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  1. .cOLt.45.

    What Do You Guys Think?

    Yeah I'm planning on meeting up with this guy to test it out.
  2. .cOLt.45.

    What Do You Guys Think?

    I'm supposed to meet him soon. Do y'all think this is a good buy or what? Lol If I get it My room will be so badass
  3. .cOLt.45.

    How Hot Are Belly Dancers?

    This thread is now officially dead. Any hard bits from the original post have been resoftened. My soul has been eaten.
  4. WOW dude..this thread is so old I forgot that I posted in it...Lol Talk about a revival
  5. .cOLt.45.

    What Do You Guys Think?

    About 200-300 So that's wy I Was checking this one out.
  6. .cOLt.45.

    What Do You Guys Think?

    Upon searching craigslist I found this http://houston.craigslist.org/ele/811625581.html It seems like an awesome deal and it works according to the guy so what do yall think about this one?
  7. .cOLt.45.

    What Do You Guys Think?

    I'm trying to redecorate my room and am thinking of a projector... Seeing as they are mostly expensive I saw this one for 450 so I thought it was OK...Do y'all think this is another cheap piece of china junk? http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-Full-HD-Projector-...6QQcmdZViewItem
  8. .cOLt.45.

    Music Suggestions

    Lol I listened to the mudvayne song and I was like
  9. .cOLt.45.

    Music Suggestions

    I started lifting weights and was wondering if any of you had good songs to really get pumped up when you're lifting. Edit: Oh yeah and I'd prefer no screaming. Sorta throws me off lol
  10. .cOLt.45.


    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm looking into a Honda Civic. My budget is about 2000...Not much I know
  11. .cOLt.45.


    Well guys... Now that I'm old enough I'm looking to buy a car. My budget isn't to large so I was wondering what a good used car would be? My preferences are for it be an automatic, possibly a sedan, good on gas, and decent looking. What do y'all suggest that fits in these guidelines?
  12. .cOLt.45.

    Work Pics!

    QUOTE (Bushbr @ May 17 2008, 11:11 PM) yay for gay uniforms for working at an amusement park this......is my ride Holy shit wasn't the viper the ride they shipped out from Houston's Astroworld when it closed down? If its the same one I used to ride that all the time!!!
  13. That's awesome!! Casper wanted to party with strobe lights..i woulda turned on the music...
  14. .cOLt.45.

    How My Birthday Was

    thanks so much best bday ever
  15. .cOLt.45.

    How My Birthday Was

    Well it started out with My Mom, Simon, and I going to a Mexican restaurent called Haciendas. We ate dinner and mom gave me her present (500 dollars ). After that I was dropped off with about 12 or 13 friends to drink before the soccer game (Germany vs. Turkey). I had a full bottle of bacardi and by the time we went into the game it was all gone so I was pretty drunk. We partied hard, Germany won so the whole town was crazy. After that we went to the lake at like 4 in the morning and slept there. I just got home and it's like 7 PM. Here's some videos (Not done by me) of the city during the game and after. In this one it shows the screen we watch it on..I'm up near the front on the right side of the screen. http://www.youtube.com/v/ouPmLaTm2kM&hl=en After the victory we marched in the tunnels and on the streets. I was drunk off my ass so I was loud and crazy as fuck in a good way. http://www.youtube.com/v/sYzAqqxDzC0&hl=en http://www.youtube.com/v/RcmW4ETGvFM&hl=en http://www.youtube.com/v/CdmFmFNZhig&hl=en I was yelling so much and so loud I lost my voice...can't talk today You should watch the videos..Its Awesome