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  1. ahuwood

    Girl Problems?!

    well i think you need to keep your drinking in check...don't drink enough to where you can't control yourself. And i hope all works out well for you in the future.
  2. ahuwood

    Josiah David Medina

    aww, precious.
  3. ahuwood

    College Ring Finally

    wow! congrats, maybe if i stoped changing colleges i would get one of those bad boys, lol. p.s. that's really expensive, protect it with your life! haha
  4. ahuwood

    Close-up of the Gemini's base.

    i have never seen a hookah that looked like that! pretty awesome.
  5. i keep it in whatever it comes in, in the corner of my room...not picky at all.
  6. welcome back! i agree with kym, some fresh air and good 'ol exercise never hurt anyone. surround yourself with people you love and who love you. i hope you feel better soon!
  7. ahuwood

    Qatar Visit

    wow, that's so cool...i have never seen that many hookahs in one place.
  8. hm, well i didn't know that they were all owned by the same people....interesting.
  9. ahuwood

    Guitar Hero 2 Ftw!

    i find the hard level to be almost impossible. It's one of the most addicting games i've played.
  10. the clear bowl looks super cool. i wish i had one.
  11. ahuwood

    Peach Rings Flavor

    yeah pharaohs smells identical to peach o's it's awesome!
  12. my tobacco almost always touches the foil, don't be overly cautious about that...if you manage the heat then it shouldn't be a huge issue.
  13. yeah, i agree with the more tobacco and use foil comments.
  14. ahuwood

    Smoking While Driving

    yeah i have burn marks in my carpet at home, so i could only imagine what my car would look like after i tried this. kudos to those of you that have successfully done this.
  15. I love the social aspect. I always have great conversations around a hookah. And I find it quite relaxing.