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  1. starlequin


    What is black when new, red during use, and grey after use? Not the exact phrasing, but close. I can't believe I missed this today!
  2. starlequin

    Dog Sex Puke

    [quote name='A13lackFish' date='05 April 2010 - 04:47 PM' timestamp='1270500437' post='462011'] Youtube video by the name of Dog Sex Puke.... personally i think its a riot. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8iztY-U9lQ&aia=true"]dog sex puke youtube[/url] [/quote] Try searching "dog rape". Pretty amusing to watch people be attacked by horny dogs.
  3. Thanks for the add.

  4. starlequin


    Rent, the electric company, scammers, stupid supervisors, rude customers, animal abusers, late fees for anything, past due balances, my lack of transportation, long commutes, washing my MP3 player in the laundry.
  5. starlequin

    Girls With Shaved Heads Sexy?

    [quote name='acolorado' date='18 March 2010 - 01:08 AM' timestamp='1268888882' post='457826'] I checked out your gallery and all I have to say is - OOOOOH YEAHHHHHHHHH. Shave your head and I would follow you around on a leash. Seriously... I have a good one. [/quote] LOL Thanks that's a nice boost to my self-esteem. You can get an idea of how it looked in this photo. [attachment=4751:goof 017.jpg]
  6. starlequin

    So How Was Your First Time?

    I was 19 and I lost it in a cheap motel. We were both in the service. I was in love. He was cheating on his fiancee, whom I was unaware of. It was pretty much a let down after all the build up to the actual event. I was disappointed and just kinda thought, "That's it?"
  7. starlequin

    Girls With Shaved Heads Sexy?

    [quote name='Venger' date='16 March 2010 - 10:57 AM' timestamp='1268751466' post='457409'] they can be. [b][i][i]Sinead O'Connor=hot[/i][/i][/b] [b][i][i]Annie Lennox = hot[/i][/i][/b] the bald alien in the first star trek movie=hot but all of them have very pretty faces so you were more drawn to the face and eyes then the head. Ray [/quote] Natalie Portman in V didn't look so bad, either.
  8. I'm only posting out of curiosity really. In the past I've considered shaving my head really short and doing some kind of pretty designs in it, maybe some flourishes and other delicate details. At one time I had most of my head shaved with just some bangs in the front. A lot of people thought I was a lesbian, which I found a little offensive. As though there is a haircut that determines your gender preference... but very short hair is regarded ( so it seems) as being less feminine and unattractive to most men. Is hair really such a core aspect of what determines a woman's attractiveness?
  9. starlequin

    Favorite Type Of Cheese?

    Super sharp cheddar Swiss Parmesan
  10. starlequin

    I Miss...

    I miss Cocoa Krispies. Cocoa Pebbles and Chocolate rice krispies just aren't the same. People I knew that I lost touch with. My former cars. One was stolen and set on fire. All that was left was a metal frame. Another was hit from behind at a red light and totalled. They were both good cars... Former pets that have passed away.
  11. starlequin

    I Just Joined The Army...

    My advice may not be as relevant now. I went to basic in July of '01 and a lot of things have probably changed. I didn't work on PT at all before I left. I figured I was young and healthy and I'd progress fine in the training environment. When I got to reception I couldn't even do 1 "real" push-up. So I really struggled with the physical training due to not preparing at all. I had to take the final PT test three days in a row to pass basic training and that was only at the 60% or whatever. So my advice is to make sure you are definitly working on it before you leave no matter how fit you think you are. There's a lot of classes to take in. Sit straight up in your chair, don't slouch. If you feel like you're going to fall asleep, stand up and stand at attention in the back of the class. The drill Sergeants and instructors will know exactly what you are doing. You don't want to be the one caught sleeping! lol Don't lose any of your equipment or gear! Always keep it secured too. People like to steal at reception so never leave it lying around or give anyone an opportunity. I had several items stolen from me and that's how the Drill Sergeant learned my name the first day I got there, lol. I look back and laugh now but I wasn't too happy about that at the time obviously. Also make sure you keep that stencil they make of your name and social. It really comes in handy. Don't think too hard about home or anything beyond that day. I tried to stay in the moment as much as possible and take things as they came. It helped keep my stress down and it made the time go by a lot faster. You're going to be breaking in those boots too, so picking up some moleskin and other blister supplies is recommended. I made sure I used foot powder religiously. Blisters are the number one health concern in basic. I'm not sure how they expect you to maintain your boots now, probably just make sure they are generally clean... I was in back when we had to shine boots... Um, that's all the advice I can think of for now.
  12. starlequin

    Obscure Bands

    I always get blank stares when I mention Soul Coughing. So I would consider them obscure for that reason. "[b]Soul Coughing[/b] was a [url="/wiki/New_York_City"][color="#002bb8"]New York[/color][/url]-based [url="/wiki/Alternative_rock"][color="#002bb8"]alternative rock[/color][/url] [url="/wiki/Band_(music)"][color="#002bb8"]band[/color][/url]. The band found modest mainstream success during the mid-to-late 90's. Soul Coughing developed a devout fanbase and have garnered largely positive response from critics. Steve Huey describes the band as "one of the most unique [url="/wiki/Cult_following"][color="#002bb8"]cult[/color][/url] bands of the '90s ... driven by frontman [url="/wiki/Mike_Doughty"][color="#002bb8"]M. Doughty[/color][/url]'s [url="/wiki/Stream_of_consciousness_writing"][color="#002bb8"]stream-of-consciousness[/color][/url] poetry, Soul Coughing's sound was a willfully idiosyncratic mix of improvisational [url="/wiki/Jazz"][color="#002bb8"]jazz[/color][/url] grooves, oddball samples, [url="/wiki/Hip-hop"][color="#002bb8"]hip-hop[/color][/url], electronics, and noisy experimentalism (described by Doughty as 'deep [url="/wiki/Slacker"][color="#002bb8"]slacker[/color][/url] jazz')."[sup][url="#cite_note-0"][size="2"][color="#002bb8"][1][/color][/size][/url]" [size="3"]-from Wikipedia[/size][/sup]
  13. starlequin

    The Definitive Music For Smoking Hookah Thread!

    Massive Attack, Telepopmusik, and Emiliana Torrini
  14. starlequin

    Bored And Broke

    [quote name='Charley' date='28 January 2010 - 06:04 AM' timestamp='1264676660' post='448111'] any ideas you guys may have are welcome (even if you think it may be a stupid idea it might still be worth trying just to see if it works.) [/quote] You might try dumpster diving. I had a friend that would rummage through an office stores dumpster and she found a bunch of old software that she sold on EBAY for a nice chunk of change. Or even rummage through the trash in a nice part of town. Rich people throw away all kinds of stuff.