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  1. no. definately not. maybe on something like a meduse hookah but not on a mya.
  2. shisha fan


    it was bound to happen with the success of the movies that were released over the past few years. can`t wait for the new episodes
  3. possibly. i have a 20 inch hookah as well as several taller ones like a 40 inch. the 40 inch produces cooler smoke than the 20 inch one. but the only way to be sure is to smoke it.
  4. to a certain extent it does affect performance in the way that a taller hookah allows to smoke to cool down a bit. but after 26 inches or so it won`t make a difference.
  5. shisha fan

    Nakhla Not Being Up To Par

    QUOTE (Scoop @ Aug 10 2009, 08:43 PM) its cheap stuff....doesn't taste great ever. i completely disagree. and the fact that its cheap doesn`t mean anything, the labour and ingredients in egypt are cheap as well.
  6. shisha fan

    First Run-in With Police

    QUOTE (mattarios2 @ Aug 12 2009, 09:02 PM) that is the response i get from everyone ... its frickin aggravating ... it makes no sense to me that people think it is insane to smoke tobacco out of a water pipe ... what is there to get? Heh, that IS what its made for. sure is pretty funny a cop said that to you though. its not weird that they think that, waterpipes were invented for that purpose after all.
  7. QUOTE (Arcane @ Aug 12 2009, 02:47 PM) when it's acclimated, you get great bowls... maybe. but it simply won`t acclimate in some places no matter what you do. i agree with twoapples, tangiers is very inconsistent.
  8. QUOTE (mattarios2 @ Aug 12 2009, 06:09 PM) I like nakhla cola, it isn't your typical cola soda flavor ... it is spicy with light notes of cola flavor. And i get it to smoke just fine, never had any issues with it. same here. about a year ago i prefered AF cola, but with all the bad bathces i stick to nakhla.
  9. what kind of coals do you use? because that can also make a difference. or perhaps the shisha is just way overdue. i don`t know really, never had any problems with nakhla.
  10. shisha fan

    Green Water?

    that green stuff in your base is most likely brass oxidation. its not harmful but you have to give your hookah a thorough cleaning.
  11. QUOTE (scratchy @ Aug 12 2009, 04:08 PM) All these things I've tried with less coal and still end up burning the hell out of it your tobacco could be dried out, you do live in south africa if i remember correctly. nakhla isn`t supposed to be dripping wet but it should at least be oily.
  12. just smoke it, any possible bacteria will be killed at the temperatures reached in the bowl. it won`t kill you or anything.
  13. shisha fan

    Depression Ftl

    a rigorous excercise routine helps a lot. just workout till your completely out of breath and can`t continue any longer. and like someone mentioned before; food can also have an impact on your mental wellbeing. some artificial sweeteners, preservatives and food coloring agents mess with the central nervous system and can make you depressed. drinking also helps sometimes. but don`t overdo it, otherwise you have another problem.
  14. QUOTE (tinyj316 @ Aug 12 2009, 01:12 AM) Yeah... with that much beer, it can be pretty costly... For future reference though, when (IF) you buy store bought beer again, or have friends that do, have them buy beers that come in swing tops...Grolsch comes to mind as a "popular" beer that comes in swingtops... over time, you can save a lot of money on bottles if you get them from friends/coworkers... you might have to buy them off with a couple liters of beer, but its a small price to pay for quality bottles. thats definately a good idea!, i love grolsch and i was already planning to give out lots of samples. and those swing tops can probably also handle a lot more pressure than regular bottle caps. in the meantime i`ll save up for a good tap system.
  15. QUOTE (tinyj316 @ Aug 11 2009, 11:43 PM) It might be worth your while to go to a couple local bars and ask them what they do with their empties. A lot of places will give you a couple boxes of empties out the back door (assuming they don't have a bottle deposit where you are) no they don`t give empty bottles away for free, we have this system where if you return the crate including bottles you`ll get 5 euros back (which were included in the price when purchased), don`t know the english term for it (rebate comes close i guess). QUOTE (tinyj316 @ Aug 11 2009, 11:43 PM) Also, I've found that swing top bottles work great for bottling purposes... you might want to look into getting some of those. yeah those are great, but they cost 75 cent for a 33cl bottle and i have 80 liters fermenting at the moment and i`m planning to make 60 more liters this weekend. so that would get kind of costly. i`m probably going to get a home tap system and some of those empty refills to store the beer in.