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  1. Ok, ive heard about 5 different ways to pack a phunnel. Tell me if this is right? You actually pack it in, rather than leave it loose? This is my main confusion right here. Put one bigger hole in your tinfoil in the middle, and a row or two of smaller ones around the bowl.
  2. I dunno if anyone else has ehard of this, but this is the way i make diffusers, plus there disposable so theres no taste left over from other smoke. Next time your at a gas station, stuff some of those red coffee straws in your pocket. Cut some of them down to about an inch, and shove them into your downstem. Works perfectly!
  3. BTW they call it an apex hookah
  4. Hey check out these hookahs: this one: Looks exactly like a mya crystal, all the way down to the hose. But its only 160 bucks, so is it a knock off? Sorry, had to edit the site out, there was NHT pipes.
  5. Hey everyone. A while back i did a little work for nammor, and among other things they sent me a hose. As far as i can tell, its a grand hose, but i cannot find another one like it anywhere on the net, so i started thinking maybe its another type of hose? So heres a pic, can anyone tell me what it is, or if its just a custom handle?
  6. VorFan

    My Hellos

    QUOTE SOME people use NH devices for NHT" when the fact is Most if not ALL do but see that is a very large assumption. I owned a NHT that i most certainly didnt use for anything illegal. And you see, lawmakers will look at hookahs with a large misconception that they are drug pipes, in the same exact way that you just assume that NHT pipes are ALL used for drugs. You cant make assumptions like that, when assumtions that big are made it leads to peoples rights being taken away. And i think your missing MY point entirely. My point is that once we head in the direction of banning anything related to smoking (whether it be a nht, cigs, cigars, whatever) i think that its headed towards the ban of hookahs because of the pre-conceived notion that it is a drug pipe. I am most definitely NOT defending the use of illicit substances, i just think that once you ban a pice of plastic, or glass, based entirely on a pre-conceived notion you have, that its heading us in the wrong direction, and hookahs will most definitely be on that path. And you have to realize that im not talking about people with common sense, im talking about law makers!
  7. talk to santino, hell sell you a sick ass lookin glass phunnel for 32 even.
  8. VorFan


    i have to agree with you there
  9. Yes, the ball bearing holder comes off, but no, there isnt a screw holding it in place, thats a hose port, not a ball bearing holder. I dont believe you can change it out.
  10. VorFan


    See, the thing that gets me going is what you pointed out, that people often mistake facts or opinions for racism. If i were to say that areas where there is a higher black population have a higher crime rate, that would be considered racist, however its just a fact. Anytime a white person says they are proud to be white, its like people look at them like there a racist, but if a black person puts his fist in the air and screams black power, no one thinks twice, hes not a racist, hes just proud of who he is. I got news for ya, black people can be racist too. It's like whites are almost supposed to feel guilty simply for being white. Why cant i say white power, right next to a guy saying black power, and both of us go hang out afterwards? Just because im white and proud to be white, doesnt mean that im a racist.
  11. VorFan

    My Hellos

    QUOTE I disagree with you. Your logic (IMHO) is flawed. You said in an earlier post that we shouldn't be against NH devices because "some people use them for it" Then you try to parallel that logic to hookahs. My question is, what else do people use NH devices for? Certainly not decoration and certainly not shisha. See, i think that that logic absolutely does transfer over to hookahs, of course not by the people who have any knowledge of hookahs whatsoever, but by the lawmakers. As i said before, how many lawmakers do you suspect have a hookah in there house? We in the hookah community know that the majority of hookahs are not used for drugs. But i doubt that a lawmaker would look at a hookah and think of it as anything other than a drug pipe. And the ban of anything in that field is a step in the wrong direction
  12. VorFan

    My Hellos

    QUOTE unfortunately that is what most ppl think hookah is for too yes! That is exactly my point! The ban of anything, whether it be of cig tobacco, NHT pipes, WHATEVER, i see as a step in the WRONG direction.
  13. Hey everyone, i was wondering about the glass phunnel bowls. Id like to get one, but i really dont wanna buy from twat features mcfuck nugget, which seems to be the only place with them. Anyone know where to get one? (i could do some work for someone in exchange for one)
  14. VorFan

    My Hellos

    "My question is, what else do people use NH devices for?" as i said in my post, there are tons of perfectly legal herbs that can be smoked out of a NHT. My only point, is that you cant condemn a NHT devide simply because some people use them for illegal substances. Thats not what its meant for, and using that argument is gonna come back to bite us because people (with little knowledge of hookahs) will turn around and use that logic against hookahs.
  15. VorFan

    My Hellos

    "I seriously doubt tobacco will ever be illegal (even though it should probably be Schedule I )." well think again, flavored tobacco has already been banned in some places, including here