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  1. Glass Screens

    i know this is slight off topic, but it goes with glass... i saw this hookah online, its ALL glass, i was wondering if anyone has tried it? also do you think it will run into the same problems as the glass screen? - gets dirty and hard to clean? http://bt.robustcommerce.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2
  2. Hose Holder

    wow that is cool!!! i need one. only concern i have is that the base is heavy or large enough to support holding the hose up, especially at parties where someone might knock/move the pipe. besides that for personal use looks amazing.
  3. Stargate

    ok so i have one of these. personally i found the smoke never to be as huge as some other hookahs ive smoked like the mya. but this is so cool looking and manly,,,yes ive said it looks like a gun or something (unlike the other old fashion hookahs that have flowers on it) . i named mine magnum. after the condom. lol ive had mine for 2 years, smoked it about 100-200 times. sometimes everyday, other times once a month. its heavy to lug around to parties. but it isnt glass so nothing will break which is nice. but the bottom does get ugly and cloudy over time. also its hard to clean out the smell from the bottom and the pipe gets mold in it. but a hookah cleaner brush or draino will clean it out fast. all in all the pipe still works and tastes good after a few years. the silver is coming off, and the joints are getting bad. but i found for a 2 year lifespan hookah its pretty awesome!