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  1. shishakebab

    Soex Cigars ..little Ones

    QUOTE (djbomberto @ Jan 4 2007, 09:51 PM) QUOTE (ghostofdavid @ Jan 4 2007, 09:20 PM) Let us know how they are! BEEDIES!!! HEHEHEHE, i used to buy them at my local hess gas station. Their from India, (the ones i got) they didnt come in a box. Just a pink wraping paper with a hindu god on it. It tasted alright but smelled like firecrackers burning. yeah I get the same kind but I put them in a mint tin so that they dont break, I hate it when they break
  2. shishakebab

    Soex Cigars ..little Ones

    I love beedies, thats all I smoke well..shisha of course I smoked like 3-4 packs last week or something, I guess the whole no filter thing makes them absolutely terrible for you but I figure since they are all natural they must be a little bette rthan ciggarettes they arnt really ciggarellos though, I smoke them just like a ciggarette
  3. shishakebab

    Need a shisha

    yeah..im 17 as well..today i told my dad i smoke shisha...he didnt really care, just told me to be careful..and to not tell my mom becuase she would flip...im just glad i wont be bitched at perpetually for smoking.. anyway i have no idea how to help you colt....
  4. not trying to be a cinspiracy theorist or anything..but what if its the ciggarette companies trying to get hookahs banned because of the competition? I wouldnt be surprised...
  5. is that your idea of medium?.. i think my freinds is about 15-20" tops...pretty small i guess
  6. well..whats your deffinition of a good deal..i wouldnt call $50-60 a good deal for a medium sized hookah...but then again, im not exaclty an expert... and no problem, augusta is just about as far awaay from where ill be as from portland, 30-45 minute drive, whiuc really isnt that bad.. i probably wint be able to get any shisha anyway, oh well..i'll live
  7. shishakebab

    glad that evangelical got busted?

    i went to an evangelist church..they scared me..honestly..i was offended by it. oh yeah..wouldnt want to forget about this part. They talked about the youth group camp thing..then they said, the group was so overcome by the holy spirit that they all started falling down and speaking in tongues...(i was thinking...nerve gas thrugh the vents isnt the holy spirit guys, sorry) honestly..if i wouldnt let my kid go to thhe camp again... oh yeah..and the church has my number because i was at the church with these really religious people my dad works with and i didnt want to seem rude...they call me all the time, it sucks...
  8. shishakebab

    lighting/illuminating your hookah

    thats really cool...and especailly cool when the smoke goes throuh i bet!!
  9. oh yeah..i was also wondering how much shisha and hookahs generally go for in Maine..in Aus i can get a Hookah for 50-60 and shisha for around $10 for a decent aount of shisha..not sure exactly how much..my freind is the real hookah expert... p.s- do shisha sellers in Maine generally card? becuase they dont here...
  10. shishakebab

    glad that evangelical got busted?

    is there an article for that?
  11. shishakebab

    hello fellow addicts

    thats awesome..i lived in Topsham..its near Brunswick..im going back for a visit in a month..I wont be legal there...NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  12. shishakebab

    Hi from Australia!

    haha he started a long time ago i bought this thread back so i could ask him that..becuase thats the shisha house where it all started for me..such a long time ago (about 1 month...)
  13. im staying with my grandama in phippsburg...can i buy shisha at the bar in portland? that would be nice...
  14. shishakebab

    futurama espisode

    hahahahahahaha Hookah Hooker you say tomato i say tomato
  15. Im heading back there in January, and I dont wanna have to take the Shisha or Hookah with me, although i might take the Hookah