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    Not going to read all of this, but I will say that being completely vegetarian isn't the healthiest thing out there. I know there's supplements and pills to take to keep up with what your body needs but I've always felt that it's best to at least have some sort of meat (especially fish, because who cares about fish anyways) 2-3 times a week.
  3. wonder

    Anyone Else Get This?

    Shit, sometimes I'll smoke a whole bowl myself for an entire hour non-stop and feel like I'm dying. But I just continue because it taste so good. My throat will also tighten up because of this.
  4. wonder

    What Hose To Get?

    Usual answer would be the nammor. I just ordered one myself, they're perfectly fine and washable is a plus. They aren't very attractive though but they are solid smoking-wise. My old KM hose was accidentally washed by a friend so I ripped the tips off and went to home depot to get a 6 foot length of see through vinyl tube from the plumbing section, cost about 3 bucks. Works just the same as a nammor lol.
  5. i've always thought that electrical tape has a nasty smell to it. what i do is take a sheet of aluminum foil and fold it into about the width of a ruler stick. Then I basically wrap it around the grommet. Push it down into the base and adjust if not fitted correctly. You should have no problem with the technique once mastered. KM's will do this, no biggie. Eventually once done right, your KM will stand tall, straight and talented.
  6. wonder

    Maybe Someone Knows....

    I've Smoked other KM's, I have a pear, and I honestly can't tell a difference. Very easy pull with any KM. Of course sometimes someone may screw up on the preparation.
  7. wonder

    Shattered Base

    The base is the most easiest replaceable thing from a hookah. You can even find households that can be created into a base, even if your hookah does require a screw on, just find something snug in the meantime. In the future you can buy a brand new and better hookah. I've seen people have hookah's with their base as a jones soda bottle.
  8. wonder

    Arizona Smokers Az

    West valley pretty much. Been thinking about having a hookah session up in the White Tanks Regional park. Would have to have at least 3-4 hookahs going if there's gonna be quite a few people there. Lemme know if anyone from this site is up for that since the weather has cooled down.
  9. wonder

    Hi I'm Nick

    Been smoking hookah for 4 years, started by going to hookah lounges, eventually getting a mini hookah. But about a year ago I purchased a nice one, KM 38" Double Pear, 1 hose. I just ordered a nammor hose two days ago because the other hose that came with the KM isn't washable and it was just time to get a new one. I definitely think it's a great hookah and the drag is great, and hopefully I'll be getting a better taste to the shisha I throw in once I get a clean hose attached to it. The reason I came to this site is just for some research on maintaining my hookah so it can last for years to come, and shisha reviews. See ya guys soon. Also, I live in Phoenix if that matters.