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  1. Yo gurl! Happy birthday!!!

  2. Happy birthday!!!

  3. stop by chat more often!

  4. Coming off on mine, shall I say...

  5. Actually the red paint is coming off, and not the silver glitter stuff... :(

  6. Hahaha it's okay! And no, I haven't any problems *yet*. I say yet because I love glitter things and glitter often comes off easily if it doesn't have sealant over it.

  7. Lol, I totally forgot I commented you before asking about the vase... Sorry.

  8. Got my Pear and glitter vase and love it. One question though... Does the paint rub off of your vase?

  9. Hey, do you ever have problems with the paint coming off of your glitter vase? Someone on here told me it comes off very easily. Just wanted to know if you ever have had problems.

  10. Aw nice! I'm glad those pictures could help ya! I looooove my glitter vase so much, it is quite pretty indeed!

  11. I was trying to decide what hookah to get and Tyler (delSol) posted your thread when you got your red double pear and it inspired me... I ended up getting the black pear with that same red glitter vase. Thanks for the inspiration! Lol

  12. I've probably tried about 75% of the 360 flavors sadly. The lounge here in Akron only serves 360, they buy directly from Al Amir, about a 3 hour drive. Sometimes there are diamonds in the rough, like the flavor Wet Kisses. However, in my opinion 360 is like the Faygo of soda. A weird, cheap knock off that isn't *that* bad until you try other things like Coke or Pepsi.
  13. mint


    Traded with Jay and received his package today. It was well packed and chock full of a variety of things. He sent me about 12 ziplock bags of different flavors for me to try and some interesting tasty snacks from Hawaii! Actually, I think I'm in love because he even sent a toy for Chester!! Great guy
  14. at my house, d0000d. and hell yeah i work in akron. i'm an instructor at that college we both go to. teachin' kids all day.

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