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  1. Yumm, psychology. Definitely going to try this out next semester. Would make a really interesting project for psych majors.
  2. Haha sweet. Just tried it. Thanks!
  3. Red Hookah Lounge

    I just back from there and it was AMAZING! :] The decor was very chic, red and black with an Asian theme. Lots of candles and Buddha heads around. They have VIP rooms, with TVs and you can even set up your own MP3 player. The guy who mixes up the flavors is hella creative. We had the Wonderland and the Techno. Niether of which I could place what was in, but both were tastyyy. Service was awesome too, they kept on it and were really friendly. It was $36 for two hookahs, and two drinks. Not bad considering how great everything was. I have a new favorite lounge. :] Check them out at: 3330 East Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, NV(702) 433-6652‎
  4. Gotta be bull for the attention. Jeeze, people will do anything.
  5. Vegas Lounge

    I went there ls night, I really enjoyed it. Finally got to try the pumpkin pie I've been wanting to try. They did an awesome job rotating coals and getting rid of ash. Prices were awesome to beat. I will definitely be heading back there. :]
  6. Fluent in English and Japanese, and a little Mandarin Chinese.
  7. Vegas Lounge

    I haven't been there yet. Its a bit of a drive, but I'll definitely have to check it out. ;]
  8. Nevada Nv Smokers

    Vegassss~ Around the charleston/decatur area.
  9. What Do You Do For A Living?

    Student. No job, but I should remedy that.
  10. needs some new people to smoke with.