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  1. 3lemental

    Which Is A Better Buy?

    In terms of which style to get - the answer is whichever you prefer!! You can get a crappy ice chamber hookah, and you can get a great one, and the same applies to the other hookah you mentioned. Having an Ice chamber is good if you like chilled smoke, but as antouwan said, it won't make a massive difference - just putting ice in with the water is going to have a very similar effect. Go with a trusted brand, like Kahlil Mamoon or Mya Saray. There are other good brands too, but these are probably the most mentioned on here. If you're worried about quality, then find a few hookahs you like and post on here - if people all say to avoid one or other its a fair bet they're right. Similarly if they all have a different opinion of which to buy, chances are they're all good quality and you can pick whichever YOU like best. In terms of where to buy from, the most trusted vendors on this site are probably hookah-shisha.com and hookahjohn.com, but there are many more good sites. In the end you want to buy a hookah you like the look of and you can get a hookah that'll smoke well in [i]most[/i] designs, so just pick your favourite style and start making a shopping list!
  2. 3lemental

    Selling Most Of My Tobacco And Coals

    I'd be keen on all the Al Waha and the AF Lemon if you split them up, depending on price/shipping.
  3. 3lemental

    Mya Saray Mozza Red For Sale

    Youch! Cheers for the quote but i'll give it a miss this time. *sigh* and i really wanted it too
  4. 3lemental

    Mya Saray Mozza Red For Sale

    Quote for shipping to New Zealand?
  5. 3lemental

    For Sale Exs Hookah

    I'll take it at $45 + shipping if you'll ship it...
  6. 3lemental

    Ft: Al-Waha Da Can

    How much do you want? Would you ship to new zealand?
  7. 3lemental

    Km Hybrid For Sale--Cheap

    Any idea of shipping costs to New Zealand/would you be willing to ship it?
  8. 3lemental

    Spare Shisha Fs

    Hey, very keen on this, can you check out shipping costs to New Zealand? I'd be keen for the whole package if it's still available, or just the mango otherwise. Thanks! Joel
  9. 3lemental

    Nib 34" Km Ice - $75 + Shipping

    Still for sale? Can you get me a quote for shipping to New Zealand or is that more effort than you want to go to?
  10. 3lemental

    4 Hose Mya Gyro For Sale

    What's the very cheapest you could sell for including shipping to New Zealand?
  11. 3lemental

    2 - Mya Saray Bambinos Royal Blue

    Hey, just interested, would you be willing to pack it up and ship it to New Zealand? You'd have to mark it as "vase/ornament" to get it through customs
  12. 3lemental

    Steampunk Hookah

    That's awesome!!! I love the storage spot for the hose. A couple of questions; is the bowl interchangable (i.e. is a a standard bowl fitting inside the copper sphere-ish thing that you can put any bowl you like on?), and same with the hose, can you change it or is it fixed? Legitimately the best thing i've seen this year!! I want one!
  13. [quote name='Bulldog_916' date='07 January 2010 - 02:42 PM' timestamp='1262832125' post='443666'] Load your bowl evenly and fully. Fluff it in there and set it in there not firmly and not softly, somewhere in between. I'm thinking just pack it to where it's even and full. Split your coal up, I know you said you didnt want to, but if you do it will make your sessions a lot better. Be sure the 2 pieces of coal are as far opposite of each other on the bowl as possible, usually this means directly across from each other. [/quote] Never said I was opposed to breaking the coal, just that I didn't. I'm about to load a bowl and have a session, i'll give this a try, thanks! [quote name='3lemental' date='07 January 2010 - 01:59 AM' timestamp='1262786374' post='443500'] [quote name='Jacob Shock' date='06 January 2010 - 10:08 PM' timestamp='1262772493' post='443488'] the problem is just as arcane says. so its time to solve this problem 1 of 2 ways. 1. dont pack a full bowl 2. buy respectable coals. 3 kings suck. they burn 2 hot an destroy the flavor. they also taste "dirty". uses some coconaras and youl see. [/quote] I am looking forward to getting some decent coals, just the shipping costs to new zealand [/quote] Talking of luck, after the conversations last night I was in town today and saw a tiny turkish restaurant with hookahs in the window.... This is interesting I thought to myself, so i go in. Turns out I have found a supplier for proper natural wood coals!! A kilo sack of finger coals for NZ$15 (~$11US). So i'm going to give these a shot soon as i can. Also - i'm now very annoyed at myself for buying a chinese hookah, cos these guys sell KMs at about 1.5 times the price i payed for my chinese one .... Oh well, at least i can upgrade when I have the money Talk about coincidence, i'm just stoked and i'm ready for some hookah!
  14. 3lemental

    Any Other Coffee Geeks?

    It's funny - since the internet it seems like anyone can become an expert on anything. Anyone else here post on home-barista?
  15. 3lemental

    I Love You Guys.

    Nice to know we're loved