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  1. cypherkk

    Kaloud Lotus

    Here's my review of it. Not going to restate the above. I've gotten my kloud to work quite well, works well while traveling. I'm using chronic Hookah instant coals. 1 because they work well to start while traveling 2 because they don't come apart from the ash easily, so i can pull then out without taking the kloud off when adding extra coals. This it's important as sisha does stick to the bottom. But I've managed to learn to clean them well. Wipe off extra sisha with a paper towel, then let then soak in water for a while. I usually leave then in 1/4" water for over night after a smoking session then clean then up the next morning. I've not had it affect the flavor of Tangiers, starbuzz, our summary so far. If anything the flair it a little cleaner. There is a learning curve. Heat is awkward. I get it started with 2 coals, then take one off till it needed more heat. When those 2 are done I take then out and add 1 more, followed by another add that ones heat dies off. When those 2 coals are done I add 2 for the final smoker though that can bee excessive sometimes. Generally I keep the rotating air flow lid closed the entire time. I've found 1 coal to start does not generate the necessary heat to get it started smoking. For the bowls I've used hj alien though I prefer not to unless i expect a really short session. Tangiers mini, works quite well, lasts 3-3 1/2 hrs. And a regular bowl, but I only expended with it and haven't worked out the kinks. I do notice I can use a little less sisha than when packing it with foil.
  2. Haha, thanks for the plug. ;-) I haven't posted much on the forums lately, I've been busy and enjoying the hookah I purchased. Fortunately, there are plenty of other hookah vendors out there, and 5 star seems to be doing a fine job. We'll see in the future. And there's always the good ol' standby hookahjohn. I guess, having too much business is bad problem to have, luckily Hookahset knows how to fix it. It very well could have been a child to write that. A couple of times when I called Hookahset, a child answered somewhere between 8-12 from the sound of his voice. I should have took that as an omen, but I understand many people have their kids work for them. Especially up here in Idaho.
  3. you gave the AF rating a 1out of 10 but when you reviewed it you said you really enjoyed it. I just wasn't sure if you messed up on the rating you gave it.

  4. Are you refering to reputation or warn status? I noticed I have a warn status now, don't know if I did before, haven't been on much, could you specify what you mean?

  5. hey on your AF orange review i think you messed up on your rating. Check it out.

  6. [size="3"][b]Al Fakher [color="#FF8C00"]Orange[/color][/b][/size] [b]Hookah:[/b] KM ice [b]Bowl:[/b] Tangiers Small Phunnel [b]Screen/Foil:[/b] Reynolds [b]Hose:[/b] Nammor [b]Coals:[/b] Diamonte Finger [b]Base Liquid:[/b] Water [b]Appearance: [/b]Short Cut, several stems, moist, swimming in red dye. [b]Nicotine:[/b] 0.05% [b]Base:[/b] Molasses & Glycerin [b]Smell:[/b] Orange with a twist of something, smells like opening a bottle of Orange soda. [b]Taste:[/b] Sweet orange with a hint of vanilla [b]Smoke:[/b] Good Clouds [b]Buzz:[/b] None [b]Duration: [/b]2 Hours [b]Purchased From:[/b] International market Fresno, ca [b]Overall: [/b]10/10 This is a solid Orange flavor. Absolutely best I've tasted since Fumari screwed up their Orange Cream flavor. Other oranges I have tried had a severe bite, but this was smooth the whole smoke, I've easily been smoking 2 hours and could probably go another hour/half-hour. Got huge clouds and a buzz at the beginning of the smoke due to too much heat, but I backed the heat off and continued right away. Even with too much heat didn't taste like burnt orange.
  7. well, to answer you questions... I get headaches to from starbuzz, if I smoke constantly without a break. Its a very easy to smoke tobacco so you can put too much heat on it and not even notice. Now your bowl is shallow, I have heard the more shallow the bowl the more towards the edge you need the coals, the deeper the bowl the more towards the center you can place the coals... works well for me too. The size of the coal seems huge for the bowl. I'd break it in half, put the two pieces on the edges of the bowl. Make sure the coals are well lit (red all around, no major black spots). Even not quicklite coals leave a flavor if they aren't burning completely. My shisha pretty much always touches the foil to some extent. maybe it burns out faster than it should but I can usually smoke 2-3 hours with flavor. Remember not to use too much coal and to rotate them when you ash or add new coals. That dirt as you say in the pictures looks like calcium build up. Is your water hard where you live. To remedy that You want to make sure when you clean your hookah you let it dry completely don't have water standing in the stem or base. I had a base like that and the corners were caked with calcium... If its calcium you can remove it with the proper cleaners, I won't tell you how to do that, find out yourself, it would take to long to go through all the procations just make sure you rinse it out very very well afterwards. different shishas require being packed differently. Fumari for example need to be very sparse and lightly packed, Tangiers needs to be densely packed(even compressed). I've never noticed any issue with starbuzz, so I'd say just pack that sucker full. On a final note, I personally hate round coals, I can't seem to manage them, the explode or break apart when moving the, and don't seem to stay long enough. I prefer squares or even better fingers broke into smaller pieces. Naturals are difficult as you need to keep them stoked or they will stop burning, I don't have the ability to deal with that, so I tend to stay away from them.
  8. I used to smoke layalina and fumari jasmine. Unfortunately the fumari place has jasmine back ordered and I don't smoke layalina anymore... can't taste the stuff. Both of them had a nice sweetness to them, as opposed to other jasmines which were way to flowery.
  9. My samples review: I just got the samples and loaded up a bowl. [b]Blue Flower [/b] Hookah: KM Tri-Metal Bowl: Tangiers Small Phunnel Coals: diamonte finger coals Appearance: Typical Tangiers Smell: sweet and powdery Taste: kashmir and sweet Smoke: large dense clouds Buzz: no buzz Duration: 2 hours Review: Tastes like a kashmir flavor. Has a sweet undertone, maybe blueberry. I was a little put of by the smell in the package, I thought it would be a full kashmir, but the smoking has a nice sweetness to it. Rating: 7 good flavor but I'm not a fan of the kashmir lines. My samples review: I just got the samples and loaded up a bowl. [b]Lemon Lime[/b] Hookah: KM Tri-Metal Bowl: Tangiers Small Phunnel Coals: diamonte finger coals Appearance: Typical Tangiers Smell: sweet and powdery Taste: Lemon lime Smoke: large dense clouds Buzz: buzzworthy Duration: 2 hours Review: Tastes like a lemon lime candy. very sweet. a little more lime than lemon. I'd make this a regular smoke, lots of clouds good buzz. Rating: 9.5 My samples review: I just got the samples and loaded up a bowl. [b]Watermelon[/b] Hookah: KM Tri-Metal Bowl: Tangiers Small Phunnel Coals: diamonte finger coals Appearance: Typical Tangiers Smell: sweet and powdery Taste: watermelon Smoke: large dense clouds Buzz: Buzz buzz buzz Duration: 2 hours Review: tastes like watermelon. A little week in the flavor, though I may need to adjust the heat or acclimate it some more. It was a little harsh on the smoke for my friends who were smoking with me. As time went on the flavor became more apparent. So I think it was a heat issue, A good watermelon the best I've had so far without being excessively sweet. Rating: 8
  10. cypherkk


