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  1. Here is he report by coupon
  2. Chris you want me to answer it !!? no problem I know that Mush would probley delete this but no beggie [b]r1v3th3ad[/b] I understand what you went though and i cant obligies enough to you but oblige wont be enough right now I could go each one explaining to you what have happen like the Knara it is discountionued as it states on the site or we did call you informing you of the out of stock tangiers but i am not !! I am just gonna share this with you because what i ever i will say right now porbley will be ignored or just delted , I am short handed, we had a month full of holidays , and the vendors are becoming more and more ridculise these days Short handed i have 4 coloiges here which should be 8-10 employers ( i know it sounds ridiculous since we are in a employment disaster) but i/my boss cant find anyone who will knows hookah or online knowledge with top dollar paid. Holidays were here that cased us to close 4 days each week which cuased me to back up even more. vendors are not being on top of thier game example kanra coals , cocnara, or any coconut coals were low in past 3 weeks nation wide which cuase what you have happen to you (they tell you we will have it by friay and friday comes nothing then dispont to monday and on -on ( you get the picture)they shipped the cocojamra instead of kanara and said no more kanara in the US and they even gave us a sick deal on loose coals to sell around $3 per 108pc for the inconivce . Regular online seller like us dosent have to explian him self to you but i will becuase if i dont to you, who do i to? listen i am not trying to say that we didnt F up . We did . You think we want to ? you think we want to lose the shipping cost on the back and forth, Or pack the glass loose that way we will have to sent another if it breaks or loose a loyal client and his friends , NO, But Shit happens we intend to stay away from it and to fix it and i am sure you are aware of that . I know we F up enogh that way MODS are bashing us which i dont blame them , But i tell you this i support this fourm eventhogh i have been shewed and spit out and no help what so ever From the MODS. which i dont care but listen to this i will still honor this fourm discount code becuase we are defintly doing a good job somewhere and still to improve in the future for a quit good number of memebrs here who has been serviced fair and they have been coming back (which didnt share thier experince here ) I thank them with the bottom of my heart ( look at the coupon report in the bottom ) I am not ignoring this situation at all if i am here agin if Mush will let me atleast get PMs and try to get some where I will still bend over and do anything for this fourm and memebrs here if they could be paitante with me Mush its your kitchen man and i am not trying to make a sandwich with out your permetion , and NO that is not a fourm that we have on the site its just a feedback page that obivsouly not programed right I am not a vendor that tries to pull shit like this . agine i am sorry and i am here to be at your service
  3. East Coast Online Sellers?

    This is the story of my life I thank Mush for giving me a chance to show people that Hookahset Is not scam artist or anything that was blamed with Yes we had UPS and DOWNS no one is perfect until now i apologies for these things and are willing to still revoked anything that has been done i will pot my cell number soon to contact me anytime 24/7 for anything issue inquiry or anything ekse Thanks again for the support
  4. Nammor Fancy Mouthpiece

    Will keep helping
  5. Sex Or Hookah?

    i will not have answered that at all lol mark
  6. Harsh Smoke

    we called the KM cafe coffee because its a standard KM hookah that used in the egptions coffee restaurants mark
  7. Www.hookahset.com Official Thread.

    [quote name='djhookahfourm' timestamp='1298944302' post='499859'] [quote name='bdot' timestamp='1298943464' post='499857'] I'm waiting for his reply still. maybe we can get a HF group buy going on [/quote] Sorry guys working my ass off here I just sent you a PM i am sure you will like the Price (price too grazy to say out loud LOL) Mark [/quote] Sorry for the double post but reminder 3 hookahs left 3 hours left guys make it happen mark
  8. Www.hookahset.com Official Thread.

    [quote name='bdot' timestamp='1298943464' post='499857'] I'm waiting for his reply still. maybe we can get a HF group buy going on [/quote] Sorry guys working my ass off here I just sent you a PM i am sure you will like the Price (price too grazy to say out loud LOL) Mark
  9. Www.hookahset.com Official Thread.

