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  1. You know what, I think there were some insperational posters that were joking about, gasp!, domestic violence! Oh my! Silly that some people get banned and some don't for the same offensive. Since the thread is dismantled, I do remember the one with ducktape, stating that silence is silver etc. etc. You guys are right, some topics are not to be joked about. -QM
  2. 12) Names may not Include refrences that are related to illegal substances or lifestyles. I do believe that this rule has been around for quite some time right? Also, I believe that insperational poster thread had been around after this rule was made. That I.P. thread had posts concerning "bad" lifestyles very recently. -QM
  3. QUOTE (mushrat @ Jan 7 2009, 11:43 AM) Since we have received a complain from a member that the "jailbait" posters may endorse an illegal activity. Thanks to Quilted Maple for explaining that in fairness it should not be allowed to continue. I'll get them edited in the next day or so as not to offend anyone's sensibilities. Good work Mush, and if I were to really dig deep with fairness, there should be some vacations revoked or given because we all know that Domestic Violence and Underage Sex are two subject that should not be joked about, right? I mean, we already hand out hefty bans for NHT and joking about D.V., why not U.S.? We want a clean image for HF, what good is banning two illegal misinterpretations when there are others present? -QM
  4. staygone

    Hookah Disappointment.

    Ditch that screen, foil that bowl. As the session progresses, you will lose flavor, no doubt. How long does it take for the flavor to turn "ugly"? 15 mins? 45 mins? 4 hours? I say upgrade when you can pack a normal, non-modded hookah. People nowadays forget about the fundamentals. Good stuff does not fix bad technique. -QM
  5. You've got to be blind to think that all the jailbait pictures include of-age girls in them. You're weaving around the fact that even if they are, the posters clearly joke about, ahem, pedophilia. I really am sorry that I am making such an issue, why should I even care right? It doesn't concern me in any way, but to summerize: -An issue that was said to be cleared up was definately not. -Fair treatment is not being given to some members. -Sillyness ensued. Illegal activity seems like illegal activity to me Canon. Give me a break. -QM
  6. The bambino, hobohookah, and QT are all satisfactory. -QM
  7. Well, http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=22268 First page jokes about some stuff that would be unnecessary (jailbait), yet they are not banned. Not just the pedo bear but pedophilia too. -QM
  8. I think it's kind of silly when one can't joke about this but can make a joke about pedophilia. -QM
  9. staygone

    Signing Off.

    Sounds like a great ride for a great cause. Have a good one, way to Step It Up. -QM
  10. I've used 2 cocos on a small phunnel from +85F to -15F, no difference in the amount of coal needed. Maybe has more to do with barametric pressure, humidity, etc. -QM
  11. staygone

    Nye: What Are You Drinkkkin

    Had a bomber of Rogue Chipotle Ale, uber delicious, and got da Barefot bubbly on snow for later. -QM
  12. staygone

    Happy New Years

    6 hours here, then breaking out da bubbly. -QM
  13. staygone

    Share Your New Year's Resolution!

    I treat everyday as a "new year resolution", I guess one that would be fit for tonight would be to not injure anybody with the flying cork I will be sending through the air. -QM
  14. staygone

    My Order

    Honestly, I would have went through MNH and gotten a QT/Bambino with starlight cocos and 50g's of Nakhla or AF. Would have been cheaper and leagues above Soex and that mini hookah. You should be able to get a decent smoke though. -QM