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dr b packenwood

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  1. Sara Palin

    high five for the assist
  2. Sara Palin

    i would so tap that!! and her slutty daughter
  3. Beer

    the first one is my all time fav mac and jacks african amber the second one is the red from salmon creek brewery pretty good and the third is how i drink mac and jacks
  4. Beer

    i am i huge beer drinker. my beer is mac and jacks african amber. it has ruined me for other beers
  5. doesnt want to wait till friday to smoke

  6. my Z

    my gold Z32 with a greddy front bumper
  7. i do like the layout alittle bit more but i still want hookah chat back
  8. oh im pissed i want the shout box!! nnnyyaaaah
  9. Questions About A Few Hookah Accessories

    it cut my clouds hella and juans
  10. Questions About A Few Hookah Accessories

    i also makes it smoother but i agree we took the diffuser out and finished the bowl
  11. Questions About A Few Hookah Accessories

    its true! use a diffuser youll see
  12. Cant Blow Rings To Save My Life

    thanks im gana try all of those
  13. Is There Any 300zx Drivers Here?

    what i have learned with them are people ask way too much for there z32!!! i bought mine for 300 bucks! i must know close to 500 z drivers. if youre looking for one go to 300zxclub.com
  14. ok so we watched that hookah trick form the pros on youtube and jaun and i were like we have to learn so we are out there in the hotbox buick trying blow rings and , well , we cant lol we fail epically . damn it but we had a major hot box going thats the only plus
  15. Is There Any 300zx Drivers Here?

    not 300 break hp. 300 to the crank. but it doesnt take much to get 300 break hp