    [quote name='bdot' timestamp='1298841210' post='499750'] Mark, Are you ever going to restock the KM Leather hoses for the same price? Very interested in a couple. [/quote] There is a whole sale price on the nicer hoses if you buy in bulk PM me not a problem [b][url="user/18569-incubusratm/"]INCUBUSRATM[/url] [url="user/18569-incubusratm/page__f__37"][img]public/style_images/master/user_popup.png[/img][/url][/b] Posted 25 February 2011 - 07:53 PM Really good deal on the KM Kafaes, Mark. Although I understand the whole "don't know what vase you'll get" thing since they're so cheap (beggars can't be choosers when it comes to KMs that cheap), it would be nice still if the customer had some sort of choice. Give some sort of option. Like, set aside 19 vases for each of the 19 KMs. Give those as options to choose from. I don't know, just an idea. Still a GREAT deal. Got your package, btw. Tip is pretty cool, something different. Although, I'm pretty sure it's not a "fancy Nammor tip." This is based off of what I see on Hookah-Shisha's site on the Nammor hoses. Still works fine, though. And hey, it was free, so I can't complain. I appreciate it, Mark. I'll try to get an order in one of these days when I have the money. Being a college student sucks, haha. I know but this is the sale Its the same stem just might be a different base
  10. Www.hookahset.com Official Thread.

    After i saw the dumb and dumber movie last night it made me laugh Well you could pay us with "I OWE YOU" papaer LMAO Yea but if you want shoot me an Pm so i could see if i could save you one!! mark [quote name='r1v3th3ad' timestamp='1298652980' post='499453'] [quote name='djhookahfourm' timestamp='1298650505' post='499448'] [quote name='drozdoff' timestamp='1298553010' post='499217'] Hi, Mark! PM Sent [/quote] Hey guys come thing for you [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX8lw43DmRg"]http://www.youtube.c...h?v=sX8lw43DmRg[/url] Here it to order [url="https://www.hookahset.com/Product_1018_Search.html"]https://www.hookahse...018_Search.html[/url] Have a good weekend and enjoy [/quote] That is a beautiful deal, I have been wanting one of those...its too bad my funds are too tight right now for another pipe [/quote]
  11. Www.hookahset.com Official Thread.

    [quote name='drozdoff' timestamp='1298553010' post='499217'] Hi, Mark! PM Sent [/quote] Hey guys come thing for you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX8lw43DmRg Here it to order https://www.hookahset.com/Product_1018_Search.html Have a good weekend and enjoy
  12. Www.hookahset.com Official Thread.

    [quote name='kvtaco17' timestamp='1298424903' post='498968'] You only offered a larger discount on a future order. That was my second order and second issue with you guys, not to be a downer and not to drag this out into public BUT I don't feel I was treated properly and was insulted your only solution was to further discount your prices on a future order that will probably never happen. / rant I apologize to everyone on HF except hookahset, for having to read my rant. [/quote] I explained to you The nak Kilo don't have enough in the market . When you place an Kilo order they place it for 4-250g sometimes 4-275g if you dont like that optiion then place an comment in comment box When you have notified me i offered 30%off on that order bu you disagree my offer still stands Posted Today, 04:48 PM minor mess ups in my order...PM sent sent pm
  13. Old Tobacco = Thin Wispy Smoke?

    hey I have to decently agree to all put 2-3 coals and place them on the edges that way you wont burn it out quickly Then you should have clods MArk
  14. Www.hookahset.com Official Thread.

    [quote name='kvtaco17' timestamp='1298415387' post='498933'] And my problem was never fixed I got the regular BS on your next order I'll give you another 15% off... [/quote] OK We do NOT Substituted any flavors with out your approval We have 3 people working here that do the orders They go over it any call you That is why we ask for your phone number If we run out of kilos we substituted it for 4-250g jars for the same price that's the only thing Please be advise that i am here for any issues Mark
  15. Www.hookahset.com Official Thread.

    [quote name='bigasif' timestamp='1298241317' post='498590'] [quote name='shaffaaf27' timestamp='1298238454' post='498585'] hmm personally i would prefer bubble wrap and those big plastic bags filled with air, or even packing peanuts. polestyrene plates just arnt the same. [/quote] These seem like they'd hold up better than bubble wrap and packing peanuts/air bags, no? Though I'd think it would be more trouble for them to package on their end compared to just loading the box with bubble wrap and packing peanuts. [/quote] Yes I mean we obviously don't want anyone to call us and say that their vase was broken 1. It will cost us on a new vase 2. twice shipping cost 3. Unsatisfied costumer In that case we want to supply with the best way to protect the vase and we did some test and we had UPS deliver to one of our best clients in Canada and all went well Yes it takes much more space but its better Mark