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  1. Captain Courageous

    Life Or Death Question

    Hehe, yeah Rattler... I really don't think that you are missing much. About three years ago or something I was allllll about Nakhla's mango flavor shisha... smoking it was amazing so about 4 months ago I bought another box of it with my order of other Nakhla flavors and out of every single flavor that I ordered it was by far my least favorite this time. I have never had a real mango myself but if I were to guess I would say that it probably doesn't taste anything like a real mango while smoking it and there are far too many better flavors out there *nods nods*
  2. Captain Courageous

    Vaccumming Ash Through The Foil Holes...

    You can pretty much avoid lose ash falling onto the foil all together more often than not if you are careful. If there is one thing that I am very careful about when I smoke is the ash of the coals. If you ever need to remove a coal or re-arrange the coals you can do so without making them fall apart what so ever most of the time. Just make sure that you never pinch them with the tongs to get them off of the foil. I find it works perfect to place your shallow metal pan right at the edge and beneath the edge of the bowl and gently swiping the coals off into it one at a time and only gently pushing them off the coals nearest edge. Hmm, I hope that is alright wording to explain what I do. If you are ever really conserned about not getting any lose coal ash into the bowl with the shisha that is defenantly the way to do it. It works perfectly about 90% of the time.
  3. Captain Courageous

    Hookah Deep Cleaning

    For the first time today I really got down with trying out the cleaning with lemon juice today because I left my hookah out overnight after smoking three sessions with it and when I awoke the next morning with a hangover the base of my hookah defenantly smelled like bongwater *shivers* So yeah, drained out three lemons into the base and added hot water, let it sit for a couple of hours then bent a coat-hanger and wrapped the end with a papertowel to scrub the insides of the base alittle bit. Afterwards I was suprised to find that my base had not one single scent left to it. I now defenantly love cleaning with lemons. Worked like a charm... thanks for the info guys *smiles big* I never knew about that cleaning with lemons thing until joining out forum here~
  4. Captain Courageous

    Al Adjad Finger Coals

    yeah, defenantly use more than just one piece. Try three pieces spread out over the top of the bowl leaving the very center of the foil uncovered. I never measure the pieces I break really... or break up entire coal pieces at a time but as I know you are an experianced shisha smoker just use what size coals you would feel to be appropriate. For sure what it seems to me is that with natural coals you need much more coal to get the job done rather than with quicklights *shrugs*
  5. Captain Courageous

    Al Adjad Finger Coals

    Al Ajdad coals are still the only coals that I have been using what so ever when I smoke and I use the same tactics these days as always before. I always use three coals to start the bowl and throughout the entire session unless it gets harsh and I may temporarily take one coal off only leaving two until the smoke returns to normal. I always break two of the coals into smaller pieces... only about one finger width wide an the third I always use a bigger piece... mabie just under two finger widths wide. I then place them upon the foil of my bowl in a triangular patturn keeping them close to the corners to keep the heat even and to prevent burning... and if you have a few people smoking and want the bowl to last have a fourth coal lit as well... with its size being pretty much right at 2 finger widths wide. This works for me... it always has. I am sure many others would do it quite different but I will always smoke shisha this way *nods nods*
  6. Captain Courageous

    Merry Christmass

    *smiles* Very happy Christmas to everyone here! I hope all you guys are having a blast today~
  7. Captain Courageous

    Any metalheads on here?

    haha, yeah Cephalic Carnage is pretty amazing in many of their songs... I love listen to metal when smoking shisha from time to time but not Cephalic for sure... their tempos and beats are way too spazzy to relax and to smoke shisha to. So I can defenantly understand ya there and for sure by far the best music for shisha has got to be slower and really relaxing music *nods nods*
  8. Captain Courageous


    *nods nods* good job~
  9. Captain Courageous

    Wii Forecast Channel Goes Live!

    damn! I wants to get a Wii!
  10. Captain Courageous

    The Neighbors With Never Top This One

    damn! that is amazing to see! I have defenantly never seen a christmas light show quite like that before. Nice find.
  11. Captain Courageous

    How To Explain Sex To Kids

    Hahaha! I love that picture... classic *nods*
  12. Very nice photographs hun... I hope all the flavors taste really good for you guys. I defenantly wanna order some Starbuzz now. I have never smoked any Starbuzz tabacco at all but I defenantly want to soon! You have my envy~
  13. Captain Courageous

    Favourite Nakhla Flavours

    Nakhla has some pretty alright flavors I think. I like their strawberry, coconut, mint and apricot. Good stuff and it actualy makes you feel good too *smiles and nods* at times.
  14. Captain Courageous

    Prank Phone Call

    oh my god, that is crazy! Crazy! lol... booty call. Lol! oh my god... guess I don't have it that bad off compared to them at least. Damn! That is funny as hell.
  15. Captain Courageous

    Getting A Wii!

    Aww, congrats man. That is good to hear. I hope that you have a blast as I am sure you will.