    Tangiers Apricot Hookah: Bowl: Tangiers Mini Phunnel Screen/Foil: Reynolds HD Hose: Nammor Coals: diamonte finger Base Liquid: Water Appearance: Typical Tangiers Nicotine: 0.5% Base: Molasses Smell: like apricot jelly Taste: sweet a little apricot Smoke: Great Clouds Buzz: knockin me on my butt, and I smoked 2 bowls last night. Duration: 2 Hours Test Flavors Overall: 7/10 Very sweet, not enough apricot, but it comes in waves.
  11. My samples review: I just got the samples and loaded up a bowl. BUG POWDER Hookah: KM Tri-Metal Bowl: Tangiers Small Phunnel Coals: diamonte finger coals Appearance: Typical Tangiers Smell: sweet and powdery Taste: Powder or flowery, very dry and sweet. Smoke: large dense clouds Buzz: 3 hits buzz Duration: 2 hours Review: Very interesting flavor I like it. It may be floral, may not. Many flavor undertones. Like it was said before sweet, though I don't know what, maybe a little sour in there, a little undertone of mint. There is a definate flowery taste to it, i really like Tangiers florals especially when mixed with sweeter flavors. I think the flavor may be jasmine. Rating: 9.5 - I really like this favor, very complex. It was the first to fully acclimate which is awesome since its raining out and I think its OG. Got a good buzz after the first 3 hits, but then I haven't been smoking Tangiers lately since my stash had gotten low. I can't wait for general production it may replace static starlight as on of my flavors. Got me really excited to start some of my other flavors. It will probably last longer than my 2 hours but I figure I want to do other things today besides smoke lol. I like to smoke for the flavor and not so much for the buzz but this has both.
  12. I mix coco mint ILTBC and m. cherry coco and M. cherry Sour and any fruit I'd like to try vanilla but I heard it isn't good. coco and horchata was good too.
  13. I had this problem the first time I ordered Tangiers over a year ago. Now I don't. I really have focused on the directions for packing it and it comes out great, the only exception so far orange cream, which was just orange. First, stop the quicklites. I have found they just don't work well with tangiers. (personal experience) get some good finger coals. put the heat on the very edges of the bowl. I'd start with two coals, if you aren't getting good smoke , move the coals toward the center till you're getting good smoke. This is just more or less instructions on learning the right placement for later bowls. Are you using a phunnel? I don't know about anyone else, but tangiers smokes best for me when I use a phunnel. Did you follow the packing and hole pattern from the videos completely... Tangiers wants lots of holes, double any other brand. personal notes: Tangiers standard line will have a little "bite" or tingle in the throat for people who don't smoke daily. Its like a sports car, temperamental and needs constant maintenance, but if you learn to do it right, its the absolute best. Compared to "easy" brands like starbuzz, which is like a toyota that you could heat with a blow torch packed however you want but you'll only go so far with those.. I recommend starting with lucid or mixing a lucid flavor with a noir flavor till you get the trick down.
  14. i wouldn't worry about specific time. How much are you stirring it. Smell the shishas while acclimating, when they smell right they are done. I haven't noticed a separation issue, I acclimate them right next to eachother. Did you take it out of the bag? put in a different container to acclimate them and make sure you get all the juice you can.
  15. Is it 8:00 yet? if it is I winz. \ I can get my photo ID tomorrow, need to copy it. If I winz that is.
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