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  1. Here is he report by coupon
  2. Chris you want me to answer it !!? no problem I know that Mush would probley delete this but no beggie [b]r1v3th3ad[/b] I understand what you went though and i cant obligies enough to you but oblige wont be enough right now I could go each one explaining to you what have happen like the Knara it is discountionued as it states on the site or we did call you informing you of the out of stock tangiers but i am not !! I am just gonna share this with you because what i ever i will say right now porbley will be ignored or just delted , I am short handed, we had a month full of holidays , and the vendors are becoming more and more ridculise these days Short handed i have 4 coloiges here which should be 8-10 employers ( i know it sounds ridiculous since we are in a employment disaster) but i/my boss cant find anyone who will knows hookah or online knowledge with top dollar paid. Holidays were here that cased us to close 4 days each week which cuased me to back up even more. vendors are not being on top of thier game example kanra coals , cocnara, or any coconut coals were low in past 3 weeks nation wide which cuase what you have happen to you (they tell you we will have it by friay and friday comes nothing then dispont to monday and on -on ( you get the picture)they shipped the cocojamra instead of kanara and said no more kanara in the US and they even gave us a sick deal on loose coals to sell around $3 per 108pc for the inconivce . Regular online seller like us dosent have to explian him self to you but i will becuase if i dont to you, who do i to? listen i am not trying to say that we didnt F up . We did . You think we want to ? you think we want to lose the shipping cost on the back and forth, Or pack the glass loose that way we will have to sent another if it breaks or loose a loyal client and his friends , NO, But Shit happens we intend to stay away from it and to fix it and i am sure you are aware of that . I know we F up enogh that way MODS are bashing us which i dont blame them , But i tell you this i support this fourm eventhogh i have been shewed and spit out and no help what so ever From the MODS. which i dont care but listen to this i will still honor this fourm discount code becuase we are defintly doing a good job somewhere and still to improve in the future for a quit good number of memebrs here who has been serviced fair and they have been coming back (which didnt share thier experince here ) I thank them with the bottom of my heart ( look at the coupon report in the bottom ) I am not ignoring this situation at all if i am here agin if Mush will let me atleast get PMs and try to get some where I will still bend over and do anything for this fourm and memebrs here if they could be paitante with me Mush its your kitchen man and i am not trying to make a sandwich with out your permetion , and NO that is not a fourm that we have on the site its just a feedback page that obivsouly not programed right I am not a vendor that tries to pull shit like this . agine i am sorry and i am here to be at your service
  3. djhookahfourm

    East Coast Online Sellers?

    This is the story of my life I thank Mush for giving me a chance to show people that Hookahset Is not scam artist or anything that was blamed with Yes we had UPS and DOWNS no one is perfect until now i apologies for these things and are willing to still revoked anything that has been done i will pot my cell number soon to contact me anytime 24/7 for anything issue inquiry or anything ekse Thanks again for the support
  4. djhookahfourm

    Nammor Fancy Mouthpiece

    Will keep helping
  5. djhookahfourm

    Sex Or Hookah?

    i will not have answered that at all lol mark
  6. djhookahfourm

    Harsh Smoke

    we called the KM cafe coffee because its a standard KM hookah that used in the egptions coffee restaurants mark
  7. djhookahfourm

    Old Tobacco = Thin Wispy Smoke?

    hey I have to decently agree to all put 2-3 coals and place them on the edges that way you wont burn it out quickly Then you should have clods MArk
  8. djhookahfourm

    Cleaning Your Hookah

    [quote name='fze' timestamp='1295381672' post='494863'] You think he would send a stem brush over to Canada for free? Lol I didnt get one either for my Mya QT from HJ, but maybe cuz of its size Going to supermarket now to see if i cant find something to clean it with, otherwise ill just go with the lemonbeerbakingsoda soak method [/quote] I already did send you one But for all you smokers that best way to clean is a thin brush and lemon juice and rinse hot water
  9. djhookahfourm

    Free Mystery Box (Sort Of)

