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  1. LuxOR541

    Is My Mya Hose A Fake

    not all mya handles unscrew. The cloisonne ones and the long handled ones do, but the normal short handled ones don't. Take a close look at the chrome ring at the base of the handle. it should have a very faint MYA stamped on it. It's small... so look carefully. There are a lot of hoses out there that are similar, so it might be a fake. But not necessarily.
  2. LuxOR541

    Forum Chat

    I've been trying to figure that out as well... I've been unable to chat much during the weekdays lately, because the company that bought the company I work for has a policy against chat. Forum use is fine, but they don't allow any streaming content or anything that uses continuous bandwidth. POOOO But I have been checking it in the evenings as well and it's constantly empty.
  3. LuxOR541

    I Finally Figured It Out

    hey where are you at in Oregon? I'm in the Eugene area. I've got a pretty good group of folks that get together for hookah all the time. Get in touch with me if you wanna try a whole bunch of new stuff. Nick
  4. umm, dude, I don't think she's a dude dude.... LOL But otherwise hey congrats on the successful purchase. Still thinking about getting the engineer? If so i would contact Nazar, he actually sells the same hookahs at a little better price than H-S. But my real question, how do you like the layalina coconut? I can't get mine to smoke well, and that's a shame because I bought a 250g tub. Mine tastes like cheap waxy lipstick and melted crayons. Maybe I got a bad batch or it's old. Any tips for smoking it? I've tried it with both a reg. Egyptian bowl , the tangiers phunnel, the MN glass funnel, and all of it tastes like poo.
  5. The stem does have a little bit of a ball shaped flare on the end, but it's small. Like maybe 1/2 inch diameter total. But, the downstem unscrews. You might be able to get hookah-shisha to sell you an extra downstem and just cut that part off for when you want to use a diffuser, and have interchangeable downstems.
  6. Well, I have an engineer (single hose model - they don't offer these anymore unfortunately) and I absolutely love it. The brass model does tarnish a bit, and at first i tried to keep it well polished, but found that was a losing battle and that i sort of like the dull patina that it gets after a while. It smokes like a dream and the stem is really solid (heavy) The purge valve on mine works well, but you would be getting an auto-seal 2 hose, so I can't really say how that would work. My only complaint about mine is that the head piece is too tall. the tray scres in between the stem pieces and the head piece is a bit on the tall side, so that if using a tall bowl, it is dificult to use a windocover. Also, the taper of the head piece is a little narrow and long so the grommet sits down low on the mount. Some bowls may not work well liek this.. but you can easily stack two grommets and that will fix the issue. I have never had a problem getting it to seal properly. I would buy another one in a heartbeat. As far as the MYA, I have a cloisonne mya that is about that height. I love it too.. the draw is a little tighter than with the engineer, but the fit and finish of the MYA is second to none. If it were me and i had to have ONE hookah, I would probably go withthe engineer, because I love traditional hookahs. Plus that stem will last you a lifetime if you keep it clean. Hope that helps. Nick
  7. youy know, I have both the small and the mediuym, which i ordered and recieved at the same time from MNhookah. I can honestly say there isn't THAT muych difference in size between the two. Was the packaging actually marked medium? Or are you just expecting the small to be smaller? The small does hold a little less tobacco, but the medium isn't really much more than a 1/4 inch wider. And as for the different retailers having different definitions for their sizing, Eric AKA Tangiers AKA sonthert recently dispelled that myth and confirmed that the hookahcompany small and MN small are the same size. You do have to remember that there are variations from bowl to bowl. They are made by hand and therefore will not usually be exactly identical in size. you may have a small that is a little on the plus size, whereas I may have a medium that is a little bit on the minus size. Either way, both sizes smoke great. MN is probably figuring since they have been in touch with you already, that they are waiting until they have something more definite to tell you regarding shipments and inventory. I say smoke em if you got em. The bowls that is...
  8. now that i have both i can clearly say that the choice is simple. Get either one. LOL I just got my MYA today... a high end Cloisonne that the folks at MNhookah tracked down for me. It's absolutely beautiful and the craftsmanship is better than I had expected. Every single piece is machined perfectly and the finish on the entire piece is flawless. The thing smokes liek a dream. I have a 36inch Khalil Maamon That I got from a friend named Ahmed in Seattle that is an importer. The quality is difinitely the best I have seen on an egyptian pipe. The glass is eh... ok. But from what i have seen Khalils have different levels of glasswork, and the ones available online at hookahcompany, etc. Seem to have the better glass.The stem is great. Super solid construction. Mine does not unscrew, but some do. The older brass cored Khalils I believe unscrewed at the downstem. Mine is heavy guage stainless, so one of the newer designs. The welds are all finished properly and there are no gaps between the spun metal pieces that adorn the stem. There is no rust on it after well over a year of use, and best of all, the purge valve works better than any other egyptian I have tried. I paid $68 for my Khalil. I paid almost $200 for my Mya. Does one smoke better than the other.... time will tell. I don;'t really think so. The MYA was a luxury purchase. I wanted a very ornate hookah that you don't see very often. The Khalil is still by all means the ream of the crop of egyptian pipes. I have another pipe that is an all solid-brass Syrian that gives it a ruyn for it's money, but I don't think you can go wrong with either one. What it comes down to is buy the one you like the looks of, feel comfortable about the price, and that inspires you to achieve great smoke sessions. better yet. Buy one now, then buy the other one later. I've got 4 hookahs now with 2 more planned. Too bad I can't claim them as dependants on my taxes. Nick
  9. LuxOR541

