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  1. Exactly. Edward Cullen doesn't bite people, resides in the woods and sparkles. Sounds more like a fairy to me.
  2. I tried to read the books. I really did. My roommate kept assuring me that they would get better and I just need to read the good parts. Spoiler: there are no good parts. It reads like a 13 year old girl's dream. Since I do not have an inner teenage girl and have actually read good literature, I heaved the books one by one at my college roommate's head (he is the one that recommended them to me) for wasting my time. I could probably go on for a few pages, but I'll keep that part brief. However, one thing that kind of irks me more-so than everything else - what is up with the sparkly vampires/change-at-will werewolves? Did I miss something in literature where vampires can suddenly walk around in sunlight and werewolves are now no longer bound by the full moon? Apparently, Stephanie Meyer is just THAT GOOD of an author since she is able to piss all over years of literary tradition in relation to vampires and werewolves. I am still slightly in a food coma from the Thanksgiving meal, so if that came out as incoherent, then try reading it after a large meal of turkey.
  3. I use Windows and Linux...between the two, I can do anything and there is a good chance that Linux has a free software package for what I want (PCB design and other CAD software mostly). Since I'm pretty familiar with Linux, using a Mac from a terminal isn't that hard, though it just lacks some options. I'm not entirely against Macs as machines, though they are over priced - they don't really bring much else to the table that Windows/Linux machines don't already do (both hardware and software wise), it's more that the fanboys make me want to take their precious Mac and shove it where the sun don't shine.
  4. I literally just joined today, but I did scope out some of the other forums. I have to say, I liked the format of this one the most and it appeared to have the most active members going. The pants optional thing is a big plus too.
  5. I live in Siloam Springs, but I am frequently in the Fayetteville area.
  6. Have you seen a photograph of Karl Marx? He is simply a scary guy that comes for people in the night with his various forms of government.
  7. Article is definitely fake...or the author will be experiencing some 'fun' side effects pretty soon, as the liver from a cat is rather toxic to humans (gf is a 3rd year vet student). Though it would be better if the person really did eat the liver and ended up getting sick from it , but, probably BS...people will do anything for attention on the interwebz.
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