YOUR responsibility. They might flag HC packages as suspicious or something, but I don't think they can actually charge them for anything. 3. If you want to send it back to HC, yes you do have to pay for the postage. You do have the option to have it destroyed (resold? ) by customs which I believe is free, but I'm not 100% sure. Customs should send you a letter with all of your options, or at least a number to call to find out your options. 4. Ask HC. Check their website or email them. 5. Well I wouldn't order any more shisha under your name/address any time soon If I were you. Use a friend's details (with their permission of course) if you do decide to make another order. I'd try and find out what HC's refund policy is and work out whether or not it's worth the effort to try again.
  4. Your item cleared customs in AUSTRALIA at 12:15 PM on March 9, 2010. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later. WOOOOHOOOOO. Should arrive at my door step tomorrow morning. . Thanks for all the support, appreciate it. Hopefully I'll have my first Tangiers smoke in about 2 days (acclimation etc.) and I'll let you know how it goes. I'm not expecting anything huge on my first smoke as I want to leave plenty of room for error, but hopefully it all goes well. So yea, thanks again and I'm glad I finally get a chance to jump on the Tangiers bandwagon. .
  5. [quote] So that will last you a week right? [/quote] 1KG of Nak DA is for a friend. So I'd say about 5 days. My order should arrive in customs sometime today. Can't wait. It's a public holiday though, so I probably won't find out anything 'till tomorrow. Aww well. I'll keep you guys posted.
  6. With a screen, the first set of coals you put on, the bottom will always go black as the metal is still cold. Try heating up the screen a bit before you let the coal touch the metal. I usually hold the screen over my coals then put it on, but I can tolerate heat well so it's probably safer to hold a coal over the screen. It doesn't have to be burning hot, just warm enough so it doesn't need to absorb too much of the coal's heat when they touch.
  7. A7mad

    "Nub" Moves...

    Prepped everything, lit coal, water in base, fresh bowl, foil, holes etc. etc. Everything was ready. I put the bowl on, added some coals and took a few hits. It was really harsh, tasted like ash and had no smoke. I put an old bowl on.
  8. Lol thanks guys, I'll keep you posted on the customs issue. [quote] all that shisha and no coals LOL [/quote] I have about 10kg of Lump Nats (that I can buy at most local middle eastern stores down the road) and about 2 kilos of CH nats that I got with my KM a few months ago. I didn't order shisha then 'cause I couldn't afford to get caught by customs...now I can.
  9. Just ordered about 6kg of shisha from HC, wanted to express my excitement. It's my first order online and my first Tangiers order, so I can't wait. My order: Nak DA 1.5kg Nak Strawberry 250g Nak Mint 250g Nak Mixed fruit 250g Nak El basha Grape 250g Nak Mizo Grape 250g Nak Mizo Watermelon 250g Tang Choc mint 250g Tang Cocoa 250g Tang Grape 250g Tang Melon Blend 250g Tang Mimon 250g Tang Mixed fruit 250g Tang Nectarine 250g Tang Strawberry 250g Tang Watermelon 250g Tang Lucid Bramble Berry 250g Tang Lucid Blue Gum Ball 250g (wanted normal Tang but HC only had these flavours in Lucid) Now I just have to hope it gets through customs lmao. I highly doubt 6kg of tobacco will get through unnoticed but my theory at the time of purchase was the customs people wouldn't expect someone to be stupid enough to smuggle so much tobacco in, therefore it will get by. Don't ask me to explain, I'm just weird like that. Just pray for my shisha and hopefully it will get through. If it does, I would of just scored 2k worth of shisha for $300. If it doesn't...well then we can save up and try again.
  10. A7mad

    Nakhla Og Tutorial

    How much should I be using in a small tang phunnel? 40-50g? more? How much foil should I use? I use regular foil(not HD), usually double foil my egyptians, do I double foil my phunnel or just one layer?
  11. I had a similar problem once. If I remember correctly the cause of the problem was the stem wasn't airtight at the base. It was a screw on (and I was still very newbish) so it took me a few days to realize the rubber that connects the stem and base had fallen off and it was no longer air tight. So you might want to check that out and see how it goes. Now I can't explain it, I don't know why it not being air tight would make it harsh, I'd assume it would only give you thin smoke, so maybe someone else can explain that. But it worked for me, so I thought you might want to give it a try. Good luck and I hope you solve your problem soon.
  12. A7mad

    Hookahcompany.com Reviews

    I can't edit, so sorry for the double post. The dates I posted were wrong. Here's the real ones [b]- International [/b]order Feb 4th - Shipped out Feb 6th - Arrived Feb 9th! Sorry again for the double post, but I felt it a necessary correction.
  13. A7mad

    Hookahcompany.com Reviews

    EXCELLENT!!!! I love you HC. [b]- International [/b]order Feb 2nd - Shipped out Feb 4th - Arrived Feb 9th! Order: - 32" KM Lotus - v3 Narbish - Small Tang Phunnel [b]Shipping[/b] One word. AWESOME! Shipped from USA to Australia in less than a week. [b]Packaging [/b]Everything was well packaged. Plenty of bubble wrap and peanuts. Everything was there and intact. Overall I am extremely satisfied and will definitely be using HookahCompany for future purchases. [b]HookahCompany: 10/10 easily.[/b]
  14. I've lit natural coals (lump charcoal, not coconut stuff) in remote areas plenty of times. All you need is a lighter and some fuel (I usually use leaves, twigs etc.) and a safe area to start a fire. Put your coals on top of the fuel in a bunched up pile. Light the fuel. By the time the fuel burns out, some of the bottom coals should of lit up a little bit. Fan the coals for about 10-15 minutes (much easier if there is some wind) and the rest should start to light up. Leave them for a little while longer to fully light, or continue fanning if you want to speed it up. Once fully lit, place them on your bowl. Now this is quite a bit of work, and takes some time and effort, probably too much effort for a solo session. But if you'll be with a group of people, it definitely is fun starting a fire and if you are going to be outdoors you can light a bunch of coals and use it for warmth too. To answer your question, I've taken QL on a plane more than once with no problems at all. They were in my hookah hard case and the case was placed in one of my luggage bags. I never had any problems. Whether this is because they were simply unaware of the QL being in my luggage or if they simply don't care is beyond me, but I got them through with no problems at all.
  15. >_>. I wasn't even considering buying a chinese phunnel and don't think I ever would. My question was about a small tang phunnel vs a mini glass phunnel. If you aren't going to discuss either of these then please don't say anything at all. Anyway, I've sent an email to MNH about their current situation, if they reply in the next few days then I'll get a mini glass from them, if not then I'll get a small tang from HJ. Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.