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  1. Bored And Broke

    If I was you I would start a reshipping buisness. I know as a Canadian there are alot of places/websites that ship to US cheap/free and or don't ship to Canada. I would happily pay someone to take delivery of my stuff in the US and reship to Canada for a fee of course. The only catch would be building the trust of your customers. The cost would be nill to zero as the clients would buy the product pay to have it shipped to you and pay the shipping to their address and a fee all up front.
  2. Steampunk Hookah

    Thats some serious creativity
  3. What Do You Do For A Living?

    Own an insurance agency in Canada
  4. Canadian Smokers

    Regina, SK
  5. my first order - thanks to hj for the fast responses Quad Metal Tangiers Sized Wind Cover Tangiers Small Phunnel bowl Narbish by Hookahjohn ****RED**** Khalil Mamoon Trimetal Chiller! Red and Gold finally get to place my cheap ebay hoohak and get down to bizness
  6. Trying Hookah - Again

    Read the rules and a couple of months of back posts. I am eyeing up Khalil Mamoon Trimetal Chiller at hookah johns - I will finalize this weekend and I am still open to suggestions I am looking for a super quality hookah single hose and I always liked ice water in my vase before so I am hoping the chiller will help. Biggest hold back is the western union request for Canadian clients
  7. Great to be here! Bought a hookah 2 years ago and I loved it. Smoked it 3 times a week however I got hose rust about 5 months in -thanks to this forum I found it was rust. Now and after reading the forums for a week or so I am armed and ready to get back at the hookah and make up for lost time. Thanks for the forum have bookmarked many threads already picked out my new and improved pipe and I am excited about hookah again. I am from Regina, Saskatchewan and also a avid cigar smoker.