    [quote name='squidget' timestamp='1296505365' post='496335'] Skoozle was next in line [/quote] hey guys Mark from hookahset I also have tons of stuff home that i dont really use since my wife gave birth to our first new baby boy I have a KM hookah and lots of shisha to give away Any one interested i will be willing to tell you more deatials This is not a sale attempt
  10. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1293571370' post='492708'] I'll talk to Mush about reopening their vendor thread. [/quote] Thanks man i appreciated Posted 14 December 2010 - 04:34 PM so i received an email from hookahset.com advertising 100 dollar purchases receive a free hookah goza(being that iam a former customer). Also given in the email was a 10% off code. So i went ahead and purchased over 100$ worth of items, stated in the coments please include the hookah goza and used the 10% off coupon. Today the package arrived and theres a note in the box saying sorry goza wasnt included because the 10% off cant be combined with the free goza. This is not stated anywhere in the email or the website it self, Nor was i contacted by email and given the option to choose the discount or the free hookah. Even with the 10% off coupon iam still over the 100 dollar limit required ($117.22) The following day i even placed another order for $68.93.. so in 2 days i spent [b]186 dollars in total [/b]from this company. I honestly feel they did not do the right thing by me and i emailed them stating so. iam waiting on their response as to which i will let you guys know how it turns out. This post has been edited by [b]clickhea[/b]: 14 December 2010 - 04:36 PM That is not at all ,all i intend to say is all poster who posted negative or something like that didn't even try our service to assume our wrong and dis wrongs but i am sorry agine for the trouble and happy holidays
  11. [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1293201078' post='492257'] We received this response because I PM'd their 2 reps directly, even though this thread had been going for a while now. If they didnt know the thread was going it was because they hadn't been on the forum or, since i can see that atleast one of them HAD been on recently enough to have seen this thread, they were avoiding replying. Either way, while I am all for the little guy (for obvious reasons) trying to compete in a market dominated by a few well established businesses, appologies and excuses only go so far. Actions speak much louder than words. Personally, I would have refunded some or all of Rivets money of it was too late for an exchange, and I would be working very hard to improve my system, instead of making excuses as to why it may have broken down. And I am glad that business has been good for them and their holiday rush was beyond their expectations. But they need to step up. [/quote] mush you are right we are trying to step it up and we take full responsibility for all our Acton i wish everyone who posted here had tried our service to see for them self's other then assume things Yes there were minor mistakes but could be fixed to the point that costumer has to be always happy no matter what and believe or not that our goal Mark
  12. [size="6"][b] REPLY FROM HOOKAHSET by Mark[/b][/size] Let me start off by wishing everyone here at the forum and everywhere that had supported us and gave us the best holiday rush that we had A merry and happy holidays And we really want to thank you for understanding , patiently ,and knowingly on our end . I really didnt see this thread until last night . I will watch what i say since The big boss mush is at present . This thread starts of by [b]clickhea [/b]who had an issue As i was aware i did answer him stating that his missing item will be sent and was sent (not because of this thread but simply because he was a forum member and only forum member gets to combine promo as it says in the promo page:https://www.hookahset.com/Catalog_48.html) But what happen is he didn't mention he was like it says there, but that is not the issue we sent it anyway but this thread went on and on of what i read . Before i explain and i am sorry to make this reply long because i just got the minute to sit back and finally smoke a hookah after the holiday rush which made me work 14 hours day Last time i was answering emails at 11pm EST I start with from all hookahset we are sorry to all member that had ,thought ,or received any inconvenience from us. IainUM : I know what you order i saw the order and called or was an email and explain to you that the basses are out of stock yes they were at the time i didn't give it to you because the had a crack and bubbles not good condition so i canceled the order You said you called and we said we emailed you we did and remember some post here said it is the holiday rush what ever you think we were busy we were double that not to mentioned the moving from NY to NJ but we had time to email you numerous times(bad costumer service)? r1v3th3ad: i saw the nuhose sent to you and i did offer you half price but there were no respond to you maybe you did but i didn't receive it but if you had told me you were out of $ or just said simply wont work for me i will have had simply sent you the hoses and gave you free on the others but who am i ? But what ticks me the most i am in charge of the all forum members in the site i try to please everyone and i did i have numerous members here and hundres of order that came from here that did see what i do for them and they did answer and stick up for us (but unfortunate too little did) and i thank them for the bottom of my heart that they understood it was holiday rush. Bottom line here ,who ever though think or had any issue or thought he didnt get his moneys worth or some thing like that please dont hold back after all this is my job to be here and get what ever you request and need at a fair price . I know there are some issues with us but as you see they are alot of improvement , But when i see some thing did go wrong i opligies and fix it the most profational way i could , but if i have memebers that do have memebr ship in other fourms whole like to disgrimate other vendors for the other vendor pelusure i really cant help taht memmber and Mush is aware of that . please remember that hookahset is not here to discriminate , hussel or mislead anyone here or anywhere . Thank you for your time and support Mark Hookahset.com Forum manager
  13. djhookahfourm

    Ordering From Canada

    [quote name='rebuke' timestamp='1289597010' post='488112'] alright well my item has been in foreign customs for about an 1 hour and a half, let us pray [/quote] Hey Judging for the amount of packages i see that goes to Canada costumes might hold the package but seeing the history thet do eventually release it some times 1 day 2 or up to 9 days delayed in costume so i hope you get the package soon Mark Hookahset.com
  14. djhookahfourm

    What Ethnic Background...

    [quote name='Conradical' date='24 June 2010 - 07:25 AM' timestamp='1277389540' post='472708'] [quote name='r1v3th3ad' date='28 January 2008 - 03:32 PM' timestamp='1201552358' post='199496'] Mom's side of the family 100% German Dad's dad is 100% Irish and his mom is 100% Lithuanian. No hookah smoking in my family background that I know of. [/quote] How does that math work out? J/K My math is even worse, 1/4 Irish 1/8 Swede, 1/8 German, 15/32 Italian, 1/32 Moroccan... so sorta have some hookah in my blood. [/quote] 65% Syrian 15% American got hookah in blood already
  15. djhookahfourm

    I Dream Of Hookah...

    you guys are really funny