    Al Amir Shisha

    another thing... Al Amir seems to have a lot of sugar in it. I wonder if that is contributing... Starbuzz also seems to be really heavily sweetened and I know it gives some folks headaches. Not from the nicotine, as it is also washed, but i have heard theories it is because of the sugar content. Maybe just wait longer between puffs so you are not depriving yourself of clean oxygen too much.
  10. LuxOR541

    Al Amir Shisha

    Al Amir is washed.. so that probably wont help too much. You may be geting the headaches from carbon monoxide. What kind of coals are you using, and are you making sure they are FULLY lit before throwing them on the bowl? Are you usign a windcover? If so , try smoking without it to let some of the happy fumes from the coals dissipate instead of being drawn into the head and through the pipe. I'm glad someone liked the Al Amir watermelon... I thought it tasted like air. The Layalina Watermelon kicks it's ass to the curb. While I have loved some of my Al Amir sessions, watermelon was a big letdown, as was the Mocha Latte, which neither tasted or smelled anything like coffee, or much of anything else for that matter. My favorite Al Amir sessions have been their grape, cherry and mango. With blackberry coming in closely behind.
  11. LuxOR541

    Any Last Suggestions

    most hookah tobacco seems to be good for two years from the date of manufacture... so as long as the stuff you get is relatively fresh and you store it airtight and out of extreme temperatures/sunlight, you should be good to go. Enjoy
  12. LuxOR541

    Buying A Phunnel Bowl

    I pretty much just star by sprinkling bits in the bottom. If there are any small pieces of stem this is where I try to put em. The best thing i have found so far is just to keep the packing somewhat loose, and even amoutn all the way around. I pack right up to the top with the funnel, whereas with an egyptian style bowl i tend to leave some airspace. I don't have a lot of experience with the funnel yet, as I only got mine last week. I haven't noticed much of a difference in smoke quality or duration with the mod, but the verdict is still out on it. As for foil, I haven't had any problems yet with the foil sucking down and covering the hole in the middle, but i know some have and a small pin prick hole in the middle seems to fix that. I use a bamboo skewer to poke my holes. It seems to be the perfect size really, and the tapered part pushing down through the foil to the right depth to make the hole wide enough helps to aerate the tobacco. If i were you I'd do what i did and get one of each size. At least that way if you get tired of a flavor in an hour or so, you can switch to the other bowl, cover the first with foil and save it for later. Kinda like hookah leftovers. mmmmm Hmm... if a hookah lounge served their sessions in a funnel bowl and you only wanted an hour do you think you could get a doggy bag? LOL
  13. LuxOR541

    Any Last Suggestions

    one suggestion, read the vendor reviews on southsmoke. Specifically read ghostofdavid's experiences in buying a MYA from them. you will not get all the items that usually come packaged together from MYA for the same price. Also, I have had them hold orders for weeks while they wait to get one of the 6 AF flavors I ordered in stock. You should be able to get the same MYA from another site, who will sell the pipe complete as MYA intended it to be with case and all accessories. for example, MNhookah just special ordered me a fairly rare MYA Cloisonne hookah, and i'm getting a great price on it. They very well may be able to order this for you and it would take about a week to get it, and you would have the satisfaction of knowing you bought it from somewhere that cares about their customers. for the Al Fakher, I would order the 3 pack deal from hookah-shisha. With the forum discoutn it ends up being a few cents cheaper than southsmoke, and hookah-shisha also will be more responsive when tracking your order. On the hot plate... I have the same model, and while it does get hot enough to heat up Japanese coals, it takes a while to get to that temp, and does not get hot enough to heat lump natural hardwood coals. I would get the coil burner model that Wal Mart sells if I had it to do over again. But other than that, if you only want to use Japanese coals it's a great burner. Wherever you decide to buy from looks like you're getting some good high end stuff. Enjoy.
  14. LuxOR541

    Buying A Phunnel Bowl

    I have both a small and a medium tangiers funnel. Honestly there isn't a whole lot of difference in size, but if you are planning to use the mod, I would say get the medium. Both are pretty good size, and I don't find either one to be wasteful, as they do cook through properly to the bottom of the bowl with the proper technique. if you just want to smoek for 45 minutes by yourself, then i would venture to say you probably don't really need the funnel. But if 2+ hour sessions with flavor throughout is your goal, either size would be fine. The mod takes up quite a bit of room in the bowl, so that might give the medium a bit of an edge in that regard, but otherwise the small is great. Enjoy. happy smokes Nick
  15. LuxOR541


    Layalina jasmine Setup: 30 inch single hose egyptian Mya Washable hose medium tangiers funnel bowl plain old h2o in the base japanese easy-lites Cut: The usual Layalina cut, which is a mix of small chopped bits and big pieces of leaf. Some stems, but not many. Lots of juice. Smell: Smells of jasmine tea and fresh clover honey. Taste: Tastes just like it smells. A fairly mellow taste. Easily able to control the power of the flavor with heat. more heat, more floral overtones. Less heat, mellow honey-jasmine flavor but still cloudy. Smoke: Big clouds. Big fluffy jasmine flavored clouds. Buzz: more buzz than a bowl of al fakher or starbuzz, but not much more. a mellow buzz. Overall impression: This falvor is everything i had hoped it would be. I was looking for something that would taste like Jasmine tea and not be soapy like a lot of rose flavors are. This would make a great mixer that would lend a floral sweetness to things like Eskindrani apple, mint, lemon, etc. I used between 2 and 3 japanese coals at a time placed around the funnel bowl. 3 to start, then 2 for the rest of the ride. I highly reccomend getting a tub of this both as a mixer and to smoke by itself. 8/10